[VIDEO] These Girls Spell Out 10 Surprisingly Basic Things Men Do That Women Avoid Doing

Posted on September 23, 2014 in Gender-Based Violence, Sexism And Patriarchy, Society, Staff Picks, Taboos, Video

It is now fairly well known that among the myriad problems that our culture and society poses to women, one big problem is negotiating one’s amidst societal regulations trying to control what they do and how they do it. While the women’s rights movement has been actively advocating to break these barriers and questioning the status quo, for now, the barriers still do exist. From feeling unsafe even in private spaces, to adhering to the patriarchal societal norms set in place to subjugate women, our society today has created more roadblocks towards a more holistic approach towards gender inclusive growth.

This video by Old Delhi Films showcases how even in this day and age women avoid doing a lot of things which men can freely do – even something as basic as attending the cable guy or electrician on the door, or traveling alone or even using public transport without the imminent threat of violence.

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