[VIDEO] Colin Stokes Explains How Movies Teach Us Manhood In This Amazing TED Talk

Posted on July 7, 2014 in Media, Society, Video

Feminism isn’t just for women. It is not just a movement. It is not a day on the streets spent in sloganeering. It isn’t merely a cry against misogyny.

Feminism is the way we perceive and assimilate our history and also our everyday experiences. It is the way we view our bodies and those of the other sexes. Feminism is recognizing the truth that both men and women suffer from the deeply-entrenched patriarchal traditions and yardsticks. Feminism is waking up to the truth that both women and men are squarely responsible for an unabashed victimization of women that has now become scary.

In this deceptively light-hearted video, Colin Stokes highlights how this schism between “boy” and “girl” is perhaps beginning at home, through an activity as innocuous as watching TV together. He examines various iconic productions of Western popular culture, lapped up by millions across the globe, and highlights the inherent gender biases that lie there. Unbeknownst to the viewers, these biases soon become the normative mode of thinking.

Stokes talks about a broader feminism, a keener engagement with egalitarianism where the parents, especially fathers, should actively address their sons while pointing out strong women characters to them, so that “strong women” are not viewed as exquisite rarities.