The Next Time Someone Says “Man Up”, Here Are 10 Powerful Responses

Posted on July 15, 2014 in Society, Video

By Mayank Jain:

You can’t cry because you are a guy. You can’t wear pink because it is ‘girly’. You can’t do this, and you should always do that just because you are a ‘man’. The people around you will want you to live like one. You are made to believe that you are not a man if you are not immune to human emotions.

The social construct is a fast narrowing mould under which men and not just women are made to comply. At some point, people will tell you that you behave/act “like a girl” because you are being sensitive or not drinking enough beers. Masculinity and its notions vary but the consistency with which it is thrown upon men to behave how they are supposed to be is disturbing and damaging. These notions are not only harmful for the men who become victims to stereotypes but also women who become the benchmarks.

Slicing and packaging of someone’s behaviour into a supposedly shameful compartment of feminine behaviour is becoming extremely commonplace, which in turn brings up the ‘much needed‘ reminder for everyone; “Man up!” This video tells you why you shouldn’t.