10 Incredible Indian Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram Right Now

Posted on August 6, 2014 in Culture-Vulture

By Sohini Ghosh:

The Instagram fever is gradually picking up pace in India. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has come a long way, creating ripples and bringing with it the tradition of the much controversial selfies, and also the craze of catching a glimpse of the lives of celebrities and iconic figures. While the trend has been exponentially replicated across the globe, India too is  not willing to be left behind in this race to top the social media efficacy charts. And then, here are some who have been using Instagram to reach out to people in a way that is entirely different. They allow their followers build a fresh perspective and a view of the unknown and unexplored. So here are the top 10 Indian Instagram accounts to look out for:

1. Fotobaba

He describes himself with these words -“Documentary & Travel Photographer. I share stories & colours of INDIA”. With no specific genre, his gallery provides a profound glimpse of India as he dabbles with a wide range of subjects. While he covers plenty of portraits, the charm lies in the way he integrates the backdrop so effortlessly by adding dimensions and allowing the viewers to appreciate and take note of both the facets.

2. Siddhartha Joshi

He is perhaps one of the best portrait photographers and could have been our Humans of New York guy per se. His USP: he has plenty of candid snapshots that make it all the more pleasant. He focuses on kids and usually, solely on the face with highly well defined features drawing the viewer’s attention to every detail and allowing one to weave a tale. He quite ingeniously captures many different moods.

3. Hashim Badani

This photographer’s exploits usually include pictures from in and around Mumbai. He has an impeccable eye to turn these ordinary moments into extraordinary pictures. He captures well, composes well, plays beautifully with textures and the captions add a whole new dimension to his pictures. He defines himself as a ‘chronicler of mundane’ and a glimpse through his account will leave you in no doubt how extravagantly he does that. Of course it is no surprise that he is a contributing photographer to Top Gear, Lonely Planet Magazine and Rolling Stone and his pictures often get reposted by various pages.

4. India Pictures

As the account name itself suggests, this user’s work portrays the ethereal beauty that India possesses. This account works on the basis of hashtags and usually reposts photos which use the #IndiaPictures. So if you are clueless about whom to follow, this account is great as it puts them all in a single place revealing an entirely different side of India ranging from scenic locales (Kashmir to Kanyakumari), cuisines, art and culture; from the best to the good to the bad and further to the ugly.

5. Soni Vivek

This is one photographer who is a thorough professional, with his pictures ranging from wildlife shots, incredibly insane light paintings and bokeh to silhouettes, poignant portraits and many more genres. His account is no joke but a craftsman’s haven of work. He often gets reposted by many pages on Instagram, one of them being Nikond3200. He is perpetually experimenting and reinventing in the process, giving an edge of versatility like none other.

6. Samar Virdi

Often ranging from minimalistic shots to portraits, his subjects are fascinating, mostly tempering in the space of macro photography with clean compositions while imbibing a tangible touch of ‘Indianness’.

7. Subhash Chandra

This guy loves trekking. In his Instagram account, you’ll predominantly find pictures of the Himalayas. You will also find light trails and bokeh, all beautifully shot. His account chronicles the wonder that the Himalayas are; Rajasthan and the famous Konkani trails; and captures them exquisitely leaving a rather lasting impression. He uses a range of cameras, right from a Nikon to a Nexus5.


This is one photographer whose pictures perhaps say more than a thousand words. Her gallery boasts of 1000+ pictures and the fun fact is that you can never have enough of them. Between nature and this concrete habitat of ours, she strikes the right balance. Add a bit of a quirky perception to her world and voila-there is a style completely distinctive and irreplaceable. One can’t ignore the contours and shapes she often focuses on, playing with angles and architectural muses while doling the daily fare of scenic landscapes with sunsets, shadows and silhouettes.

9. Purplekarma

The co-founder of Delhi IGers (Instagrammers) community, he describes himself as “a photography enthusiast” among many other roles. His objectivity is well reflected in the pictures which include the fascinating portraits that somehow give off an impression of depth and melancholy. His shadow plays are brilliant and the subjection of monochromes is creative all along. His gallery will give you a glimpse of India and its population. The compositions are often on very ordinary backdrops, further highlighting the subject. He captures it all in subtle layers; the paradox of this country.

10. Ujjwal Saxena

The historical richness that Delhi provides and which often goes unexplored- this shutterbug has captured it well. His portraits are honest and so are his monochromatic shots of the invaluable history that lies right in the heart of Delhi. From Chandani Chowk scenes to the magnificence of Qutub Minar, he doesn’t falter in capturing the essence these places invigorate.