When Reviews Are Better Than Movies: This ‘Pretentious’ Duo Has Set The Internet On A Laughter Riot

Posted on August 5, 2014 in Culture-Vulture

By Richa Priyanka:

Where after being hit by a car, a flying dad is saved by the protagonist, where visual effects are directly imitated from legendary movies like Matrix and Terminator, where three auto-walas make so much chaos in Germany that the police has to surrender to them, where the movie makers’ imaginations go beyond anything that can even vaguely be justified logically – we welcome you to the Bollywood blockbuster movies that have entertained one and all through their amazing imaginations and better yet, their splendid portrayals. From blockbusters like “Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon” to the recent hit “Dhoom 3”, there is little logic in the Bollywood movies.

Two IT guys from Bangaluru, Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath, have taken up the job of giving Bollywood a shot of reality in the most subtle way possible. Gill’s natural charm, and Kalyan’s straight-forward humour, have added the much needed spice to the Bollywood movies. In less than six months, they have created a sensation by taking pot-shots at Bollywood movies with intelligent humour. They explore clean humour in a brand new way. Avoiding political statements, personal insults and sexual references, their way of criticism is very subtle.

The Ramaiah graduate, Kanan, met the IIT-grad Kalyan, while doing stand up comedy in Bangaluru in January 2013. The first movie they reviewed was Gunda, which received much appreciation from the mass, thereby followed by Jaani Dushman, and later by Abra Kadabra“, “Mai Prem Ki Deewani Hoon and others.

The duo shoot and compose movie reviews all by themselves. “There is no other team working behind the camera”, Kalyan says in an interview for YKA. “The camera is stationed on stands, and we later edit and compile the clips together.”

Apart from the Pretentious Movie Reviews and other funny videos that have gained much attention of the youngsters, they also do stand-up comedy and live shows. “We are doing one in Gurgaon, it is called “Pretentious Nights”. It’s on 15th of August. It’s about reviewing things generally. Not just movies in particular.”, describes Kalyan.

Both of them were placed in software companies in Bangaluru. Kalyan, who used to work in Oracle, says, they’d go for their jobs in their daytime, and do stand-up comedy at night. He adds, “It’s not that difficult. If you want to do something then all this doesn’t matter. If you don’t like doing stand-up comedy, you won’t want to do it even if someone forces you to do it. If you like doing it, you’ll do it anyway.” Leaving behind their career as IT engineers, they have made a full time job out of the live shows and videos that the duo is indulged in.

Kalyan believes it is like a dream to have such a fan following in such a short span of time. “Audience is god’s gift and I work hard to keep up with them as long as I’m alive”, he says.

When asked if at a later point of time, they would like to use this platform to spread a message among the mass, Kalyan said, “There is no point in spreading out the messages to people who already know those messages. Most of our crowd is very young, college going crowd, and they already know the things they should. It’s not our job to teach, it’s our job to make them laugh. We’ll do stand up, we’ll do more videos. (We will ) Just do more comedy and comedy related things.”

Instead of watching these movies, just watch these hilarious movie reviews. We bring you, the “Pretentious guys'” personal favourite, the review of Prem Aggan.