15 Brilliant Musicians From Across The World To Look Out For

Posted on August 11, 2014

By Kajal Sonkar:

[NOTE: This list is compiled by the writer and reflects her personal choice and taste. We encourage you to send in your own list if you want.]

We all love music, it always works as a remedy for us. Music has been a perfect roomy to most of us, and with globalisation, it is a treat to all of us. We have an ocean of great music from all over the world. We, today, not only listen to songs of our native Indian languages but also to songs of various foreign languages. This shows the pure love for music, that in spite of not knowing the language completely, we hum, dance, and croon to the beats and melody of such songs. Music is something unique in itself, because it binds people all over the world, people of different culture, race, ethnicity and language. Thus, I present to you the 15 foreign language musicians that I think you should follow. Follow them to be connected with the world of music, a world of never ending happiness.

1. Annett Louisan (German singer/songwriter)

Louisan is an eclectic combination of folk, blues, and jazz. Her songs are mostly about love, failure and disappointment. Her lyrics also deal with the politicized issues of female self conception and societal roles.

2. Josh Groban (American singer)

Besides of being cute, he has a voice which can be sweet, beautiful, thoughtful, schmaltzy, sentimental, soft and sincere, all at once. With this blessed voice, he sings songs about love and dreaming and being inspired. “Vincent (starry starry night)” includes all of these elements.

3. Ayumi Hamasaki (Japanese singer)

Ayumi, also known as the “empress of j-pop”, is a renowned musician all over Asia. Her lyrics, all her own, are her USP as they are honest and heartfelt. Where some of her songs are on the theme of loneliness and disappointment, there are many of Hamasaki’s songs which are dance tunes, such as “evolution” and if you are looking for refreshing summer videos then “blue bird” and “fairyland” are a must-listen.

4. Igor Butman (Russian musician)

Igor is a jazz saxophonist and leads the hottest jazz orchestra in Russia. His marvellous coalescence of soul, sound and technique drew praise from American president Bill Clinton. So, if you love jazz, then you ought to love this international jazz sensation from Russia.

5. Calvin Harris (Scottish DJ)

This man holds the record for the most top ten hits from one studio album on the UK singles chart with nine hits, surpassing Michael Jackson. Do you need any other reason to follow him? In pop terms, Calvin is a breath of fresh air, but not in the look-at-me-look-at-me manner. With a DJ style that blends in stronger pop music elements; his tunes are technically brilliant and party maker.

6. Faye Wong (Chinese singer)

Wong is probably one of the handful of honest musicians in the Chinese speaking world who speak through their music. Wong’s music displays a unique blend of Beijing rock and Western alternative sound, accompanied by lyrics through which she confesses her excitement and anxiety in her relationships. If you are a fan of Taylor Swift, then Wong is another musician for you to like.

7. Nek (Italian and Spanish singer)

This guy drives the girls crazy with his sexy voice and flirtatious lyrics. His tunes are amazingly rhythmic and full of positive energy. Nek is one of the greatest Spanish pop musicians. If you appreciate true musical talent and musical energy, Nek will not disappoint you.

8. Tan Dun ( Chinese musician)

Tan Dun is a Chinese contemporary classical composer and conductor. Many of Tan Dun’s works call for instruments made of materials such as paper, stone or water. You will find his music relaxing like Buddhist chants and inspiring like a bright sun. His tracks like “at the emperor’s palace” and “gone with the leaves” are very beautiful.

9. Elissa (Lebanese singer)

Elissa is one of the top singers of the Middle East. With her angelic voice, she represents slow romantic classic music that entertains, influence and profoundly affect the Arabic and non Arabic listeners.

10. Sergey Lazarev (Russian singer)

This heartthrob is not only popular in his native country, but also in America and Latin America. With tracks such as “nobody told me” to the almost bluesy feel of “I’m gone”, this talented Russian artist has shown his future potential to not only hold his own, but to conquer the music world globally as a solo artist.

11. Lana Del Rey (American singer)

“The torch singer of the internet era” has been noted for her cinematic sound and her references to various aspects of pop culture. She is deeply inspired of finding true love, so if you are also inspired in the same way, then Rey’s songs have to be in your playlist.

12. Sergio Dalma ( Spanish singer)

If you are in love and want to listen up to some beautiful romantic songs, then Sergio is the guy for you. With his upbeat music, he makes love songs more amazing. Over the years, he has become one of the great figures of Spanish pop music.

13. Shy’m (French singer)

Just want something to shake your body to? Pop princess Shy’m is the go-to-girl for radio singles and dance hits. Her fourth album, Caméléon, is out just in time to make your summer vacation playlist.

14. Tamer Hosni (Arabic singer)

This Arabic singer can sing perfectly, write, compose, dance, act and direct music videos. All of his albums and music videos on Youtube have rocked. It’s been like 12 years since he showed up and now he’s one of the most successful artists in the Middle East. He is definitely to watch out for.

15. Sasha P (Nigerian musician)

We can’t go end this list without paying respect to the First Lady of Hip Hop in Africa, Sasha P. Her flow is as tight as her fabulous style, while her lyrics and attitude demand respect. And the respect comes from all corners. Check out her songs, “put it down” and “making money”.

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