5 Fun Lessons From The Popular TV Show ‘White Collar’

Posted on July 14, 2014 in Lists, Media

By Tarushi Varma:

White Collar is an American show where a renowned con artist Neal Caffrey is finally caught by FBI agent Peter Burke who has long been in his pursuit. But Neal Caffrey isn’t an ordinary criminal; he is an exceptional con artist, a forger and not to mention, unnervingly witty and charming. This arrest holds more for the two of them than they initially anticipate. It signals a start of a partnership where Neal works with Peter, as a consultant to FBI which results in a deep friendship between the two.

white collar

As the plot progresses Neal and Peter share many adventures together, simultaneously putting criminals behind bars, stopping many art heists, discovering treasures, fighting the demons of their past and making new alliances as well as some very powerful enemies. With an exciting plot line, witty humour and not to mention the jaw dropping twists, White Collar has placed itself in the list of the most popular shows of all times. Apart from being a treat for the senses, it also teaches us a few extraordinary lessons:

1. Partnerships can be formed in the most bizarre situations

White Collar - Season 4

And this is the line that sums up the whole series; the partnership between Peter and Neal that defines the plot is an example of how bonds can form over time even in the most peculiar situations surrounding two human beings. Here, Neal is a criminal whom Peter has been trying to catch for years, but finally, he does put Neal behind bars (however briefly) and this eventually leads to an unusual friendship.

2. Criminals can be people with good hearts


If nothing else, White Collar teaches us that not all criminals have wrong intentions. Sometimes their situations can lead them to a condemned life. In this case, Neel spent his childhood as an orphan believing his father had died. Though later he does find out that he is alive, and was framed as a dirty cop. Neel eventually becomes a thief and a forger, but never loses his good heart and later tries to undo his wrongs.

3. It’s never too late to redeem yourself

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The life of Neal Caffrey is an example of how love and friendship can rescue even the most distraught souls. Neal’s partnership with Peter and the love he shares with Sarah, convince him to live the ‘life of the good’. At one point he considers leaving his life as a con man and cherishes the people who matter the most to him now.

4. Con men can make for some of the most talented personalities

Neal and his accomplice Mozzy are shown as extremely talented people with a knack for art, poetry and fine wine. They are excellent at twisting things around and charming their way into or out of anything. Neal’s charisma and quick wit gets him and others out of many thick spots. Mozzy has a keen interest in poetry, history and he is brilliant with technology.

5. Hats never go out of fashion

While Collar

And finally, white collar leaves us with a fashion tip- Hats can never go out of fashion. Neal is seen sporting a hat at various occasions with a suit, which looks absolutely smashing, accentuating his good looks and charm.