18 Touching Stories Of India Like We’ve Never Seen Before, From The Lens Of ‘Humans Of New York’

Posted on September 17, 2014 in Culture-Vulture, Lists, Specials

By Mayank Jain:

A photo blog, that soon turned into one of the most loved pages on the internet, and a best-selling book, is how far passion can take you, given that you do it long and well enough. What started with a vision of just photographing people from New York, and putting up portraits on the map, by Brandon Stanton, has now gone global in a matter of few years. People move around the city waiting for him to notice them, pictures are flooded with thousands of comments and millions if likes, which only goes on to prove the popularity of the connection that Humans Of New York (HONY) has managed to make between these divided worlds.

The adulation for the page is not just about the pictures, but also the stories that the hitherto unknown faces bring with them. From kids talking of ending war, to octogenarians speaking of struggles in their youth, Brandon has managed to squeeze life into every shot that he clicks.

His Indian fans were hooked to his page throughout his visit, in collaboration with the UN, to cover developing countries. Before one could blink, he was here clicking people in Jammu, and bringing out stories from the interiors of the country. The visit has been going great so far with some amazing portraits coming out from New Delhi, Jammu and even Dharamsala.

Here are some of the best photos (and stories) on the Humans of New York page from India till now:

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