This Video Will Make You Want To Get Rid Of Your “Cool” Facebook Life

Posted on July 4, 2014 in Media, Video

When was the last time you posted something on social media and didn’t wait for some likes/favorites before you could go back to the offline world? More often than not, the response of our so called ‘friends’ on Facebook and ‘followers’ on Twitter sets the mood for our day. These virtual interactions and shared love or hatred become a validating mechanism for our own existence and the rat race begins.

While social media has blurred the line between real and virtual, the stark contrast in behaviour before and after its advent is too big to be ignored. As the world goes social, all of the information has now shrunk into the screens in our palms. But somewhere, the void in our hearts is deepening which is more often than not filled with misery and despair and in some cases, jealousy; of not having the life worth admiration of our virtual connections, of not getting attention even after having a perfectly fine life.

The wiring of our emotions is constantly changing with social media and our compulsion to be appreciated and accepted in our circles is becoming our prime driver behind doing things that we won’t want to do otherwise. While some of us make a concerted effort to achieve things, many simply begin to lie or fabricate things in order to appear cool, popular or worst of all, happy.

This video hits the nail on the head and exposes us to our own fears and insecurities which come with social media. The lure of ‘likes’ is making a lot of us dejected and disappointed with ourselves, because there is someone with a better looking life.

What about you?