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This Innovative Trick By Dabbawalas Of Mumbai Is Feeding Many Hungry Children In The City

Posted on September 3, 2014 in Society, Video

The Dabbawalas of Mumbai, as amazing as they already are, have come up with a very simple solution to an extremely complex problem which involves 200 thousand children going hungry on the streets of the city each day.

Remember the many times when you left your food untouched in your lunchbox as a kid after school and your parents told you to think of the hundreds of children who have to go on a hungry stomach for many days in a row?  I for one, have many vivid memories of those talks. Now think of how you forgot that lesson and the number of times when a chapatti, some rice and a vegetable dish went completely untouched in your lunchbox that gets delivered at your workplace. Many of us might have done the same this afternoon itself.

Thought of how much food you waste? If you live in Mumbai and get your lunchbox delivered by the Dabbawalas and you also have a habit of leaving behind some part of the dabba untouched, then you contribute to more than 16 tons of wasted food every day. While that is a huge figure and the number should be dancing in front of your eyes the next time you decide to leave behind food, there is also an awesome angle attached to it. Mumbai’s Dabbawalas who cater to over 200 thousand people each day have once again done what they are best at- finding ways to untangle complex webs. This time it is a simple red sticker which says ‘share’ and the Dabbawalas are using it to deliver that massive amount of untouched food to many hungry children on the streets of Mumbai. Watch for yourself and find out more about the awesomeness: