We Asked 10 People How They Landed Their First Jobs: Here Are Some Interesting Stories

Posted on August 19, 2014 in Education

By Josceline Mascarenhas:

First jobs are life-changing experiences. They make you wake up before noon, shave every day, and hopefully, teach you when (and how) to keep your mouth shut. Your first job also brings the euphoria of ‘hard-earned’ money! That feeling of buying yourself a dress or your mom a present with your own salary is honestly incomparable!

But everyone has a unique story about how they landed their first job. Some people battle through sleepless nights and nightmarish interviews, while others seem to breeze through to dream companies! We asked a few people about how they got their first jobs, and here’s what we found.

1. The College Placement Queen

Dawa Lama, Go-getter

2. The Never-Giver-Upper

Alister D’Monte, Armchair advocate

3. The Stock Picker

Khusboo Kaushal, Banker

4. The Risk Taker

Ankit Sharma — Ecommerce Whiz

5. The School Topper

Parnika Chowdhary — Optimizer

6. The Smooth Talker

Megha Rastogi — Strategist

7. The Patriot

Rohit Shankar — Geek extraordinaire

8. The Know-it-All

Swati Rastogi, Talent acquisition guru

9. The Sincere One

Saurav Dwivedi — Codemeister

10. The Ambitious One

Pravalika — Aspires to be financially independent

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