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[VIDEO] What A Girl Faces In A 10 Minute Walk Around Connaught Place Is Appalling

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Update: Male gaze is a known problem that women around the world face. The society has a habit of judging them and staring at their choice of dressing. While this video raised many questions in our minds about the words used and as our community pointed out, about the use of phrases such as ‘mental rape’, we feel it is important for us to initiate the conversation about the way our society treats women. This video by Sortted TV represents the opinions of a young person and it is important for our audience to know what she feels. YKA as a community platform publishes opinions of young people on pertinent issues. You can submit yours too by sending them in to us at


We talk of equality and we protest against the rapes but we forget to give a thought to our own behaviour. It is spiteful how men stare at women. When they walk out, women feel as if they are on display. Women should be allowed to walk out on the road freely and fearlessly at any time and regardless of what they choose to wear, it doesn’t warrant the piercing gazes that they are subjected to.

This video is an eye opener for all of us and drives home the point that we have to stop objectifying females around us and treat them as fellow human beings.

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  1. arpit goel

    So you are implying; a man should not look at beautiful woman. This basically defies the natural law of nature.
    What kind of hypocrisy and guilt are you trying to propagate. All men/boys look at women with a desire. Some look long enough that we term as a” stare” or ogle.

    So either you are not a man/boy, that you don’t look at beautiful woman/girl ever or are clever enough to not let the passing girl/woman know what goes on in your mind.Stop being a hypocrite Mayank.

    You advocate a lot of issues that need to be debated. This is not one of them.

    1. Simran

      @Arpit goel: So, Mr. Arpit Goel, I suppose you don’t mind other guys and men looking at your sister, girlfriend/wife and mother, right? ATTENTION PEOPLE, According to him, if they are pretty enough for you, you can ogle at them as long as you want to, (to prove your masculinity)
      Guys , Guys! Feel free to ogle at Mr. Arpit Goel’s Sister and Girlfriend and Girls, Feel free to look at this Guy(If in case he is good to eyes) as he just said he does not mind being subject to objectification.

      Arpit goel you should be imprisoned or at least banned from opening your shitty mouth at places you should not and on topics that are sensitive enough to get your ass kicked out of any place. JUST SHUT UP!
      I already pity on your girlfriend/ wife for having you douche bag to endure for all their lives.

    2. KT

      Well told Simran.. Mr. Goel beauty subjected its a object(Non-living) which women/girls are not can be admired by you as long as you can(is not a offense).. But staring at girl(Which is disgusting) saying they are beautiful is a shitty non-sense.. better blabber those when u have shit ppl like you around you.. Des kind of mentality has spoilt the people in our country.

    3. Green Lantern

      Ms. Simran, if my wife, daughter, or sister do not dress decently, then I will not complain if men stare at them. And if I do not dress decently, then I will not whine if girls stare at me. Well, girls stare at me anyway.

    4. Simran

      and you will define the standards of decent dressing for them? You expect them to take note of what you consider as decent dressing in order to stand up for them on being molested?

    5. hony singh

      your pathetic!, do u know there is a law against vulgarity , there is a sensor board to stop vulgarity in films why don’t u show porn film to ur brother or children u know it titillates, the first n foremost thing is physiology n sexual character is quite natural , its the main thing the other things r just accessories n to fill this desire we r inventing n creating selling n purchasing , all human activities r the result of sexual desire n ur trying to suppress this holy desire because of this desire we exist on earth if attraction is lost no further creation can b hoped n man ll vanish from the earth if ur trying to make men a computer ,its not possible n its also detrimental for women ,suppose u try to attract ur man in bed room n he has become inured to this kind of display n he is unable to b turned on so think about ur fate so don’t b over reactive ,women r lucky that men r staring or looking at them this is biology n every brother knows that if his sister is beautiful men ll look at her n if he doesn’t accept this truth he is simply a fool,as every sister is someone’s wife n every wife is someone’s sister n this is not possible without attraction n if ur showing uncouth behavior you can be jailed for not less than three months , its the decency of men that they r not complaining against u shameless women ,have u ever seen us roaming in skirt , short skirt or leggings , have u ever seen our shaved armpits , u people flaunt ur armpits openly ,u show ur wiggling cleavages……………..

    6. Green Lantern

      Ma’am, do you know that we are talking about staring and not molestation? When girls dress indecently, men stare. If girls cover up properly, they will not be stared at. When handsome hunks reveal their bodies in public, do women not stare?

    7. arpit

      I can’t speak with a woman who has such low tolerance level for views that she doesn’t accept. You can carry on your ranting as each of your word shows the kind of woman yo have turned out to be and your filthy character.
      You think this situation is unique to Indians and India. Place the same girls in any country and let’s see how many oglers or staring people we see.
      Maybe you are so angry because you are so ugly to even be looked at. Not every person who looks at women is a rapist or sexual harasser. No woman is ugly and I think looking at women is appreciation f their beauty and attractiveness. If they can’t handle such scrutiny, they d. Self consciousness is sign of low confidence level which i think you, your cousin and your family reels under. I wish I could help you. But Simran here …look people is a case who cannot be helped. Just know how to shout and rant and cuss. No meaningful argument and even worse no attempt to prove me wrong. you lack of reasoning shows your sub-standard intellect and disgraceful outlook you portray of your family Maybe they should shun you.
      Who the fcuk are you ? You have no right to talk about my family. Do you have a family that you ranting about mine? people like you who are so narrow minded are holding the progressive society of from moving forward. Where each man who even looks at a woman is seen as life molester.
      I never use the word masculinity and these are you word. maybe you should take a lesson or two and turn a little liberal minded. I was wrong – we do need a debate as women don’t understand their attractiveness is what draws attention to them not any intention of malice.

      YOU SHUT UP! and sit in whole with your narrow attitude towards men and their mentality. Seems you are educated but you still are stuck in a time frame that owes no relevance with present. I PITY YOU and people like.

      You want to put me in jail? That is why people like you(ill-Opinionated) never come to power. India would be no different from Arab nation . Maybe you should migrate there and wear burkha, live under a totalitarian government where women are suppressed.
      Dear Simran. You disgust me. Get lost and pray you never meet me. Else I will defeat at every argument you put up against your hollow rationality and sense of justification about women.
      Note: Simran yes the girl I am replying to is thinking of me as a “starer” of women. I never argued it was right or wrong. And I never say it is right to stare. You need desperate help Simran. Maybe I should suggest a self help confidence boosting book. Stop being conscious of people who stare.

    8. Simran

      So, you are in power?See that power people! He can pass lame comments ‘only’! That’s his power. He can stand by the lewd ogles. See his power. He suggests that if men ‘ogle’ at you, have self confidence and show no courage to slap them back. The educated people that pretend to be ‘broad minded’. you are really a fucking retard.

    9. arpit

      No ogle or stare is lewd. You don’t know if his stare has malicious intent. It may be your wrong perception or at certain instances right.
      If I am carrying a knife , does it mean I am there to murder and police should arrest me just because i seem like a murderer? That is why looking isn’t crime but a social obligation of maintaining self-dignity. It is how we are brought that displays character. But even if I stare at you(SIMRAN, which i doubt highly, after practically knowing your shallowness) does not mean I have bad intentions.
      What kind of reasoning is that?

      Staring.Ogling can’t be termed lewd, yes it is wrong an inappropriate, which I said and taught you earlier.(take my earlier comment as a lesson, read everyday, it’ll help you)
      Genralization is the worst stereotype.

    10. Puneet

      Sheer hypocrisy ! Ms Simran, if you watched the video carefully than you’d have noticed that apart from 2-3 people, none of the other men looked for more than a second at the girl. there is a huge difference between a look and a stare and an ogle please be rational with the differences among the three. yes its understood that if a particular person looks for long time or turns around to gaze a multiple times then it creates an awkward situation. but during the course of this video I had to go back and repeat to see which person actually looked at her. I’m a feminist myself but what is being portrayed right now is bull shit. Men are wired to take notice of a girl however a slight tilt in eyes to look a passerby woman doesnt qualify for a “rape with eyes”.
      but nevertheless, if someone repeatedly does that or gazes with a jaw-drop gesture then its not acceptable.

    11. arpit

      According TO SIMRAN who just commented in an elaborate way and abused my relatives and family( I could have done better than that, but I know I am respectful and she is, well, just a frustrated not-so-bright brained woman).
      She means every boy who is in school/college is a molester too. They sit in cafes teashops restaurants and appreciate women( not all). Are all of them rapists or people with bad intentions?
      Maybe you should be jailed( though I have no intention) or Banned( which I don’t know why she said, it means nothing, ‘Simranbechari’) for scaring boys from looking at women in streets due to your flawed reasoning and perception.

    12. Simran

      Birds of the same feather flock together!!
      Flawed perception? Ahh, Right!! A guy(claims to be) who agrees to have other men ogling at her sister is raising a question on a girl’s reasoning and gesture for perverts who have no control on their eyes. APPLAUSE for these ‘padhe likhe anpad’, who are trying to negotiate with the argument that they stared for like a second, as if it’s their birthright.

    13. arpit

      Again words of your own. I never even mentioned my sister or mom. Are you some kind of psycho? or your brains move at turtle speed.
      Maybe you are a lesbian. Oh right! won’t admit to even that. Because you promote a patriarchal society where men have to fore-bearers of women’s ‘ijjat’. And you would detest gay-lesbian rights in future. (owing to your narrow approach) It would so interesting to meet you someday. A dream debate would take place.

      No problems. I understand you can’t think at a level beyond- where a man seeing a woman is for sex and is he stares isn’t accepted a a mistake of is. Which in many cases can be.
      Simran your IQ is pitiful while you can bask in whatever bullshit thinking that pops out your head.

    14. Simran

      May be I am a lesbian or not, but you definitely don’t have the balls to consider your sister or mother in the same place. hypocrisy? Oh, no! Again those are my words but you are so damn reluctant to see them in the same place with perverts like you who actually see no qualms in that.

    15. arpit

      Here people is woman called SIMRAN- who has judged me as a pervert, hypocrite and what not while abusing my family . And that too when she doesn’t know me.
      Women like you-so fast to judge and a sense of wrong self-assurance, are a dark blot on truth that men are good too. I believe, you have a past trauma or it runs in your family ( ask your father, or brother, better ask husband and talk on same topic, if you have BALLS).. Now SIMRAN ; stop SIM-mering and go run RAN. Think what you did and said and try to change your flawed mindset. I know it will be difficult for you( I say that proudly with complete condescension) But help is out there if you need (that nobody will give if you carry on like this)

    16. simran

      And you just keep barking. i dont want to get down to the level you are on. You indeed gave your best shot to bother me with your bullshit and meaningless comments. Better luck next time.

    17. arpit

      Look at yourself who started vomiting shit of their mouth hole. You think I can’t abuse a woman? You are right. I don’t bark, I bite, unlike certain oblivious of world bitches like you.
      I have had enough of your harking at me. Bring up a reasonable argument and come to me. My time is pf value. While you read this, go back carry on your life and produce babies that will just grow up as manifestation of your thinking.
      you and people like you will destroy all men if given a choice. Admit it and live in peace.

    18. simran

      And yet you keep getting back here and go on bothering me. I have every logical answer to your shitty comments that were less about topic and more about me which really did not seem to bother me and you seemed to try your level best eveytime. But let me tell, you have a shield of fake andnon existant confidence Confidence that you try to portray but does not exist. Try to fool someone who is reallya ‘fool’ like you.Not everyone is taken away by such fake portrayals. Good luck with your life. Please stop commenting here now.You really never made sense.

    19. hony singh

      Its quite natural men stare at women n vice-versa.And even if u make a law against staring we ll not stop .cuz any law which doesn’t conform to the needs of society becomes obsolete , n recently amended laws r also draconian n if women thinks that law is protecting them ,they r in illusion ,its our hindu samskar ,our upbringing n humanity that is protecting u otherwise if there is a law ,there is a way to circumvent it ……so don’t disrespect men ,u should feel lucky that ur behaving like a slut despite men r not attacking on u ,feel lucky !men have also lots of work accept staring at u ,n yes feel lucky that despite his busy schedule he spares time on u ….

    20. Puneet

      Having no control on eyes ??? Hahaha, so that qualifies for “rape with eyes” !! I’m pretty much happy with the place I’m in where I’m associated with “stop acid attacks” and “Chalk walk to stop violence against women” on a charitable basis as well as working with them for “no-profit” basis. Holding up any argument is nobody’s birthright whether a man or a woman, however having a stupid argument seems to be your birthright where you just cant spot the difference between a glance/look and a stare/gaze/ogle.

    21. arpit

      I must gift her a ‘Norman Lewis’. That would help.

    22. Puneet

      Sadly things like “rational thinking” cant be gifted but a Norman Lewis could be a good start.

    23. Simran

      @puneet: Oh, right! Control over eyes? That does not exist for men like you.

    24. Puneet

      Oh man ! you’re funny as hell !! 🙂

    25. arpit

      I don’t take comments personally, when I know they are not relevant and are wrong. SIMRAN and her foolish arguments made my night. I love debates like this. 😛

    26. simran

      Mine too. It indeed is a goodnight for you. Ass on fire!

    27. arpit

      Who the fuck are you? Who cares what your time’s worth is! Ultimately your opinions hold no gravity and weight.Maybe You can never absorb things that are beyond your each.Pity. My shitty arguments are personified on your degraded character as you slammed personal comments that are totally unjustified.
      Your hare brained approach doesn’t know even half the points put up here so keep throwing slangs that come as a package of your limited ability to complete a sentence.
      I don’t need your wishes and luck as they might infect me with your micro level approach of perspectives.
      Note?: SIMRAN admits my arguments made no point to her( we understand you frustration, maybe it is not the first time you haven’t understood something to learnt). Didn’t we know that since an hour when she started blabbering shit?

    28. simran

      Yeah yeah. My bunch of words were so weightless that you had to fill in yours with SO MANY .

    29. Sonika

      Hi Guys,

      I really liked the video but didn’t like the debate you people are getting into … I might be wrong or you may disagree with me … but I think Simran or Arpit or may be few more people might possess the same thinking / prospective but still arguing …

      I belong to a family where every one is in Army .. I am the only girl in the family as rest all are boys (brothers / cousins) … and all are gentleman officers who also stare or give a look at other girls / women but it doesn’t mean they don’t respect women or are trying to mentally rape them as it can be a gesture of appreciation / admiration … I personally feel there is no harm in a nice n simple stare as most of the people in the video did except few who literally turned n gazed … I will call it a gesture of admiration / appreciation …

      I will give U an example … if U go in a party … the more the number of people who stare U will confirm U that U are looking good … may be some people would also acknowledge U that everyone is looking at you because U are looking good … So it doesn’t mean that everyone is mentally raping you … or even some actor / actress arrives at some place .. then the same thing will happen …. it won’t be considered as rape ..

      My brother’s also stare n all are responsible n good citizens of the country n sometime they even apprise me that look that girl is looking good … U should try or may be U shouldn’t wear anything like that … I feel like Arpit / other people also mentioned that there is a difference between staring n ogling … n so U must also realise that …. don’t please waste your energy n time on such discussion forums … as by your comments n thoughts I realise that U are an educated gentle woman …

      We all might be different n keeping our perspective or expressing ourselves … but in our hearts we know what’s the difference between a genuine stare n a lustful gaze … Personally, I don’t bother if someone is looking at me as I also look at people as its natural to observe people n notice them … but when I realise that someone is looking at me in a way which is not good then I look back at him n most of the times those people themselves felt shameful / turned their necks away …

      I hope my comments didn’t hurt / offend anyone … but I felt that the discussion was not fruitful … rather we should discuss how to change such attitude / mindset … may be we should make some community or even a group where we can discuss or even help each other by discussing our problems … as may be some one might be going through a problem that somebody can contribute an excellent solution … such discussion still would make sense …

      Most of the people don’t stare but they just notice you or observe U as we also do with others … So why not we discuss something that can contribute to our society n may be arpit n simran’s different perspective n ideas can bring up really good suggestions for changing the attitude of our society …

  2. Varun

    Stared at or looked at ? Any guy will look at a beautiful woman, whether in US or UK or Saudi Arabia. And women check out men too.

    1. arpit goel

      Totally agree!

    2. Simran

      @Varun : Please feel free to accept the respect and compliments just arpit goel received from me and those yet to be offered by other girls and some sensible guys(if they exist).

  3. Ra’s al Ghul

    Oh, Mr. Mayank, don’t you look at girls? Never seen a nice pair of boobies before? Or legs for that matter. And the oh so righteous Simran has never checked out a guy. Yeah, right!

    1. Simran

      I will definitely get back to you on that if you first give the affirmation that you see no qualms in it when men ogle at your sister and mother’s boobies, you totally understand their sexual orientation and you do not mind their jollies popping up when they get a strong glare of your mother’s/GF and sister’s boobies and legs ,right? SAY IT!

    2. Ra’s al Ghul

      My mother and sister don’t go in public revealing their boobs in tight clothes, neither do they feel the need to show their legs in public.

    3. Vishnu

      Sis ,
      When you go to a beautiful location what do you do?? you stare at it. Beautiful women are like nature too . You cant blame a guy for staring at a lady. Its natural. When a rich , well dressed guy gives the same stare , ladies find it appealing. When a shabby guy gives a look you find it demeaning. Of all the movies (Indian) you have watched , In most of them the hero is a poor guy dressed similar running after a rich out his league type of girl. There it is romantic and in real life its unbearable??? Hey Ram. !!

  4. Puneet

    What the fuck is wrong with you. posting shit in favour of feminism. I’m a feminist myself but what you have made right now is bull shit. None of the men passed any leud comment, teased her or even followed her for 5 steps. In ancient times people used to raise their hats as a sign to acknowledge the beauty of a woman at any social place. you cant just go on and judge people for staring at a girl. men are mentally wired to take notice of a girl nearby, however if someone stares for long or turn around many times to stare then its acceptable that its an awkward situation. stop being a hypocrite in your way and means.

    1. arpit

      Now I hear a rational comment. Unlike Idiot/blabbermouth Simran here.

    2. Puneet

      haha !! well some girls are wannabe feminist in their ways. and some men are judged for “raping with eyes” while they respect girls for real.
      I’m pretty sure this girl would be boosting up the morale of her own brother/cousin if she notices other girls looking at him.

    3. arpit

      Dude I know feminists-female and male. SIMRAN is no feminist.
      She just can’t tolerate a man looking at her who is not her husband brother or any relative she just cussed about.. Which is kind of ‘ajeebs’.

    4. Simran

      @Puneet : Oh, we are so obligated that no lewd comments were passed, only lewd stares. That’s such a favor for the girl, right? That those guys could keep their fucking mouth shut. By the way, there is no such word, it’s lewd. Raising hat in order to appreciate the beauty is a gesture they could stand by. I don’t think any of these men on being questioned would be able to stand by and anyway, staring at a girl’s legs is very clearly an unacceptable gesture so better don’t try to sound smart with that.

    5. Puneet

      Hypocrisy at its best. now lemme rip your argument apart with the best tool “rationalism” !

      1. if a man looks(not stare/gaze) at a girl then you label him “raping with eyes”. If he simply chooses to ingore and doesnt give a fuck then you take it as an obligation as if how on earth he didnt notice ME, ME ME MEEE !!
      PS- Darling, thats not a favour from a guy’s side, its just that he is being himself by not looking at you.

      2. The times when hats were raised, men didnt turn away their face and then raise the hat, they looked at a women sitting across the table. Now since the FASHION of hats is not so much in trend, a random guy wouldnt raise his shirt or remove a sock to compensate for the hat. NO, that’d be totally weird 😀

      3. Thankyou so much for correcting my typing error. I know its lewd 🙂 but since you’re so hot with your grammer and spells then please take notice of what is the difference between a glance, a look, a stare or an ogle.

      4. I condemn any kind of staring at a woman’s body be it the cleavage, the legs, the shoulder strap, the arm-pit, the fingernail, that earlobe or anything you may like to mention but be open to accept that men are “naturally wired” to take notice of a girl passing by. that doesnt make him a rapist or anyone with wrong intentions.

      5. If women wear burka the men look them in the eye, when they wear shorts or a bikini, men look elsewhere. Its something nobody can change.

      PS- I’m not advocating what women should wear and what they shouldnt but its just that how men react to the different situations as a part of response to stimuli. Peace women, wear what you wish.

    6. simran

      Yes and eyes on a girl’s legs is definitely not lewd? That’s just a stare? When you are not mentally abled enough to figure out more than clearly visible difference, better don’t try.

    7. Puneet

      I’m not here to win an ill-fated arguments with personal attacks. maybe our mental levels are not at par with each other but certainly I have much better things to do rather than having a pointless debate. If you dont have a mental level to understand how men “are wired to respond” then its not my problem. I said I condemn staring but that “quick notice” is kinda like subconscious for men. Its just Hormones, similar to the “mood swings” of girls. I rest my case.

    8. simran

      Thank you. Now I see some sense instilled in your arguement. Men are wired that way is not an excuse coz not every man on the road was not passing stares on her legs and even if it was that way, that still is not an excuse. That’s all. Goodbye.

    9. Puneet

      Sorry lady, cant help it. its beyond our control sometimes. Its not an excuse but maybe it’d require Ninja training for us men to stop that “lightening fast glances”. once again, not favouring the stares but cant help with the glances.

      Peace 🙂
      Goodnight !

    10. Dear

      madam;women do stare at us ,n also ogle at us as we can see the passion in their eyes , tell me the remedy , its not that u people r only beautiful , we men r also beautiful n women do ogle at us , unlike u people we don’t make videos ,once we started ;Nangi ho jaogi public ke samne , so stop ur bulshit!

    11. simran

      Abe oe..nangi hoti hogi tri maa aur bhen bhutni ke saale. Kisi ko stare kre na kre tujh jaise mother fucker ko to ni kregi.shakal dkh aur fut yha se

    12. hony singh

      aa gayi na aukat pe …..

    13. hony singh

      a few women deserve a look , once they start wearing traditional dress no body ll even spare a glance at them ,but these bimbos started putting on sheer n skimpy dresses so , cuz of natural law of attraction men tend to b tempted but once u look at their face its same ;nauseating , as a few women r beautiful , but to attract attention of men these ugly women show their bodies to ensnare some guys ,once i saw the leg of a woman ,it was waxed ,fair n whetted my expectation, i looked at her face ,it was so inexplicably ugly , i just scampered away…………….

    14. arpit

      Dude aukat raat ko hi dikhadi thi SIMRAN ne.
      Nothing but a cheapshot among variety of people. Never mind her.

    15. SACHI, Bahrain

      absolutely Puneet. I endorse your comment

    16. Rads

      Some people are just bound to not get it, @Puneet. It’s these types that make me lose faith in feminism. They forget the real essence of it and fight over trivial, unrelated issues; things that shouldn’t be issues in the first place. Yes, they look. Yes, some stare. Yes, you feel like throwing your pair of stilettos at their transfixed faces.
      Firstly, you have to realise if you want to wear attire that is even the slightest bit revealing or even if it simply makes you look good, PEOPLE WILL LOOK. It’s human nature! Whether in our country or abroad, you will be noticed, maybe in an appreciative way, maybe in a lustful way. It happens everywhere. You have pretty legs and want to wear shorts, well, be prepared to be noticed! And stop complaining coz people look. That’s what they DO. You’d look at a cute guy with his abs bulging against his well-fitted t-shirt, wouldn’t you? Heck, you’d stare too. Even if with more subtlety.
      We have to remember the underlying nature of our society. A few years back, seeing a young woman in shorts in a marketplace was a novelty, even in Delhi. It is only in recent times that horizons have expanded, that people have started accepting “western” wear, that parents have started allowing their daughters to wear summer dresses. I know a lot who still don’t, and they are well-off, perfectly modern families. How do you propose to change in such a short time span, the mindset/behaviour/habits of more than a Billion people, most of which do not live/have not grown up in Urban cities and are not used to the life we privileged few lead?
      Please remember it is the masses that make up any country/institution. And for India, the people we see fighting for what they want to wear, where and when they want to go etc are the privileged few who can afford to even think of it. There are women in this country who would rejoice wearing a Burkha their entire life if only it would get them out of the families they are in, the households, the villages. There are such atrocities committed against women in this country that would render this whole discussion irrelevant.
      Focus on the bigger picture and fight for change and education. Behavioural reforms will follow in their own good time.

  5. Sonal Sharma

    Seriously? can’t believe the comments posted by spineless men here. This video to me was not an attempt to be a feminist or anything else, it was plain, simple reality. Every single day we go through this. Jobless losers hanging around chai corners or loitering around on the streets stare you like you have committed a crime by stepping out on the street. And to add to this, these comments. Cant believe it !! Checking out women is this your mental wiring ?? Commenting on how is she is not wearing “a decent dress” is your birth right or something?? All these men please put your mothers and sisters on display if you think its okay to get 21 stares in 10 minutes. We go through it and we know how it is !!

    1. Sanchit

      Sonal, please go through the entire comment section if you can. No one has said anything about “decent way of dressing” to the best of my knowledge. Perhaps you must also be able to differentiate between a “stare” and a “look”. Just as mohit said its a natural thing that “opposite sex attracts”. However a gaze at someone for so long can make anyone uncomfortable be it a man or a woman doing it.

  6. Mohit

    You guys are fighting for no fucking reason, Everyone has different perceptions, Well coming to the point Why men look, stare, gaze at girls ? Opposite sex attracts, Human nature its, The way men check out girls, same way girls check out guys too but the difference is they do it secretively. Its an debatable topic.

  7. Rads

    Alright, I’m a averagely attractive girl living in Delhi. I know how it feels to be stared and ogled at. That’ too, in CP itself. And simply, to feel unsafe in one’s own skin.
    But to be honest, people look at people. People notice people. People stare at people. It is one thing to ogle, another to stare(refer to a dictionary). One could stare out of appreciation, one could stare out of wonder, one could stare out of disgust, one could stare lecherously. It is only the latter that classifies as “ogling”.
    Yes, we DEFINITELY have to teach our men not to ogle. That goes without question. But learn to differentiate between a passing glance and a lingering stare?
    Also, had the men in question been “good looking” and better dressed, the woman in question would feel valued; she’d feel like she’d been taken notice of. And she would’ve returned the glance. It wouldn’t have been creepy at all.
    Staring at someone doesn’t exactly objectify them. Indian culture, even with the permeation of Bollywood into all spheres of life, is still uncomfortable with shorts and short skirts i.e. legs visible in any form. Yes, the mindset MUST be changed, the people MUST be educated and reprimanded.
    But more than calling them rapists, how about focusing on teaching them some manners? Coz after all, we were taught in school that to stare was bad manners, and hence, we refrain from it. What Indian men(and women, too. A LOT of them) lack is common courtesy and good social behavior, which is what they need to be taught.
    Such change can’t happen overnight. It will take time. It has already begun.
    In the meantime, instead of calling every man who notices a female’s presence a rapist, learn to distinguish between the (male)victims and the real threats.

    1. CHAMP08

      u have explained it quite a lot better…appreciated!!

    2. Aman

      Yeah ….Yeah …Yeah….Well you never showed how blushing the same Girl feels when she is oogled appreciated in a party or probably going to her friends..or boys circle .or known boys…when some one on her looks say ..Hey sexy you are looking gorgeous…when some one gives her a Kiss on cheek or embraces her…Never will the Girl feel awkward??Wont she?? …Why because she is been hugged by a handsome dude a well to do mannered fellow(A well educated smart guy wearing decent clothes having costly perfumes irrespective of what is in the back of his mind)…She will feel blushed when some one of her known handsome guy gives her a look or oogles notices her top to bottom …well yes she will never feel awkward in this case as yes the dress was intended to Lure him..Or get appreciations form such bunch of guys..And when she is been looked by a shabby looking Guy…Travelling on the road …It becomes percing or raping by eyes…How dare he…this dress is not intended for him….how can he look at her like this,,,what has happened to India…….Male Chaunist society….BLA BLA BLA….

    3. arpit

      Is SIMRAN the hot shot SIMmering commenter listening? Maybe she will, to another woman who can fix some sense and sensibility into her.

    4. Prashant Kaushik

      You talk sensible !!
      All Ladies here, pls see to her words..

  8. CHAMP08

    Arre yr dekho magar pyaar se….well a girl is god’s beautiful creation. So admire her beauty, but be descent at that admiration. & yeah always keep in mind to hold respect for every women.

  9. Prashant Kaushik

    Hypocrisy at its best.

    Suggestion No 1 – Make a slight change. Ask the girl to say at the end of video that she JUST STARTED using a particular ‘SOAP’, or FAIRNESS Cream or wearing a special kind of inner garment.. and this same video can become a great Advertisement, like those which we daily see on our television sets and seeing which the same feminists buy their beauty product.

    Suggestion No 2 – Add some few Honey Singh or DJ Doll type beats in background score, and same video can be a block busting Album. May result in huge fan following as well.

    COnclusion –
    Indian Feminists don;t have any problem when same content become part of a Cosmetic product advertisement or of a video song. That is perhaps regarded as ‘Artistic freedom’ ..But when same thing is happening in reality, there is huge yell and cry..

    P.S. I don’t support oogling at Women’s body – neither in real life nor in fictional videos. I am only against cheap hypocrisies.

    1. arpit

      Well said.

  10. Aman

    Yeah ….Yeah …Yeah….Well you never showed how blushing the same Girl feels when she is oogled appreciated in a party or probably going to her friends..or boys circle .or known boys…when some one on her looks say ..Hey sexy you are looking gorgeous…when some one gives her a Kiss on cheek or embraces her…Never will the Girl feel awkward??Wont she?? …Why because she is been hugged by a handsome dude a well to do mannered fellow(A well educated smart guy wearing decent clothes having costly perfumes irrespective of what is in the back of his mind)…She will feel blushed when some one of her known handsome guy gives her a look or oogles notices her top to bottom …well yes she will never feel awkward in this case as yes the dress was intended to Lure him..Or get appreciations form such bunch of guys..And when she is been looked by a shabby looking Guy…Travelling on the road …It becomes percing or raping by eyes…How dare he…this dress is not intended for him….how can he look at her like this,,,what has happened to India…….Male Chaunist society….BLA BLA BLA….

    1. Bhavit

      This so called social experiment….is it quite in a rage now a days?.., every one doing some silly social experiments…imagine yourself in a world no one gives a shit if you walk around , do you want yourself virtually invisible? .hope that will make you happy…
      by the way how do know that every head turning towards you is is a eye of sex predator?.. that might just be laughing at you idiot. i know how difficult it is for females to face those ogling eyes. but blaming anyone turning their head and posting their video in online space sounds psychotic . this was a stupid experiment.

      Thing is not just guys who need to learn , educate whateva.. female also should understand and have that level in their thinking which is open, clear, and respects modern feminism that has long way to go in India. our current feminist sects they are just showcasing mistaken modernity. none of our female MPs have demanded and persuaded the fight for death sentence for rapist. . but they are always in from row for female security budget, more police in college campus( isnt it stupid), anti- ogling law etc
      just saw some hot fighting over comments . you guys have lot of energy to fight for a stupid video .. keep it up …. kudos.

  11. SACHI, Bahrain

    Not all were starring at her, but taking a look of the pretty girl.

  12. Vijay

    Wow, that was great realty unearthed. Stupidity at peak.
    Now why don’t you try a fit smart guy walking with skin tight Tshirt between group of girls…. who knows the count might be 3 stares every minute…. do some useful job man….

    1. IP

      Well said. It’s like you red my mind. This is bullshit.

    2. IP


    3. Rishikesh Awale

      well said friend. some intellectuals who have indirectly declared themselves social worker and act if they are going to bring change in society through these videos are only trying to become somehow famous through such online video making/sharing/posting activities they just want to make their presence felt among public and use sensitive social issues as staircase for their success.

    1. arpit

      nicely written Rads.
      maybe mr. sub-editor should take a lesson and take care when he decides to raise an issue and present it, that creates( and encourages) obtuse mindsets.
      Take No offense.

    2. Jismy

      I so agree with you Rads. In a place like India one can’t hope to walk around the average man’s bazaar and not expect to raise a few eyebrows.The difference as you said, is in the way people look @ a girl. YKA should be careful about what they intend to convey the next time.

    3. Chandrajeet Maurya

      Very well written.

      While watching this video I wanted to raise a debate against it, but can’t get it into words like that.

    4. Puneet

      @Rads Very nicely written. I appreciate and solely agree with your opinions. Thankfully its people like you who always make me not to lose faith in humanity :p
      However I also like to appreciate Simran who atleast agreed to my point upto a short extent. Nevertheless I’d also like to see a counter to this video so that people can easily understand that its sometimes the “law of attraction” which shouldnt be labelled as an ogle.

      Peace 🙂

  13. Emaad

    21 stares in 10 minutes is less for a place like dilli where men learn a subject in school called “how to rape..!!! #tujaantanahimerabaapkaunhai

  14. arpit

    Thanks Sonika for putting a well defined, optimum balanced perspective that presents what reality is. With all wrong perceptions of certain narow minds this discussion got stretched to lengths to which it wasn’t intended.
    You haven’t offended. rather you have closed the screaming and shouting arguments of blood thirsty people.
    Thanks for having the last word.

  15. Simran

    Do you have some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder arpit goel? Stop going to everyone and taking my name. You are jobless, I can see!. Get a job, Get some standards.Get a life dude. Like seriously? You had nothing to do whole day than just trying to get arguments in your favour or rather I should say trying to get people that can talk bulshit about me,keep on wasting time .

    1. arpit

      Yes you are the almghty bitch that knows everything. I have a life. you crossed a line when you touched my family. Go to hell bitch. I can see what kind of degenrate family you belong to. Maybe your frustration on the world manifests from the oblivious lives your brother sister and complete family lives in. Go back in your hovel or attic or wherever you reek. Just fuck off and get lost. Take a lesson from me which would be my last lesson( learn or a smacking will follow)

      Never lay your hand on a dragon’s gold. If your brain cannot solve the idiom( which I am sure it can’t due to your lack of intellect ); family is my gold . You lay a finger on them and I’ll see every frustrated abusing person like you writhing in pain while I smite your filthy miserable life.

      You want to apologize to me? may by try replying me. Now SHUT UP and GET LOST.
      FYI: I am a writer, and its my job to stay online, understand bitch?

    2. Rads

      I don’t mean to provoke, but I just wanted to raise a point:

      You talk about equality yet you get annoyed when a man uses the same language against a woman that she used against him, when he tried to fight for his dignity and his family’s. You talk about equality yet you want to show men “their place” and ridicule and abuse them, all in misplaced feministic rage.

      And this is when none of the mentioned men objectified women at all(I refrain from commenting on Ra’s Al Ghul; all I can picture is Liam Neeson). They laid forth their opinions which were perfectly relevant from their point of view(which of course, is of no value at all as, according to you, they are all monsters) and were not hurtful/chauvinistic/insulting in any form. At least not until they were provoked.

      Feminism is about equality of all living beings as a whole. If you can’t deal with being treated in a unisexual manner and need the “female treatment” such as no usage of harsh language at/in the company of a woman(that too when she used it herself), I’m sorry, but Feminism is not for you and you need to get your facts right. Also, everyone has a right to having and voicing their opinions without being attacked, as long as they are not hurtful or provocative. I presume that is what this forum was meant for, yes?

      There is no need to be using such language and attacking people personally on a public forum in the first place, particularly when these men have meant no harm/insult to you nor to anyone else.

      YKA, please censor your comments before approving them. It is required.

    3. arpit

      Stop making it personal anymore. And don’t compel me to shed limits which I don’t want to cross.

    4. Simran

      hahah, actually I am glad that I was being discussed. What you said actually never made any difference to me but you,look at your replies. Everyone can see who is frustrated and who is bothered. Wish you had a better job to do than just targeting people online and saying crap.and yes, your “simmering”, “run, ran”, “bitch” and bla bla, you are just a dog who stayed online here all day so that you could target me.
      1. you are getting personal from very beginning and if you can not see that, open you blocked head.
      2. Forget my intellect, you are a writer? I am sad, people like you get into profession of writing. You do not seem to have even basic etiquettes to qualify for that.
      3. Try to get less bothered, at least about people that you can see are least bothered about you.

    5. arpit

      meaningless to have a debate with you simran. Everyone here knows who had the time to get back at me every time and try to have the last word. You really don’t accept defeating argument. Your bourgeois sense of self is preventing you to accept the facts of both; related to the argument started and the personal attacks you started making on me. BTW bitch isn’t a cuss word but a female form of dog, under barking biatch?

      Maybe you have made time now from your horrific baritone sound(you know what I am mentioning) which are exhibited to the world fee. maybe your attention grabbing act is a genetic deficiency.
      and Please wasting my time as an argument with you is futile.

      Here people is SIMRAN: who has judged a man on etiquette; Who did not hold back her tongue before spitting slurs on me.
      How much you bother about me is shown by the length of each reply and thoughts you put in to reply. Evidence enough.

      Now if have a respectable family (which I still doubt) go into a deep slumber and pray you don’t see me in your dreams.( you’re scared after replying 10 plus times)

      Get Lost and take your good-for-nothing brains along.

    6. Simran

      I will let you say the last word if that makes you feel any better 😛 You are a real frustrated soul. Buhbye!

  16. Sheen

    its like they fly everywhere and we are the only unique creatures with legs….

  17. Babar

    The problem with women today is their unwillingness to accept that arousal among men on seeing a woman’s body is a natural and healthy reaction. Furthermore, we should not ruin women’s lives by telling them what to wear as they are already ruining it by having multiple transient sexual relationships and indulging in promiscuous behavior in the name of liberation and emancipation. Also, with the promotion of plunging necklines, spandex pants, short skirts, tight jeans, tops so deep that when girls bend down accidentally they reveal a lot more than they intended – girls today are bent on showing the world their rights.

  18. arpit

    Dear Rads.
    Thank you. I don’t have anything more say and no reason to stay on this debate.

  19. Saloni

    Well, I study in a non-coed school and I can tell you for certain that if a hot guy with a good body passed around the building, he would be getting the same glances.
    It’s natural for girls & boys to check each other out. We would be lying if we say that we’ve never glanced at someone we found attractive.
    What’s important is that such glances shouldn’t take a step further and transform into lewd comments and eve-teasing. Which didn’t happen in this video.
    Thus, I really didn’t get the purpose of this video.
    And mind you, I’m a feminist.

    1. Monistaf

      Thank you Saloni for being truthful. There are a lot of feminists out there who will never be able to admit to what you said. If you have the time, check out the following Video from Karen Straughan about objectification.

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