19 Funny Indian Twitter Accounts That You Must Follow For Your Daily Dose Of Humour

Posted on July 22, 2014 in Lists, Specials

By Kanika Katyal (with inputs from Akhil Kumar):

I used to think Twitter was for the “Know-it-Alls”. With people ranting over every rain-fed puddle, assessing celebrity assets and basically pitching in political propaganda in the name of public spirit; in addition to the Trends changing every hour a day, what is one supposed to follow ?Twitter, social media,

Well, I won’t lie, Twitter may seem like a lot of work. But then I realised that it doesn’t have to be! If you pick the right folks to follow, the whole thing can be fun. Everyone loves a good joke!

Comedians are not only hilarious in real life but on Twitter too. They have created a new genre of comedy, hard to describe in one word. It’s like a combination of satire, current events, pop culture and stream of consciousness, all packaged into 140 characters or less. Whether you like parody, traditional comedians, sports commentary, girly rants or unconventionally weird Internet humor, there’s at least one account in the list below that will make you laugh.

1. @gkhamba Writer. Comic. Co-founder of All India Bakchod.

2. @KhapPanchayat Parody account, insanely funny!

3. @AksharPathak Graphic Designer. Founder of Minimal Bollywood Posters and Tweetard

4. @GabbbarSingh Funny, mildly offensive at times. Totally worth it.  

5. @RoflIndian Calls himself a humourist and blogger

6. @Fakingnews Indian News satire.

A parody of the sensational term “Breaking News”, FN uses satire as a brilliant tool for social commentary.

7. @rameshsrivats Armchair thinker

His tweets ridicule the government schemes and point out their flaws. They are funny, but make a lot of sense.

8. @trendulkar Not a parody account of Sachin Tendulkar

The guy is “Forever Alone”, or so his tweets say. A sports fan, alright, but also tweets about the books he reads, the movies he watches, the autos he rode in, and so on; all of which are crisp, and funny!

9. @ComedyTruth (Sorry Not Sorry) Not just girly rants

She tweets about those oh so relatable experiences which make our life suck and also some girl-talk. ( P.S. – Amitabh Bachchan follows her)

10. @kamaalrkhan (self-proclaimed) Actor, producer and movie critic.

I have to say this guy is a gem! He probably has a life-sized poster of himself in every wall of his house. By the power vested in him, he diminishes all the actors he thinks are bullshit. He would sometimes even give you two reviews for a movie (one pro and one against). He gets into a fight with some celebrity every now and then, which is bizarre and entertaining. #2RsPpl should keep away!

11. @bhak_sala Comic page.

The topics range from sports to politics to sometimes literature. The tweets are a combination of original one-liners, widely circulated picture messages and sometimes the quintessential girl-boy jokes. Follow this page for its varied, yet humorous content!

12. @rahulroushan (not)Just another Twitter user with a great sense of humour

His tweets are regular, funny, span the globe and make sense. What else are you looking for?

13. @coolfunnytshirt (Keh Ke Pehno) Punny guy.

When it comes to pun, it is always intended by this guy. His tweets are direct, fresh and original. The kind of people who would seldom be heard saying- “no offense”. The word-play in his tweets is amazing!

14. @awryaditi (Aditi Mittal) Comedian

She’s a female comedian. She’s a Punjabi. Her tweets reflect a feminist conscience. She has a voice. She makes it heard. She’s funny and always to the point. What’s not to like?

15. @mojorojo (Rohan Joshi) Comedian, writer, part of All India Bakchod

Apart from posting about his humorous columns and videos, he also voices his opinions on all things that annoy him. They are funny because they are so relatable.

16. @IISuperwomanII (Lilly singh) Entertainer. Famous for her YouTube Videos.

Ideally, she is somebody famous for her YouTube videos than tweets, but what the hell! Her tweets would lead you to her YouTube Channel. She is the writer’s strong recommendation. To get ALL her videos you need to be a Brown and a Punjabi (both of which I am), but, nevertheless, she has mastered the skill of picking up on universal human traits and showcasing them in her videos. She is crazy, and so funny, without demeaning anyone. Respect!

17. @thetanmay (Tanmay Bhatt) Comic writer. Co-founder of the All India Bakchod

Famous for their YouTube Podcasts. His tweets also become a rage online in no time. Keeps confessing his love for Parineeti Chopra in cheesey lines every so often.

18. @thevirdas (Vir Das) Comedian, Actor

He hardly needs an introduction. His tweets manage to tickle the funny bone, just like his stand-up acts.

19. @HoeZaay ( Jose Covavo) MTv VJ.

He is famous for his 7 minutes videos. Insane. Absurd. Crazy. Describe his humour.

Hope you enjoyed a good laugh. That’s not to say these are the only accounts. There are millions of funny tweeters out there, so share the ones you love best in the comments.

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