From Dark Claw To Iron Lantern: What If Your Favourite Superheroes Merged To Become One?

Posted on August 1, 2014 in Culture-Vulture

By Dhruv Arora:

Most of us comic-book fan populace have our own preferences between two of the largest comic book publishers, Marvel and DC. Many of us have, at some point, wanted them to appear cross-platform and have our favorite heroes from the DC Universe to appear in Marvel Comics (or vice-versa). Those of us with a hyper-active imagination may have even wondered what would happen if our favorite superheroes and supervillians from Marvel and DC Comics would merge together. This isn’t a dream, however, because in actuality, Marvel and DC did share a publishing imprint under the name of Amalgam Comics, where they brought together some of our most beloved heroes together basically causing what can only be described as a nerdgasm inducing euphoria for us fanboys.

Here are a few of the superheroes that were merged as part of the Amalgam Universe.

Dark Claw (Batman + Wolverine)

Super Soldier (Superman + Captain America)

Princess Ororo of Themyscira (Wonder Woman + Storm)

Iron Lantern (Iron Man + Green Lantern)

Spider Boy (Spider-Man + Super Boy)

Hyena (Joker + Harley Quinn + Sabretooth)


Want to know which other superheroes joined powers as part of the Amalgam Universe? Let me know at @thedhruvarora.