DEBATE: Should Children Be Educated About Sex In Schools?

Posted on July 7, 2014 in Sex, Taboos

As a country with 1.2 billion people, India finds itself at a critical juncture of moral, demographic and social crossroads. The teenage pregnancy rates in our country is much higher than the world average of 49 births per 1000 girls in the age group of 15-19, as we have 76 child births for every 1000 teenage girls. The growing number of such childbirths and sexual activity has boiled the pot of a growing debate around the need for sex education in schools. Do children need to be made aware about sexual health at school?

The argument on the other side says that it will be immoral and ‘vulgar’ to teach about sex. Some argue that sex education is not just limited to ‘sex’ and it sensitizes people about gender and helps them be more informed about their own bodies. However, some think that sex education is a ‘license’ to have sex and is a gateway to the world of sexual activity for students. Moreover, critics also point out the fact that premarital sex rate will increase with sex education. The specific effects of sex education on the various aspects of our lives aren’t established yet but the need for it in our schools is debatable. What do you think?