Remembering Kishore Da: The Legend Himself On A Radio Interview With Ameen Sayani

Posted on August 4, 2014 in Media, Video

By Mayank Jain:

The gramophones have gone silent over the years and radio sets which once buzzed with the melodies of soul music have disappeared, as if we have left them behind in another era. That was the era when life still remained on the list of our priorities. Song lyrics weren’t just words strung together but actual reflections of people’ lives and feelings.

A list of people whose music is still reminiscent of the golden era can’t be complete without mentioning Kishore Kumar. His work needs no introduction and his songs have always been our companions.

Born on 4th August, 1929, he would have been 85 years young today. This day is the perfect occasion to remind ourselves of the maverick with a soul. His interview with Ameen Sayani is one of the lesser known jewels that Kishore Da left behind as his legacy. Unfettered by fear or inhibitions, he entertained endlessly and shared little pearls of wisdom masqueraded as anecdotes.

When asked about his friends, he conveniently got away by saying, “Who is anybody’s friend in this industrialized world?”

The interview was focused around his three best friends which unexpectedly turn out to be childhood, youth and old age. Peppered with mimicry, references to his brother and his conversations with himself, it is Kishore Da at his jubilant best.

If he were here today, he would have probably given a hearty laugh to all this praise and sang

“Chalte chalte, mere ye geet yaad rakhna,
Kabhi alvida na kehna
Rote haste, bas yun hi tum
Gungunate rehna
Kabhi alvida na kehna…”