6 Posters That Tell You Why You Need To Think Before You Stereotype Someone

Posted on July 30, 2014 in Body Image, Gender-Based Violence, LGBTQ, Lists, Masculinity, Sexism And Patriarchy, Society, Specials, Taboos

By Dhruv Arora:

The power of words is often ignored. We are prone to saying things without considering the impact our words may have on the people around us, the kind of memories or emotions they may trigger. We all have experiences that we’d like to forget, and we have words that take us away and put us bang in the middle of our worst experiences. Granted, it is not easy to preempt what might act as a trigger for everyone, but there are a few assumptions that we tend to make which we can do without, and words that are better left unsaid.

It is, perhaps, better to let the following words by Mayank Jain introduce the fantastic visuals by Katarzyna Babis, that talk about how words can scar more than we’d think.

“Yielded without a thought,
Sown deep into the soul,
They burst into flames;
And burned down those smiles,
Which were already hard to find,
Their words were more than words,
A sword swinging on the wrong side;
They scarred them for life.”

Katarzyna Babis
Katarzyna Babis
Katarzyna Babis
Katarzyna Babis
Katarzyna Babis
Katarzyna Babis

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