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“My Father Raised A Monster”: A Poem About The Dominance That We Gift Men

Posted on July 22, 2014 in Gender-Based Violence, Masculinity, Society, Taboos

By Mayank Jain:

women in India poem
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“It is a girl”,
But who wants her?
You let her die
And saved her life
From the sinful world
That your boy has bred.
He was a trophy
And he shall always be.

You let him be
And you asked him to play
Gave him the finest milk and bats
To beat his little sister astray.
Yet, you spoke for him!
“Boys will be boys,” you said
Rewarded him for dominating
And you showed her, her place.
She was always below him
He was your best chance to glory, you believed
But how!

You gifted him aggression
Told him to do what his heart says
Because, the heart can’t go wrong
And boys are always right.
And now, do you wish you didn’t?

You let a monster survive,
And you took his domination
And glorified
“That’s how boys are supposed to be,”
You forbade him from crying
But you didn’t stop him
From making lives miserable.

He seeks glory
In power and might,
Far from the truth
That the world is hers too.
And now, the monster roams on the road
It might be her friend, her brother or a stranger

But he doesn’t care
He loves to lech and he will stare
If she resists, he will show her, her place
And thrust his dominance in her face
“Sometimes, punishing a girl is the only way”
What if she howls or cries?
She’s a girl, who cares for them anyway.

The monster won’t rest tonight
He will scar her soul and he might bring her down
She might die and she will pray she does
For this world is no longer upright.

You still tell him it’s alright
You let him run and you let him hide
Blame it on the girl for provoking him
But absolve yourself for teaching it.
If only you had stopped him,
And told him to respect and accept
People as equals.
If only you had raised him right
As a human and not a man
She might have been alive.
If only you hadn’t beaten your wife
He wouldn’t dominate
All women, for life.

But you raised a monster
And you let him play
You stood by him
Because boys are special
And girls are accidental.
And now you shudder
On what have you done
But it is too late
He has been ruining lives and
He is breeding more.

The girl is gone
And she won’t come back
In the heavens she might ask for forgiveness
For being a girl
In this shameful world
Her face, her screams and her soul will roam
They will haunt our memories forever
We killed her together by raising you, son.

We never stopped you from wrong,
And we made it alright
But, it’s too late for repentance
She is screaming for answers
And she will ask us why, we let her die
We will stand up and fight
Guard our daughters
Because of your courage, dear son,
None of us will sleep tonight.

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