16 Powerful Photos That Smash Stereotypes About Women And Their Bodies

Posted on July 3, 2014 in Body Image, Culture-Vulture, Lists, Sexism And Patriarchy, Specials, Taboos, Women Empowerment

Carol Rossetti is an illustrator and artist from Brazil who unknowingly flared up a movement on social media with her illustrations that touch upon themes that influence women in their everyday lives. From advocating for LGBT rights to busting the myth about ‘real women’, she has tried to cover a vast range of stereotypes that engulf women, every step of the way.

Women around the globe are facing this common problem of stereotypes and gender discrimination. Expectations mount on them as they try to ward off attacks from various groups of the society on the ‘acceptable’ and ‘prescribed’ behaviour, dressing and personality attributes.

Speaking about it through visuals and engaging text is one way to wage war against stereotypes and it might turn out to be effective too. An album suddenly flooded our timeline feeds as it went viral on Facebook which tried to attack stereotypes by emphasizing women’s rights to the choices about their lives.

Each picture in this album by Carol Rossetti is a mirror of the moulds we have formed over these years in which women are expected to fit in and the accompanying text reveals the uselessness of the whole ‘fitting in’ phenomenon which limits women and strips them off their freedom to choose.

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