This Powerful Comic Will Tell You The Real Reason Why Men Need Feminism

Posted on July 4, 2014 in Masculinity, Society, Taboos

What most modern day ‘feminist’ campaigns, that have been recently going viral on social media, fail to address is how patriarchy affects men too. As this comic suggests, it’s not ‘us vs them’ but a vision of a society based on mutual respect, equal rights and representation in every sphere. It is also important to point out that it’s not just men who are perpetrators of the patriarchal culture that we need to get rid of, and women aren’t just victims. So, it’s not very wise to take convenient polarised positions but understand that patriarchy is a cultural construct and affects all members of the society in more ways than are explicitly easily visible to us.

Patriarchy dictates men to aggressively assert their masculine identity and any ‘feminine’ trait in them is looked down upon with disgust. The members of the society are expected to fit in to their predefined gender roles and behaviour, which can put a lot of psychological pressure on men at times as they might be forced to act in defiance of how they genuinely feel. This powerful comic explores this issue in a very simple yet engaging way.

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