This Video Of Strangers From India And Pakistan Talking To Each Other Will Melt Your Heart

Posted on August 15, 2014 in Specials, Video

The comedy collective All India Bakchod has just come up with an amazing video, probably one of the most endearing initiatives to bring the supposed ‘arch-enemies’ together. There was not a moment in the entire video that I didn’t have wide smile plastered on my face. In a time when jingoistic rhetoric runs high, this video stresses on the need for us to engage in a dialogue before being carried away by hate-mongering propaganda. The people in Pakistan are humans too, just like any of us. The youth from both the countries want to lead normal lives and have similar tastes and aspirations. We need to rid ourselves of the prejudices that we have been conditioned to believe in, for it is through us that any sustainable peace process can be initiated. Watch the video for yourself, I assure you this is the best thing you will watch today!

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