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“I Am An Atheist And Here’s My Message To The Believers”

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By Aanchal Khulbe:

I know the lives of a vast majority of the citizens of this country are governed by this inevitable culture and constitution of religion, and thinking beyond it or even questioning its existence sounds not only alien and impractical; but also highly sacrilegious.


But just for once, I would like to invite you to look beyond that thick bubble of yours and question your beliefs. Questioning – that’s one thing that many of us don’t do, and that is because we are trained not to. Follow elders, follow textbooks, follow Gita, follow rules, follow and die one day! Amazing life-cycle, no? Are we not manufacturing robots? In an environment where people are fed since birth that there is just one way that you can lead your life – be it clothes, profession, sexual orientation or beliefs, can there be any expectation of free thought or rationality? The answer is “NOT” without even a “probably”.

Now think about this.

When Man was born, he knew nothing, had no idea whatever was going on and chose to stay recessive and ignorant. And he saw a huge golden ball mysteriously rise up above him at regular intervals throughout his life. He saw a vast expanse of a transparent liquid that reacted as a whole when touched, which rose up and down by its own fancy. And he had the feeling of something brushing through him that he could not see, that remained ‘calm’ and ‘enraged’ according to its mood. What explanation could he have provided except for the presence of the Supernatural? The only solution, and therefore the perfect one. This justified everything in one shot.

And this satisfied him.

Now ask yourself – with all your education today, are you as bewildered as that first man? And he named it God. Now God was everywhere, out in the Universe as well as inside him, because every single droplet intrigued him.

Then, as civilizations settled in, the concept modified, took different forms and has evolved into an institution with a million things attached to it, like laws, norms, superstition, and even literature. And this way, the zombie or the robotic way of life was inherited from one generation to the next and nobody thought about logic.

Therefore, I conclude that there is not much difference between the mental level of a primitive man and a modern man. Except that the modern man has been sent to school, has knowledge, resources and is infinitely better informed (thanks to science!).

I can bet that everyone reading this article right now knows that the Earth revolves around the Sun, that the Universe was formed due to the Big Bang, that Ganga cannot be a Goddess because it is a non-living thing called “river”, that pressure conditions cause wind and there is absolute zero evidence of anything magical or supernatural except from what is written in books. Everybody knows it, but many choose not to accept it. Do not shun your beliefs, but at least question them. Do you actually still think that the Sun is a God and that God made everything and everything runs on the stroke of his finger? You probably do not. But you are bound. Bound by culture, bound by stereotypes. Bound by an overpowering thing called “faith”, which over-runs everything else. You need an assurance for what you do. It’s a need. It promises to deliver justice. It says that you won because you prayed and lost because you might have worked hard but did not pray, and therefore pray harder next time. It says that everything happens for a reason and that this ancient way of life is a system where everything is functioning in a very controlled fashion. And you will forever keep hanging on to it, because the allurement is magnificent!

But is this justice? Let’s not talk about the highly biased laws that different religions have come up with, or the million children who are dying of hunger when shivlings are bathing in thousands of liters of milk. Let’s chose to ignore all this because hey, under his supervision, it’s all fair! So if you are dark skinned and you have to live all your life regretting it, it is because you were super evil in your last birth and hence the deprivation of ‘beauty’. Had this been true, I would have voluntarily opted out of the mercy of such a discriminatory God.

One common difference between the two sides is that atheists continuously keep questioning themselves, “What if we are wrong?”, but this is absent among believers. Atheism is not the idea that God does not exist, it only says that there has not been any evidence which proves that it does.

One question – How have we been able to dismiss the idea of Santa, or the Tooth Fairy? Because we have come down to the fact that these are fantastical, created by the human mind. However, our children believe in these because they are ignorant. They are fascinated by magic, and tend to believe in what gives them hope.

So, are you any different?

There are innumerable arguments, this is only an attempt for the inception of the idea to those who have not given adequate (or any) thought to the issue. From where I sit, it is not even an issue. It is our reconciliation to ground reality. It is the blatant certitude which nobody can dismiss, yet nobody wants to accept.

While writing this article, I am completely aware of the danger I am putting myself into, because anything anti-religious invokes such kind of a cry of disgust that many attempts have been suppressed. However, I am ready for the criticism, because among the millions out there, if it is able to bring the slightest spark of thought in any one of my readers, I have achieved something. I believe that it is these slight sparks that will burn blind beliefs one day.

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  1. sourabh goyal

    hello ,
    i m daily reader of article posted in youth ki awaaz
    i usually don’t comment
    bt ur force me tu do so
    actually question u raised
    same question i asked my elders , purais near by mandir , even tried to read geeta ( i cnt able to understand it , after that i left some other question )
    actually i agreed wid u
    when i m young i usually went to temple each mrng
    for worship
    bt After some tym i strted asking question
    bt all answer i got is have faith
    u cnt question faith
    bt after matter of tym i came to a conculusion
    all the traditions , all rituals are made so that people have discipline, a set of lyf , a set of thinking which is necessary at that tym when they r made and people r force to follow them sweetly with the nane of god
    becauz realigion is powerful tool at that tym too so that ppl cn follow some basic rule
    bt it necessary to formulate new rules with matter of tym bt religious formulation cnt be break
    and people thinking process stop there
    untill religion exist in anyform
    logical thinking cbt be persue
    that’s my thinking

  2. Utsav

    Yea, I agree with your views completely. But I wonder how many people who would have come across such articles really have thought about what you said, most people I know who have ‘faith’ tend to just close all doors of thought ass soon as the topic enters the conversation so as not to ‘offend’ anyone. In fact I believe that anyone who can think enough, and is willing to think enough to get influenced would already have come to this conclusion on their own seeing the surroundings.
    That is however not to discount the fact that many people who are just recently discovering the facts for themselves get solace and comfort in the fact that they are not alone to have such ‘strange’ & ‘rebellious’ thoughts, and that this does help build a community that encourages rational thought. But beyond that to influence the uninitiated, or those who wouldn’t budge, but are at important positions in society and such that they influence policy decisions and social protocols with their ill-found dogma, the approach needs to be more direct. And it should not be forgotten that this dogma is fuelled not only by ignorance, but by propaganda which helps keep a lot of people in power and with money, and a whole industry of faith is run by this commodity, and thus any efforts to make changes would be met with resistance, and big ones at that.

  3. Renu

    Hey Aanchal!
    Nice attempt buddy. I am also an atheist or I would call it A Rationalist. As we focus more on logic than faith. Our country will progress more if we stop having blind faith or following our elders (in case of religious view/Supernatural) without giving it a thought. There are almost 90% people who have faith in supernatural/god. you keep your efforts continue as we’ll have to face a majority. I am also trying to make people think logically since my childhood and it’s a hard thing to do but is possible. All the best!

    1. Sarath

      Hey Renu,

      I wouldn’t agree that our country will make progress if we stop having faith in God. People who don’t have morals are being driven in the path of self control by the concept of punishment from God. Once everyone stops believing in God, all they have to answer is themselves (and law in case of a crime). So, people start committing sins (not referring to crime here).

      I believe there should be a way to keep wrong doings in check & hence the concept of God emerged. I’m not supporting the heinous acts being committed in the name of God. At the same time, I wouldn’t suggest everyone turning to an atheist as you said.


  4. Ayush Dixit

    Hi Aanchal…
    Well a good post indeed on concepts and belief system. I myself am actually you can say an ‘Experiential Spiritualist’. I belief, learn and understand only things which i have EXPERIENCED.
    Shiva for me is consciousness which is you, me, animals, birds, or any other living or non-living entity. Everything is Shiva in that way. God is everywhere so the saying goes isn’t it?!
    Hence God is not an external entity mam but you or me or anyone having consciousness EVERYYTHING IS GOD. As gods hence we are creators of our own reality. You being a god you create your own reality. Who can interfere hence when sufferings, sorrows happiness are created by you only the god himself. Yes God does exist. YOU ARE GOD. So my opinion may find some resonance in this relation.
    For me unconscious repetition of activities such as rituals or customs without experience is not transformative. Until and unless you THE GOD decides to change himself or herself. Nothing will change. Maybe that’s why Mahatma Gandhi said
    “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
    Ciz maybe changing yourself is the only way out as you are GOD YOURSELF.
    Love always 🙂

  5. Rahul Kumar

    okay i have no doubt you feel profoundly procliviated towards a blanket disbelief over the whole existence of god but before you come to any conjecture i’d like you to consider this…..
    if you belive in god, and turns out he doesn’t exist, there’s no harm no foul….
    however if you do not believe in his existence and it turns out he actually does exist, well, you’re pretty much screwed…..

    i understand the through which sentiment that you so complacently condemn the whole idea of an Almighty… but i’d urge you to take a breath and think again as to what exactly you condemn…. is it god or the actual condemnable acts performed on his name that you actually find the most profoundly vile…..
    i’d urge u to wait untill theres an actual proof against gods existence before you blatantly refuse to condemn or refuse or create an insurgency against his existence …..
    quite honestly with all the vilest of acts that human being has being indulging in it becomes quite imperative to believe theres a better place in existence and a just and omnipotent being looking after the good and the innocent…..
    p.s. i gave u a reason to believe doesnt mean my own beliefs are consequent upon those reasons…. i have my Faith for that matter….

    1. Antriksh

      The statement you posted –
      “if you belive in god, and turns out he doesn’t exist, there’s no harm no foul. however if you do not believe in his existence and it turns out he actually does exist, well, you’re pretty much screwed.”

      This statement is defined as Pascal’s wager. As on, it states the following –

      1. If you believe in God and God does exist, you will be rewarded with eternal life in heaven: thus an infinite gain.
      2. If you do not believe in God and God does exist, you will be condemned to remain in hell forever: thus an infinite loss.
      3. If you believe in God and God does not exist, you will not be rewarded: thus a finite loss.
      4. If you do not believe in God and God does not exist, you will not be rewarded, but you have lived your own life: thus a finite gain.

      Now I am assuming that you are in Indian, like me? From what I learnt every ‘Non-Extremist Hindu’ say to me is ‘Every god, no matter from what religion is the same god’ but that is just not true in terms of the number of doctrines around the world. For us atheists, there is no difference between A faith of a hindu to a Faith mulsim or even the Faith of a christian. Its all faith.

      So the problem with Pascal’s Wager starts with “The choice of the doctrine” which is generally never stated along with the original statement
      but is assumed that we already know which god we should believe in. I hope you do realize that, this is not an argument for description towards ‘which doctrine to follow’ its just an argument to avoid a type of hell but if wrong in the choice of the doctrine, that decision leads you to a different hell.

      Now, if a god turns out to be real and forgives you for taking a wrong decision towards the doctrine you have chosen and decides to judge you according to the actions you have committed while you were alive. Then that means the same goes for a person who believes in nothing, he/she will be judged according to his/her actions.

      Following these two, If a god condemns a person to hell and another to heaven purely because of a ‘selfish choice’ and not by what our actions has been then that is a god I am never going to worship.

      The statement by you that goes as –
      “i’d urge u to wait untill theres an actual proof against gods existence”
      That is shifting of the burden of proof. The simple fact is people who claim towards the existence of a deity, need to be the one to prove the claim.
      I would provide support to the above statement with my own claim to prove the fallacy in shifting the burden of proof “Today I had a revelation by GOD and he is The Flying Spaghetti Monster, he wants me to tell all my fellow humans that if you do not follow him, he will send you to hell!” 😀
      Now, would you ask for a proof or blindly start worshiping The Flying Spaghetti Monster?

      Alright, your statement here ” is it god or the actual condemnable acts performed on his name that you actually find the most profoundly vile”
      That is one statement even you can not stand by! Its impossible even for a theist to tell the difference between what god wants and what god doesn’t!
      The choice of moral or even immoral decisions you have been making all these years have not been according to what god wants but according to how you were raised by your guardians and your own moral conscience! Its easy to understand that an immoral act is always performed by a ‘person’ but the situation is several times that ‘immoral act’ has been committed by a theist, is due to a catalyst called faith.

      Also, just a little something I want to add away from the topic. Even in the recent history you can read and learn about all the people committing heinous crimes and getting away with it due to this sensitivity of faith and willingness not to hurt religious sentiments!

      I hope all this gibberish makes my point! 😀

    2. Rahul Kumar

      my dearest of friend firstly, i have never really heard of “Pascal’s wager” so when i made the statement about existence and disbelief my premise, inference and reasoning for making the statement was quite different what you believe i meant… i never intended to infer that you’d be condemned for all the eternity if you don’t believe in god or rewarded for your beliefs , i just wanted to convey that you’d be missing out on something because of your disbelief…. and anyhow i didn’t give the statement as a reason for my belief for like i said i have my faith for that… i simply gave it to give a reason for the people who needs one….

      now the problem with the concept of “assertion and burden of proof is” that you don’t need a proof to justify faith that’s why its called “faith”, the very definition of it is that it should not be weighed on the scales of proofs or reasonableness….

      Now my justification for the acts i’ve performed up until now is on the basis of the concept of karma, i believe it to be a lousy bitch which comes back at you to bite you in the ass… 😉 and well that pretty much explains what you “atheists” wants to concur as some form of dereliction on gods part…. and that also explains what i meant be the ” is it god or the actual condemnable acts performed on his name that you actually find the most profoundly vile” and its not the faith that’s the catalyst for the acts that you mentioned its the obsessive and radical need to enforce and in turn persecute the others for your believes….

      And to be very honest and frank i find most of the atheists to be a profound hypocrites, you condemn persecution and yet try and stigmatize and laugh the people who dispute your belief, oh, wait isn’t that how the very concept religion was started. isn’t it ironical, you’ve started a whole different type of thing that you initially started to end….I said most because rest i feel are mere pseudo-atheists they pretend to be atheists because its the new KEWL and HIP thing to be you know *wink*, but judging by your arguments you seem to fall in the former category….. Also your profound emphasis on the innate right to freedom and acts that you are so strongly complacent about is a mere insidious approach to justify your every immorality, and don’t misinterpret the word immorality with homosexuality or any such freedom which i know has suffered an unwarranted and despotic deterrent because of some inebriated baffons that i mentioned earlier… i mean the very vitiation of the very core morals that we so endear like monogamy, faithfulness or righteousness…. i myself do not consider myself as a paragon of virtue and i unarguably fathom that we are hardly paragons of virtues anymore, we have stooped down to levels climbing from which is going to be quite a task, but what’s truly horrifying is that the integrity and morality are not even the virtues we aspire to anymore, what’s mortifyingly vile is that we as human being, completely bereft of any trace of conscience, have started glorifying our vitiation as a society…. i wonder when did these virtues became some form of heresy and this insidious vitiation is what you atheist want to justify by farce…….

      now i obviously can’t say about others but faith my dear is something i very dearly hold on to, because looking at where we stand today, and the most heinous of acts that we perform weather in name of god or otherwise, and how our innate sense of humanity is getting coerced day by day consequent upon weather radical baffons i mentioned, or the fledgling pseudo-atheism it becomes but necessary to believe that someone somewhere is watching over us and a better place has to exist beyond this suffocation…….

      P.S. i hope i was coherent…….. 😉

    3. rakeysh

      awesome explanation dude

    4. rakeysh

      super duper cool

    5. Shubham

      “if you belive in god, and turns out he doesn’t exist, there’s no harm no foul….
      however if you do not believe in his existence and it turns out he actually does exist, well, you’re pretty much screwed…..”

      That is Pascal’s wager, and a ridiculous way of justifying belief. For starters, what if you believe in the wrong god? What if the ancient Romans got it right and everybody else got it wrong? Given the sheer number of gods humanity has created over history, every believer should expect damnation purely on the basis of probability.

      Also, the author does not condemn or reject the possibility of the existence of a god. Maybe there is a god, but faith is fundamentally flawed because it involves belief without evidence and makes you pretend to know things you are actually completely ignorant about . Atheism is not the rejection of the possibility, we merely say that there is no evidence to support this claim.

    6. Rahul Kumar

      REply above applies to your comment too…… (Y)

    7. Rahul Kumar

      and yes there is documented proof,,,, read mabharata or ramayana etc…..

      P.S. just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist if it were the case hitler gandhi or as a matter of fact anything beyond your ocular periphery doesn’t exist….. 🙂

  6. nikita

    Hey Aanchal,

    Appreciate your honesty……:)
    Let me just type out my thoughts here….U seem to have seen God only thru what people have said and u r right…there are books of rules and regulations that largely potray God more like a judge, who is all there waiting for you to commit a mistake and hes ready with his punishment list!!!!!
    However that’s not the case……God is very simple…Its just like making a friend or falling in love….If you have done any of these…try friendship with Him…. 🙂 it would surely be beautiful!

    1. Bhupendra Pal SIngh

      I agree with Nikita. Aanchal has surely seen god only through what people have said. After all, it is a fictional concept created by these very people. And, it keeps evolving. If anybody studies the ancient Indian history by any eminent author like Romila Thapar or A L Basham, one will see the reasoning behind my comment. And, oh yeah, don’t forget to thank HISTORY, for removing these “superstitions”.

  7. Rishabh

    great work , But i beleive in God not as an entity or as an chain of thougth that he is the one that creates every thing but as an beleif that their is smthng beyond our imagination .. Human’s have always been a curious species we learn and adapt but we are limitless but thus the thought of almighty was introduced to restrict a being frm doing his own harm. Human’s never listn nvr do wht they are told to do so never listn’s to their subconsious that’s why the the so called mahatmas projected the comon mans conscious outside and told him it was Gods way . So people feel the religion teachs thm rathr religion was made by learning from them i guess Religion is somthng thts continously evolvng we startd frm Hinduism the oldest and then christianity and Muslim the modern one’s we can see how people have their own beleive of right and wrong imprinted on to the “Gods” of their choice . 🙂 But i believe what i have Faith in is my real religion .

  8. Sagar

    Everyday workflow for some of us ( Actually a lot of us, given that most of us are believers, this also goes for most of the believers )
    START: 1. Wake up in the morning
    2. Fold your hands in front of god – PRAY
    3. lie, cheat, steal, ignore all wrong. do everything to win that day – PREY, PREY, PREY
    4. Come home have food. If we are really happy – eat cooked dead bodies – PREY, PREY, PREY
    5. Before sleep, fold your hands in front of god – PRAY

    Someone said Religion and God are suppose to bring order to the society, force people to follow rules. THEY ARE BEING FOLLOWED AND EVERYTHING IS IN ORDER
    We spent money in temples but not for social cause. GOD NEEDS MONEY
    We travel to remotest mountains to be closer to god. BUT PREACH GOD IS EVERYWHERE
    We follow every rule in the religious book. BUT WE RAPE, WE MURDER, WE CHEAT
    If something goes wrong: GOD!!! WHAT DID YOU DO…. If something works out: THANK GOD
    Some say GOD IS A FRIEND: Google George Carlin


  9. Naman


    After going through the article and all the replies, I would like to thank Aanchal for touching this sensitive topic and to all those who have replied for sharing there views. OKAY then…

    I think many of the concepts of a religion are valid, like oneness of all things alive or dead/gods presence everywhere, because Sun on its own is source of life, so is the wind and so is water (drinking water from river and fish as food from seas); they are essential for life. Praying is an extension of meditation and i hope everyone here understands that meditation is not something religious just a form of retrospection.

    Although i completely disagree with many of the practices carried out in the name of religion like Aanchal here pointed out being dark skinned or ugly justified as a penance for sins of past life.

    Overall my point is do not follow religion blindly, question and vet every logic given by others, but at the same time do not stereotype religion or followers as simply stupid. At my points in world history when all else had failed, faith and religion have carried us through difficult periods.

    Peace and love

  10. amritanshu

    seems like someone read Christopher hitchens for the first time.

  11. sharique

    Its an article well written.
    I am also an atheist, but well I am looked upon as immoral and that mu parents didn’t gave me proper education. I would like to point out here that according to some language anthropologists, religion is linguistic virus, which dulls your critical senses.

  12. terrance

    Get real…you know how many kids and young adults have been brought up with idea’s like yours?? You’re living in a bubble and have missed the boat, I’m afraid.

  13. Chaitanya

    A very well written article.

  14. Shantanu T

    Well, you gotta check this article out if you are an atheist

  15. Alwayshungry

    As much respect I have for the writer and her beliefs, I think the article is rather passionately written.It does not convey any meaning nor does it set out to disprove any facet of religion and explain why its absurd.
    Having said that,The content of the article avidly encourages its readers to question. I agree.

    In my opinion, questioning beliefs and culture has nothing to do with Atheism.We have a right to question what we practice and what we dont, but Its the responsibility of the questioner to seek answers to his own questions. The article merely talks about questioning beliefs, it never encourages its readers to seek answers.

    So the idea of rejecting God just because we need to question authority,culture and beliefs is non-sense. How can you reject something without knowing what you are rejecting.
    So isn’t it logical that one should read Gita/Quran/Bible (any religious text) and see things from the other side before blindy rejecting God or religion ? After all we need to question everything in life and not blindly accept what we are told.

    If a person has taken the pain to read all these, question it and then if he chooses to reject God, it is acceptable. People are entitled to have their own beliefs.

    But please stop portraying atheism as a fad.
    Being an Atheist is not cool, it is just being ‘ill-informed’.

    1. Bhupendra Pal SIngh

      “Blindly rejecting” & “not blindly accept what we are told”?

      If you are an Indian who has been residing in India, I assume you would be well aware of how these religious ideologies are “imposed” upon a child since his birth… Ponder over it for a moment, and tell me, do you honestly think Indian parents give a fair chance to their kids to form his or her ideology on religion? Do they let him or her find out what appeals to his or her spirit? Or do they take their children to religious gatherings every Sunday/Friday/Tuesday or whichever day is “auspicious”?

      The kid is made to sit in the temple, just listening to the hymns, not even understanding what they mean. Just memorising those, because everybody else seems to be knowing them by heart at such gatherings.

      A critical thinking person must gather information from all sources, and not just religious texts. Which, by the way, will only propagate the existence of this fictional being.

      I believe you have failed to understand the “basic concept” behind “atheism”. We do not seek the label of “being cool” or “awesome”. We simply believe in ‘facts’ and ‘proof’.

      And, we also believe that every individual has the right to his opinion. Have you seen any atheist giving lectures to believers? I visit temples with my family, because I relish the food there. I do not try to talk them out of their beliefs, just because I do not concur with them. But, I have friends, who believe in this fictional character, who will take great pains and go to any extent to make me believe in this story.

      All I have to say to you believers is this: If there is god, prove it. Or else, just let us be. Do not force your concepts upon us. I know it is a lot to ask, but try, TRY to be open minded that there is a possibility of you being wrong.

      PS: I have not yet understood how on earth can somebody study science and still be a believer? I had Humanities, and I believe in science, and take anything only when it passes ‘the test of reason’ (Read about the concept of ‘Enlightenment’ – 18th century. Again History) Just amazed at how little people with Science background know about our history and culture. And yet, many of those give lectures about spiritualism, god and what not.
      My humble request to all those: “Read before you preach”!

  16. Ra’s al Ghul

    Maybe if you used your atheist brain to think before writing this article, you would have realized that the creation did not come into existence by itself. The sun, moon, stars, the galaxy, the trees, the flowers, birds in the sky, animals in the jungle, fishes in the sea, etc, etc. Look at the precision with which the earth rotates, look at the human body, the internal organs, the external organs, etc. Look at how a baby if formed in the womb of its mother. Maybe your house and your family also came into existence by itself, after a big bang …Why don’t you join the league of shadows where I can pump some sense in your atheist brain.

    1. monistaf

      @Ghul. She is entitled to her opinion as much as you are and just because you do not agree with what she has written you do not have to resort to slander to express your dissent. Atheism is a growing movement and gaining in popularity around the world. Check out and its supporters. Regardless of whether you accept it or not, it is an alternate, different and rational thought process that has its own merits. As for your arguments on the earth and all the animals in it, just because everything cannot be explained yet, it does not mean it was created by some creator. That leaves the question as to who created the creator? The very fact that a book like “The God delusion” is banned in India tells me that we are so close minded that any challenge to our existing belief system is considered a threat. This is exactly the kind of thinking that has stymied progress in the past, and exactly the reasons why people where killed when they said that the earth was round instead of flat or that the earth revolves around the sun.

    2. Ra’s al Ghul

      Monistaf, I’m sure you’re comment came into existence on its own, after a big bang.

    3. Resh

      The world of faith or prove does not revolve around one man named Richard Dawkins. He has been criticised by his own colleagues in regard to atheism which has not brought any new ideas in his book but by other several scholars including Darwin who is a theist. Many atheist questioned everything possibly and eventually turned to being believers of some kind. They are many kinds if God. Personal, Universal, the Einsteinien, the Newtonian.
      This is a topic that has no finality as the idea of faith and god is a very personal one.
      No one can make claims to things by the say of one man alone. That itself is the idea of a strong belief of a ‘higher being’ someone superior to us whom we should check out. Quite and irony.

    4. Nikita

      well said! 🙂

    5. Monistaf

      Richard Dawkins is an example of the growing movement out there. The irony is that you say that you cannot stand by what one person says, but that is exactly what most of the religious followers practice, live by ONE God, ONE book that is the word of God and cannot change, regardless of how irrelevant it is. Why don’t you extend your line of questioning to that concept as well? I agree with you that the choice to believe is very personal, and I have nothing against people who make that choice as long as they can accept that people who decide not to choose the same way are just as entitled to their beliefs or in their right not to believe. To believe or not, is every individual’s right and regardless of the choice they make, it does not subtract from who they are as people. My personal opinion is that one of the most important freedoms we enjoy as part of being a secular nation, is not freedom OF religion, but freedom FROM religion.

  17. Nimmy Kuttappan

    I feel sorry for you Anchaal…

    I guess you still THINK that people or children THINK that Sun is a God or Santa exists. But the truth is that they BELIEVE. And whats wrong in believing that? Has it brought any harm to anyone?

    Do you THINK your parents are your parents of BELIEVE in that fact? I guess its the believe that nurtures the love you would have for them. That Love is God.

    1. sam

      nimmy ….

      he had did you forgot about the great flood killed everyone except Noah n company
      did u forget about Mahabharata Ramayana how many people died
      did you forget how many people have died in the name of god during wars and terrorism
      people die daily because they belive god will cure their disease but he do not… cruel god
      how many people were sacked to make him feel happy and prayed ….

    2. nikita

      God neva asks for sacrifices….these r notions/ conditions created by people to help them believe that God will help them only when someting is done for HIM. But Hes unlike us all! He does not need any conditions, any deals….all He needs is faith in Him. But most of us fail to show and hence take support from these kind of sacrifices
      sacrifices are truely bad….bt it was neva God created/ asked…Its created by we humans!

    3. Antriksh

      Nikita, I wouldn’t just bash on what you believe but I would like to ask you two question before I leave a reply to your comment.

      Is the god you believe in any or all of these –
      1. Omniscient
      2. Omnipotent
      3. Omnipresent

      And how do you know or who/what taught you towards the understanding that god is a moral entity, unconditional and forgiving?

    4. Nikita

      Hi Antriksh…Thanks for your comment!

      The God I believe in is all the three. 🙂

      I was first taught or said about these things through certain books like Bible, Haripath, Laws of Spirit World…..But I believed in these after my own experience and feeling!

      Also to further add…the God i believe in is an unconditionally loving soul who is with everyone all the time…guiding all only if we are ready to hear Him. He has fantastic plans for all only if we trust Him!

    5. Antriksh

      Hey Nikita, Thanks for answering!

      Maybe I should have been more specific in asking the second question. The answer to the second question that I (or someone like me) would require is not feelings of someone that I can not even begin to relate to. Please do not take offence in my reasoning but at any point in my life I can start “feeling” faithful towards The Flying Spaghetti Monster or even one of the ancient Egyptian god Khnum but it is not a justifiable reasoning to start believing in its existence.

      Now, to continue the first question, even though I am NOT good at philosophy but I will give it a whirl. If you believe in a god that is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent wouldn’t that by definition mean that this particular entity is all powerful and extremely capable? (And by your own definition “unconditionally loving soul”)
      If that is the case, then why do we see injustice towards the innocent by the hands of humans and sometimes even through the means of natural occurrence? If a god has the capability to watch an innocent suffer with indifference then that god is simply not a “unconditionally loving soul”.

      Please, don’t drag in the concept of heaven and hell here to justify indifference because that will be a standalone exchange of ideas in itself.
      Once again, my intention is not to offend but either to understand or to help understand.

    6. Nikita

      Hi Antriksh….

      Its fine if u cnt have feelings or faith all of a sudden…anyways faith is a slow process…:)
      I would like to answer your 2nd question in a different way…there is always one topper in a class who might score 90%….and the same teacher taught the rest 30 students as well of which may be 2 – 3 even failed!!!!.ideally all should should have scored 90% cz the teacher had the potential to get the best out of every student…but not every student is able to get that…reason…they dnt work towards it and hence the results differ….
      Why does an innocent suffers by the hands of human…cz he remains innocent…He has the strength to say no to sufferings and take a stand against it but he prefers to suffer…God will guide him only if he takes a stand to say a NO to suffering! Why does any human tortures or kills somone….cz he prefers to do that rather than helping someone….He has shut down his Goodness and all the guidance he recieves frm GOd!
      God gives us two ways…right for our guidance and wrong so that we know how to use the right! But the choice is left to us….cz this life is our learning process!
      God is only our GUIDE but we need to work…Do u think there is no suffering for people who believe in God…..thts not true….But we believe that is His way of teaching us somthing!
      I am not a philosopher either….wouldnt exactly know why naturally calamities happen! But one thing is for sure that we have not be good towards nature, rather very harsh and this is probably nature’s reaction towards our actions.
      Lastly……all said and done..I would like to repeat my earlier comment once again! See God as ur friend…m sure you already have many….just like others…all you need for this friendship is faith and love….and the rest is experience!
      We dont have ‘proofs’ to prove God…cz love and faith cant be proved it can only be felt. Yes feelings are important here! we all feel secured at our home with our parents…why…cz they just gave birth to us?…no cz we Feel their love…cz we Feel they care…and hence we believe in their existance for us! Of course feelings are important if you need to believe God exists!

      Have a nice day! Take care! 🙂

    7. swadheen

      Dear Nikita, I think that for those who believe in Him ,He is everything and those who does not He is nothing, but He is there for everyone no matter who believes in Him or not.

    8. Nikita

      Swadheen….u absolutely correct!

  18. monistaf

    Aanchal – I applaud you for fearlessly expressing your thoughts on such a controversial topic. I am an atheist myself and I contend that most people in the world are very close to being considered atheists. Here is my explanation. There are over 10,000 known God’s and Goddesses in this world. Most believers do not believe in the vast majority of them, however, they choose to make an exception for one, or may be a few.

  19. Resh

    Hi Aanchal,

    It’s a coincidence that I am studying atheism from a science and religious perspective. Your article raises similar issues of many youth who are questioning everything. I don’t fall under ‘youth’ unfortunately but perhaps you might want to get several facts about both science and religion.
    I agree and disagree with both on many grounds of marginalization. Science is the next power player after religion and has been an equal amount of danger to mankind and animals along with nature. Therefore I take no sides here.
    As you have stated yourself that people need to question…questioning out of the sake debate gets no where. But question to find an answer and to evolution not a revolution is what my professor has reminded me.
    I am not criticising your piece though. I think it’s important this gets out to the masses of ‘youth’ who take up issues or causes being naive and ignorant in themselves as to what may be the truth behind humanity and life.
    Peace & Colour to you!

  20. Nikhil Karje

    Its a nice article, although you arguments are not that different from other ignorant atheists. I understand the stereotypical perspective that you have put religious people into, because more than half of the believers will not be willing to debate or else will have no grounds for it, since their belief is on blind faith. But reason this, centuries has passed and still this organization or “bubble” as you say, still exists. Is it wise to disregard years and years of accumulated knowledge which has stood the test of time? There must be some wisdom. So this is what I think of religion and why every person must respect it.

    Saying that you belong to a religion reflects certain aspects of your life, to some extent. The way you behave, the way you interact with the nature, is taught by your family and society around you. Sure this society will expect you to abide by certain rules, but on the other hand, you enjoy certain perks peculiar to only this society. You say its silly to call a big fire ball in the sky as a God, I say it is necessary to embody significant aspects of nature into human form so that we can offer our thanks to. Ancient religions always worshiped sun more than earth, ever wondered why? It gives all living being sustainability without taking anything in return. Similarly we define different aspects of nature into a form imaginable by human with references that teaches virtues.

    Although I agree the religion must evolve with time, nevertheless the whole concept should not be disregarded without giving it a thought. I would say such an act would be quite ignorant.

  21. Gatha

    Good article Aanchal.
    I resonate with you. Because I have always wondered, that if the oh so powerful god if there is, and he is so powerful that he can cause natural calamities, punish the wrongdoers, and to top it all off, god is goodness, where the HELL is that god when little children get raped, get bombed, get abused? Where the hell is this so called god providing free food from the skies to people in need and hunger?
    If i had that ‘so called’ power I would have definitely saved kids from being raped and rained free food for kids dying in somalia/ india. the concept of god is busy ruling the holy books and ignorance that comes within probably that’s how misconstrued goodliness has become. atleast for once, this so called god should show his presence and then may be call atheists ignorant, because believers don’t look atheists as humans but a bunch of ignorant downtroddens who dont believe in what they do! next time you crutch on god, as him to appear out of nowhere and save a kid from being raped/ bombed.

  22. Seeker

    Interesting article !!!

    I am not sure what’s the truth, but here is what I believe in – “Goodness”.
    Be good & do good……

  23. Atheist turned theist

    Hi aanchal. This is your 2nd article I read. First one of exposed bra strap and how it affects females. Damn good and much needed for diseased male minds. I Respect and appreciate you for that. However this article. I was once an atheist myself. Had all these questions for a long long time ever since my childhood. I would ask these questions to all my elders. But then after yrs of persuasion i finally found the tru essence of the whole god thing. Example in rockstar muvie ranbeer kapoor spends a month in a mosque. Song kun faya kun traps those feelings well. The epiphany has surely made my life beautiful and my perception towards myself and the world has changed drastically. when i look back to those days when i was having logical rage against god, i see hiw naive i was. I wasnt even in a level to understand god in the frst place, with that closed mind. Those questions i had were like throwing stones in the dark. (This is my experience. )
    I agree that ppl should believe in him/her self rather than god more so being passionate abt sc and maths and pursuing a career where we always deal with world with logic and proofs . But then again. When i compare how i believe in myself and my capabilities today with that of those days, i feel am massively stronger than i could have ever been being an atheist. . ofcourse this experience doesnt apply to all. And Till you find it out yourself that is if you have not yet given up. All the best.
    If you will have time, i would request you to take a look into an article i wrote on god when i began to drift towards god. Hope it help you a bit the least.

  24. Neelabh Jain

    Hi aanchal. The reason people are turning atheist is because the way we define god or perseive god is full of misgivings and lacks any reasoning. But before giving up i request you to go through digamber jain shastras or basic books. Our religion is very logical and scientific.

    To understand the basic of jainism just go through “god in jainism” in wikipedia ( many more articles available online. I can assure you that many of your misgivings will have an answer here.

  25. Dipayan das

    I agree with you. People waste time, energy & money on “unseen” Gods rather than the “seen” children starving for days outside the temple, mosque or churches!!!

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A student from Delhi School of Social work, Vineet is a part of Project Sakhi Saheli, an initiative by the students of Delhi school of Social Work to create awareness on Menstrual Health and combat Period Poverty. Along with MHM Action Fellow Sabna, Vineet launched Menstratalk, a campaign that aims to put an end to period poverty and smash menstrual taboos in society.

As a start, the campaign aims to begin conversations on menstrual health with five hundred adolescents and youth in Delhi through offline platforms, and through this community mobilise support to create Period Friendly Institutions out of educational institutes in the city.

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As a Youth Ki Awaaz Menstrual Health Fellow, Nitisha has started Let’s Talk Period, a campaign to mobilise young people to switch to sustainable period products. She says, “80 lakh women in Delhi use non-biodegradable sanitary products, generate 3000 tonnes of menstrual waste, that takes 500-800 years to decompose; which in turn contributes to the health issues of all menstruators, increased burden of waste management on the city and harmful living environment for all citizens.

Let’s Talk Period aims to change this by

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A Gender Rights Activist working with the tribal and marginalized communities in india, Srilekha is a PhD scholar working on understanding body and sexuality among tribal girls, to fill the gaps in research around indigenous women and their stories. Srilekha has worked extensively at the grassroots level with community based organisations, through several advocacy initiatives around Gender, Mental Health, Menstrual Hygiene and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) for the indigenous in Jharkhand, over the last 6 years.

Srilekha has also contributed to sustainable livelihood projects and legal aid programs for survivors of sex trafficking. She has been conducting research based programs on maternal health, mental health, gender based violence, sex and sexuality. Her interest lies in conducting workshops for young people on life skills, feminism, gender and sexuality, trauma, resilience and interpersonal relationships.

A Guwahati-based college student pursuing her Masters in Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Bidisha started the #BleedwithDignity campaign on the technology platform, demanding that the Government of Assam install
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Bidisha was selected in’s flagship program ‘She Creates Change’ having run successful online advocacy
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