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I Was Molested In The Delhi Metro, And Here’s Why I Refused To Suffer In Silence

By Megha Vishwanath:

It was a Saturday afternoon I had lunch with a friend in Gurgaon before I decided to head home. The metro, for those who do not take it or belong to Delhi, can get crowded and air tight to an extent that the Tupperware guys could take inspiration. I luckily managed to find a seat till Rajiv Chowk metro station (Connaught Place) where I had to change my train. The doors opened. By the way, I was in a regular and not the women’s only coach — why is this little detail important for this post? Well, the answer lies ahead.


So the doors opened and people began to flood in. I tried to push and nudge my way out but no luck. With a huge sigh I decided to get off at the next station – New Delhi. As I positioned myself close to the exit door I felt a sense of unease run through my body, like someone has pierced their gaze on me or someone is watching me. Suddenly I felt something touch me from behind. With half my mind on trying to get off at the next station, I turned thinking it was someone’s bag or hand touching me repeatedly. But in stead I saw a man in a white kurta (long shirt) staring right at me and he had no bags or luggage. In fact, both his hands were clenching the railing next to him. But if both his hands were up there, what was it that… I got my answer as soon as I lowered my sight. There, beneath that long shirt I could clearly see that this man was unzipped. I felt the blood rush to my head, boiling and fuming and the fury ran through every nerve in my body.

Within that fraction of a second, every single eve teasing incident and every darn face of those guys who had the guts to molest someone I knew, flashed in my mind. Before I knew it, my voice escaped my lungs and there I was, screaming at the man who dared to mess with me.

‘Kya problem hai?’ (What is your problem?)
‘Kya samjh rakha hai saale?’ (What the hell do you think?)
‘Himmat kaise huyi teri?’ (How dare you?)

These were some of the things I uttered looking right into his eyes. He was startled and started blabbering that he is sorry and insisted that it was his hand that touched me by mistake. Your ‘hand’ that comes out from your pants? How the hell was your zip open? I was screaming in a coach full of men and women. Did anyone come forward to help or even displayed basic courtesy to ask me what was wrong? The answer was a big unsurprising no. In fact, I turned and spotted two men smirking at me. Their silence tried my patience and all hell broke loose.

I held that (namesake) man’s collar and dragged him out of the train. He was on a loop mode ‘It was my hand, it was a crowded train’. The moment we set foot at the platform he managed to escape. I ran, with all the strength and courage in me, I ran after him making as much noise as I could. A few saw (the tamasha), the others gasped while one man in uniform began to chase him. I went towards the other side and we managed to get hold of him. I yelled again “How dare you? How did you dare to touch me? People like you make Delhi a nightmare for girls? You make us question every time before we step a foot outside. How dare you?”

People watched the guards dragging a man to the control room and a girl screaming at him. They only watched.

As we took him to the control room he told the police that I am mistaken, it was his hand that touched me by mistake and it could happen to anyone because it was a crowded train. “Ask her… it was my hand”, he said. 15 guards, all men turned towards me as he tried to shame me. But if he had the guts to do it I had the spine to say it. You see anger brings out the strength you never thought you had in you but in my case, anger brought out a language I never thought I could use. I was outright and I had all the right to be — “Lift up that kurta and you will know exactly what touched me”. There. I said it out loud and clear. The guards felt outraged and charged at him. Within seconds he begged for an apology and suddenly the hand in question transformed into a part of his body he wished he never had. “Why would this girl lie? After all she is taking the blame on herself”, said the police officer to the criminal in front of me. He committed the crime, I raised my voice and yet somehow the shame was on me. That statement reflected the thought process of our society, in fact it said much more. I argued with the officer and told the man in question that I have lost nothing in this entire episode and in fact I will make him pay for this. He immediately begged for an apology and I instead, insisted to file an FIR. After a few calls, 5 friends of mine reached the station to back me up and how? They were equally angered and showed no mercy.

We moved to Kashmere Gate police station and I slapped a sexual molestation case against him. He was arrested and put behind bars immediately. I decided to not let this one go and appeared at the court on Monday to record my statement in front of the magistrate. Meanwhile this man has been moved to Tihar jail and will spend his time behind the bars until he gets bail.

You see there are several measures being taken to make our public spots and transport safe. Someone asked me as to why I did not take the women’s only coach? But honestly that’s not a solution. These reservations in fact paint the idea that it is not ok or safe for women to be in public spaces. It’s debatable, I know, but are reservations really improving the situation? Then what would?

I think the answer lies within us. Unless women put forward that is not okay for someone to touch and get away with it, nothing will change.

I could just bite the bullet and accept that I was eve teased or molested. Or I can raise my voice and instil the fear in the criminal instead of victimising myself. If this man has the guts to unzip in a metro full of people, he probably started off by doing something less offensive to another girl. Her silence was his encouragement. Remember every time you choose to ignore or walk away, you put someone else in danger.

So I urge women to respect their body and know that it’s okay for you to say that someone touched you without your consent and you have to muster the courage to reach out to the police. I insist, please for the sake of womanhood — speak up!

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  1. Green Lantern

    While I applaud this blog post, I can’t figure out how someone can get locked up in a maximum security prison over harassment.

    1. ajay

      True bro, I think that girl must had some mental problem with her…same thing goes with delhi police.They put him in jail without any solid evidence.That fucking shit lady reuined his life…I think she must be a whore who want some publicity to expand her sex racket

    2. death to assholes

      ^^looks like we know who the fucktard that landed in jail was… or was he a relative of yours, douchebag?

    3. Anjana

      ‘a whore who want some publicity to expand her sex racket’. Idiots like you are the reason women should be wary about stepping out. You can’t seem to accept the fact that the girl was molested and instead call HER the whore? What about the bastard who touched her? Or have you completely missed the point of the story considering you think with your dick? You, or anyone who supports anyone being molested should be castrated, along with those who do molest/ catcall/ rape. I hope someone ‘reuins’ your life.

    4. shambhavi

      Hello there, you must be a jerk. Calling this really brave woman a ‘whore’. Wow. You totally found out man. Women love you because of your comment. You’re so fine. Oh stud. ( I hate boys like this. I call you a boy because you’re no man. ) Dear Jerk, stop with such misogynist behaviour and comments. What if it happened to your sister or mother? Are they whores just the same? Tch tch. Pity on your women.

      As to the writer, Kudos man! You did what a lot of girls are shy of. You spoke out. That’s really brave. So inspiring.

    5. Joyonti

      You Sir, are a perfect example of the reason these blog posts need to exist. As a foreigner in India, I can tell you that you only bring shame on your country when you add to this problem in the way that you have.

    6. Sourabh

      Teri maa ke saath jab hoga na tab boliyo teri maa mental hai.

    7. SS


    8. Disappointed in people like you.

      You my friend are everything that is wrong with the society. You piece of shit. Here’s a person who ACTUALLY stood up for something right instead of probably just going home feeling desolate. People like YOU maybe just saw the ruckus and dint do nothing. The kind of place we are making this country is the reason such measures need to be taken. Your comment makes me feel so soooo sad for you brother. I also feel sorry for every woman who is there in your life. May time teach you more. Amen.
      And spoiled his life? Seriously. He could have thought things throguh before he pulled out his penis in a crowded metro.

    9. anonymous

      I really hope that you were being sarcastic.

    10. nammy

      I agree that keeping d criminal in above mentioned case in tihar is something that we can not accept.but saying d girl a whore is not acceptable.if she would have been ur gf or sister,would hv ur comment been same? Also if u say so,i guess u r d one who does eve teasing in d same way.>:)

    11. Raghav

      Fuck off asshole. What if the author is your sister and she’s just using an alias?

    12. Rahul K

      Let someone poke your sister with his tool in a crowded area and let her scream with anger and disgust and let’s see how much evidence you want after that.

      It’s because of people like you that society is full of fucktards who still blame the victim and not the criminal.

    13. Shwetha

      Shut up you fucking looser. You deserve to be in jail yourself. Indian men are sick to the core, all jerks in various stages of retarded growth.

    14. Bharat

      Genius. What would be “solid evidence” for you in this case ? Morons like you would let other morons have the benefit of doubt because somehow a woman’s testimony and an open fly is not good evidence for you !

    15. Word.

      Lets see you say that to your wife/mother/sister/daughter when they tell you how they stood up against a sex offender.

    16. Mairya

      Girl has a mental problem han??? and what about the that bustard who openly zipped out in public and harassing??? that’s okay for you??? Let’s put your sis or mother in same situation and repeat the same comment on her… there you will understand what it means like getting harassed first and then taking blame of whole incident on you… You are the fucking shit boy seriously… People like never understand what it feels like when you 1000 ppl stay quite in front of you enjoy the show and blame a girl. Get educated yourself boy…

    17. vabhdman

      Well actually Section 354 must have been applied in this case which due to recent amendment has become non-bailable offence which would end up him landing in jail.

    18. Saneesh

      The point is not if that person ended up in Tihar or somewhere else , its how he ended up there .

    19. Bharat

      First – Stop calling yourself Green Lantern.

      Second – The “cases” you presented had one thing in common. The victim knew the perpetrator. May be you didn’t realize that when you did a pattern analysis. Your implication that somehow she could be making it up is not only insensitive but outrageous !

      Third – “maximum security prison OVER HARASSMENT”. You are implying that harassment is not that bad. Its attitude like yours that allows us as a society to look at harassment with the “buys will be boys” lens. Its people like you and Ajay who condone it that allows it to happen.

      Fourth – What do you mean he should not be kept in a maximum security prison ? Do you want him to escape ? Are you saying he will be more comfortable in another prison ? Are you worried he would be molested inside the prison and get a taste of what it is like to be at the other end ?

    20. Lucky

      Well, molestation is a big issue and must not be tolerated. We have to provide a safe environment to females of this country, specially Delhi / NCR. Yes I really mean it but I don’t believe this story at all, as I also tarvel via metro sometimes.

    21. Mairya

      Really girl should wait to get raped and then case should be file. who the hell you guys are to molest and harass a girl and so casually say “how can someone can get locked up in a maximum security prison over harassment” Daily staring, touching and insulting a girl in regular is okay???? Boy you need to speak same in front of you mom, sis, and girl frn.. and then you’ll get the proper ans to it.

  2. The Joker

    I doubt if yelling and screaming at a man in public and then pressing charges without evidence is going to land them in any jail, let alone Tihar jail.

    1. Saral Minocha

      There is a thing called ‘judicial custody’ in which a person is put in during the period of his trial. He is called an ‘undertrial prisoner’ which is completely different from a ‘convict’.

    2. Guneet Narula



  3. Samyak Ranjan

    I admire the courage you had. I wish everyone would have the same courage and speak up and put all these losers behind bars for good.
    Everyone should read this!

  4. sanya

    Congrats!! Kudos to your bravery .don’t let anyone escape as this will only encourage them!!

  5. swatimala

    So proud of you! u are a courageous lady! We all should learn from you

  6. Prishita

    This is soo sooo fucking annoying!!
    Girls should be taught how to click pictures of road romeos like him and publish them all over the net with a COMPLETE description!

    Also you should have kicked him right on his balls!

    1. Gaurav

      Loved your idea

    2. Word.


  7. Yashika

    You inspire me and all the other women who deal with these idiots everyday. Your story is another painful proof of bystander apathy. I have myself faced this apathy so many times. In fact on one occasion of these ‘bystander aunty’ cautioned me against being so upfront for it would eventually harm me .
    This discrepancy between what should be done and what people actually do irks me. So much so I had started questioning my own initiatives to help others in public spaces.
    You have helped me restore the faith I had in myself. I hope the ‘bystanders’ are reading and get some encouragement.
    Once again a big Thank You !

  8. mayank

    people like him should die soon

  9. Shreya

    I wanted to ask a metro guard once what exit to take to reach a particular place- it took me 20 seconds to gain his attention, because he was staring at my legs( I was wearing shorts). You’d think I’m exaggerating, but I was 2 feet away from him and that’s how long it took for that motherfucker to look at my face.

    1. AV

      Haha what do you want. God has given him eyes, you are nobody to tell him what to see and what not see. Stop being a bitch and if you have such probem hide your legs in public places when you are with your boyfreind you can bare all ypur body if you want.

    2. Shreya

      I am not the Shreya who commented above. But mister you really need to stop being an asshole in the first place. If you don’t see any problem in women being letched at and in fact those complaining about it seem like bitches to you, I really have no doubt that you’re one of the huge community of rapists and eve-teasers that our country is riddled with. I have no idea what kind of an upbringing sickos like you are brought up with, or wait, I have my doubts if there was any in the first place! Your parents should really have paid more attention at you, and should have at least taught you how to respect women and their dignity as your fellow human beings. Hope they really read these comments and are equally ashamed at you!

    3. Gaurav

      It’s true that god has given us eyes but those should not cause any discomfort to any other living being If it does, we are misusing our right to have eyes & what is wrong in wearing shorts, most of the men travel in shorts. If they can, why can’t women.Wearing shorts is neither illegal, nor immoral,and nor unethical(if not in workplaces) but staring someone in a way that can make him feel uncomfortable is at least immoral and unethical

    4. Prateek

      You morons eve tease a women wearing short and reasoning yourselves by saying that she asked for it.
      Then I think I would smash your head with a sledgehammer just because you are not wearing a protective helmet, I mean you asked for it right.

      I bet you are Rapist in disguise dickhead.

    5. Rajinder

      I feel sad to find out that people like you even exist in today’s society. I am very sure that because of people like you, women of our country are not safe. You pervert and dirty mind…
      Historically, in this country, women has commanded the respect and she deserves it completely. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has any right to tell a women what to wear.

    6. Saneesh

      @AV so that would be ok with you, if I stare at your MOM or sister because they are not covering there face ……….

    7. Ram

      What logic Sherlock! So according to your logic, I can slap anyone because I have hand?

      Your father should have used a condom!

    8. sc

      Both the above and below Shreyas, I do not support molestation in any way. But i fail understand one thing, why many women dress so provocatively and gets so defensive when asked about this? Have you ever seen any man in provocative dress?( except salman khan lol), but at the small opportunity you would see many women dress so..why? don’t they anything else in them that they need to show off their body to get attention? That’s shameful

      coming to Men topic, India is very diverse and has been closed culture for thousands of years. Just because women and the new generation modernized in the past decade, you cannot expect the 1.2 billion population to change their mind set so fast…it will take its own sweet time. Now that is fact. Said that I applaud Megha to stand up for her self..if our last generation had done so, if ours uncles, mama, sisters, parents, brothers who are in the civil and govt had done their responsibility we wouldn’t be in this mess.. I am glad this generation of India has some self respect and knows how to fight back. but also understand that with the 1.2billion population with so many poor, uneducated, traditional folks out there and non-existent judicial systems we all need to be not only united as community but also avoid putting ourselves in the situation…the provocative dress falls into that category.

    9. Shreya

      Hi SC, this is the second Shreya, again.

      I really think you need to get your certain basics right, and I think I need to use this opportunity to do the same on this platform.

      1. It’s the woman’s body, only she has the right to decide what she wants to wear, no one else.
      2. There is nothing such as ‘provocative dressing’. It’s all in the mind. Indian men have conveniently taken the attire of a woman as a license to to do anything with her, because she did not cover her body, because ‘she asked for it’. Whereas, in reality, perverts like them will letch at a woman in Burkha with only her eyes showing, a six year old in a frock or a sixty year old in a sari. Clothes are just an excuse. Look within, before blaming the woman.
      3. Even if it ‘provokes’ someone, nobody has the right to violate a fellow human being’s bodily rights, just because he doesn’t have self-restraint. But of course, Indian men think of women as their properties, and hence feel they have the right to do anything to them. In reality, for men, its not about provocation but about establishing your power over and seeking subservience of the opposite sex.
      4. Men do not wear ‘provocative’ clothes, because nothing for men is so called ‘provocative’. Women don’t letch at them, eve-tease, grope, molest, rape them in order to make their clothing seem ‘provocative’ to people like you. In fact, men in our society can and do wear anything, or not wear anything for that matter. So stop being a hypocrite, please.
      5. I agree that change of mindset is a gradual process, but if people like you and the AV guy above keep supporting such victim blaming mindset, things are never ever going to change in our country.
      6. If for a moment I consider your logic of uneducated Indians harbouring such mindset because of lack of education and exposure, what about people like you and the AV chap above, you guys seem to be educated, English speaking, technologically friendly, but you still harbour this attitude. So this is yet again, a lame excuse. This is more about values and upbringing, which don’t come necessarily with education and money. Poor people have values as well.

    10. Babar

      Women don’t wear miniskirts, spandex pants, and other ridiculous items of clothing, if they can be called clothing, because they want to wear it or because they feel good in it. Women wear skimpy clothing because they watch other women wearing it, because they see models wearing it in magazines, because they watch it in advertisements on TV, because they see it on posters and billboards, because they watch it in movies, and because they are told on blogs that women have the right to wear whatever they want.

  10. Jatin

    The worst part is she being asked that y she didnt took women’s only coach.
    No matter which place and what time it is,,,,no one has damn right to do something like that.

  11. The Joker

    Landing a man in Tihar jail over molestation is wishful thinking, an exaggeration which leaves me questioning the authenticity of the write-up.

  12. Nishant Thakur

    Hatss off girl__really a big salute t0 ur courage and effort__keep up the spirit___/ 🙂

  13. Arun Nair

    Bravo!!!. It makes me feel ashamed that nobody was ready to help you. However, as the old adage goes ” God helps those who help themselves”.

    Sometimes the status quo can only be changed by the force full actions of few. I hope people read this and the next time not suffer in silence and decide to act.
    Maybe it will also push the nameless millions who decided to watch , to stop being the spectators.

  14. Nikant Vohra

    You are truly an inspiration for the country.

  15. Radhika

    All that caught my eye, ‘somebody asked her as to why she did not take women’s only coach?’
    Like, really? This what it is about? Somebody grab my boobs while I am walking on the road, so basically I shouldn’t react and cower back in my own shell?

    I am so proud of you lady. It is women like you who speak up for women alike.
    And let those men be put to shame. Society needs to learn, and, my my, it has to be the hard way.

  16. piyush

    ‘and the police said “after all she is taking the blame” – says a lot about our society…

  17. AV

    By reading this incident i think this story is hardly true. Pardon me all the feminists, but i urge you to use your own brain and logic to think on some facts in this “story” that can hardly be true.
    1. I think no man has guts to unzip himself i public and touch his penis on a woman’s body as mentioned above(this is what i understand by reading this).
    2. If he was unzipped it is obvious that it might be seen by other person travelling in that coach and if god would have told me i wouldn’t have beleived him that no one not a single person came to help.

    I think this story is bullshit though author is trying to motivate women to fight back such kind of incidents but truth is this is highly unreal.

    1. Prerna

      Are you really from the same country as ours because if you were you would not be doubting the authenticity of anything that has been written in here. 🙂
      And also I sincerely hope people do come to help if something like this happened to someone in your family 🙂

    2. Rahul K

      Okay mister, do you have any close friends who are girls? or sister?
      Ask them, if you can, if this sort of a thing has happened to them or their friends.

      You’ll be surprised to know how often this happens in our wonderful country.

      Also, great job man, blaming the victim but not the criminal. Congratulations you have added to the douchebag quotient of the country.

    3. Srishty

      Dude! An almost, yes, almost similar incident has happened to my own friend and I can tell you that incidents like these happen QUITE often in metro. Please be real. No idea which world you are living in.

    4. Aamir Subhani

      Screw it.

      By your comments, it is evident you have no female friends, so you don’t understand the practicalities of what’s happening around in their everyday life.

      She is not seeking publicity but you, by writing counter-intuitively so that you can attract more replies than others and satisfy your ‘forever-alone’ situation.

      Help yourself, poor fellow! 😛

    5. nandhu

      @AV.. Hi..
      Your point is so not true. Just last month I noticed a girl, standing behind me in a crowded bus, screw her face up and sliently shed tears. I didn give her much thought but when the bus pulled up into the next stop an elderly gentleman of 40 dragged the guy, 24 may be, practically sandwiched behind her by his T-shirt and started yelling at him. His fly was open and so was his manhood for all to see which he had am guessing for the last 10 minutes pressed against her back. Immediately 20 others, myself included, charged at him and in a matter of seconds he was looking quite the shade of blue and red before he escaped and ran into the on coming traffic for life.

      The girl behind me may be have felt ashamed and embarrassed to silence but I would proudly salute the courage Megha found within. I wish more people found the courage to stand up not just for their cause but others’ as well.

      The world is not full of butterflies, it does have some perverted SOB and lunatics, so do not try to portray otherwise.

    6. Rajinder

      Do you even know what you are talking about?

    7. uttara

      you must be absolutely deluded to think the guy could not have unzipped himself and done whatever he did.

    8. Jitu Vishwanathan

      You don’t even have the guts to post your name and hide behind your initials. If you had any conviction about your comment you would have at least had the decency to attach your name to it.
      Go back to the cave you came from, you troglodyte neanderthal.

    9. AP

      If still you dont believe, some assholes film these acts of shame and upload in porn sites, go check! I came across a bunch of videos once!!!

    10. AR

      I just want to say ‘Good morning’. Where is this wonderland you stay in that makes you disbelieve flashers and ball-less bystanders exist?

  18. Varun Sharma

    @ajay- Buddy are you kidding me? Do you really think she did all this to gain publicity? Reading the article alone sent shock waves across my entire body just imagine what she must be going through at that very moment. She was surrounded by thousands yet she was feeling helpless & somehow she found the courage to put that guy behind the bars & she knew people like you will pop up to discourage her but she still shared the incident with all of us so that every girl gets that inner courage to SPEAK UP & report to the authorities.

  19. Srishty

    Megha! You have done us all proud. Not sure if your action can apply to all such situations because sometimes you are alone and can get in an even more dangerous situation but this can and should definitely be done for public transport at the least.

  20. ravikant shukla

    it was shameful to hear about the peoples in the coach who were watching everything in the coach but didn’t uttered a word. Being a social animal its our responsibility to keep an eye on what’s happening around us and take corrective actions against the wrongs….
    and hats off to ur courage girl (Miss. Megha), best punishment that pervert got, such perverts and filthy persons are insane.They should be killed for betterment of society….

  21. Shwetha

    The JOKER and 2/ 3 other guys here propve why our society is in such a mess

  22. Jaideep

    Very very very well done….

  23. Aamir Subhani

    Such criminals should be in jail forever. Harassment can’t be understood sitting inside safe blocks typing as a keyboard warrior. Whether a woman travels in women compartment or normal compartments, it is her sane choice owing to urgency. While the negative comments are extremely stupid, however it fully validates the mental composition of the public during the incident and ‘why’ they didn’t come to help you.

    You say there is exaggeration in the events that unfolded, let me ask you keyboard ninjas this question, how small a crime it is to touch a woman intentionally without her consent not by hands but his blue-vein sausage to not being thrown away behind the bars of Tihar? If you suspect feminism here, do a social experiment to ask women about their experience in metro and you’ll be surprised how many will complain of being gazed, touched and shoved.

    The problem is with any individual, not the crowd. Unless you stop thinking about yourself too much, you cannot help anybody. There is no unity in the I, ME, MYSELF attitude. Everybody demands security from the police, but will never help them catch the criminals. Why? Because they are too paranoid of the world.

    It is woman like Megha who actually cares for the welfare of the society as a whole, being a responsible citizen.

    Salute to brave MEGHA and Delhi Police! 🙂

    “Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad.” – RUMI

  24. Riddhi

    THANK YOU, for doing what you did and for going one step further and publishing it too. THANK YOU! 🙂

  25. Priyanka Negi

    We need more of your kind Megha. But reading this makes me hopeful, it means we haven’t given up as women of this country yet, that we are still fighting back. I hope if I ever face a similar situation or see someone else in similar situation I have the courage to do what you did. Two thumbs up and a salute to the amazing girl that you are!

  26. mohit arora

    I want to salute you for showing the guts,these kind of sick people should stay behind the bars only.

  27. Eshan

    Well, I really admire the courage you showed to speak up and get justice. I will just like to point an experience I had sometime 4-5 months back.

    A 35-40 year lady, grabbed a person by his collar, who she said was molesting her. And crowd after beating up the guy ( didnt look like a proper delhiite – may be migrated to delhi recently) , was just about to hand him over to the security, when to my utter shock, the lady asked for 10K from that man else she threatened him with jail time. Happened at Tilak Nagar Metro Station. I lost faith in humanity that day.

  28. Anurag

    Salute to you ma’am these guys deserve this and really sorry for that incident. As being a boy m really ashamed that how these ppl dare to do this kind of thing and spoil the whole humanity and rupture the image of all boys too. But yes at least you took initiative. Salute to you.

  29. Kartikeya

    Great job Megha.. Around an year ago the same thing happened but vice versa… A girl came and stood right in front… It was scary… But I believe i would have been laughed at had i raised my voice….
    Moreover having been accused by an ex friend of harassing her.. I believe men too can be on the receiving end.. Anyways hats off lady!!! Delhi’s a cruel place … 🙂 But it taught me to fight!! 😀
    Speak up!! Any gender would do!! But please dont be silent..

  30. Babar

    The public does not react in such cases because they need to be sure, especially with increasing false cases of rape, molestation, and harassment being filed by women today to settle personal agenda.

    1. Indian

      Really. Try not to be a cunt man. It might make you want to be a sane man sometime. The logic of not stopping someone ELSE from molesting a woman because you dont know what personal vendetta the lady has with that guy or vice versa or versa vice – and thats why you want her to get molested???? In front of you??? Fuck! Where can I send you a postcard? Oh I know – Babar @ the

    2. Naman

      Agree with what you say. However, how does using the word “c***” here, or for that matter anywhere else, serve any purpose at all? If we could tone down such language (and of course, many other things like molestation) the world will be a better place to live in.

    3. Babar

      Indian, I was answering the question in the article which asks why the public did not react after the incident had taken place.

    4. Aditi

      Can’t believe you just said that. You said that because you’re part of the people who ‘watch the tamasha’ and unfortunately our country is full of people like you who won’t stand up for the right, who won’t help someone in need, who won’t raise a voice against the wrong, but they’ll only keep watching… till perhaps one day it happens to you and the realisation to speak/act up dawns upon you!

    5. Shreya

      So you think the probability of girls faking it is more than the probability of them actually going through it? C’mon man, what part of the world are you living in, please tell me?

  31. shruti

    If every woman decides to do this every single time she is eve teased or molested, no man in India would dare to do it again. Only because women let go, it happens. High time to start breaking dicks instead of feeling ashamed.

    1. malvika jain


  32. Zach

    It’s terrible that nobody intervened, I can assure you there are young men out there that would of stepped in and beat the living shit out of that man, I am one of them. So please don’t lose faith in humanity.

  33. Nikunj

    He got what he deserved…
    Every guy or gal look… Or should I say the desi word… Taadna… But not working towards what you are thinking while taading another person is self control, And I don’t think Delhi men have that…
    The punishment for molesters and rapists shouldn’t just be jail, They should really suffer.

  34. Raghav

    achha kiya aapne…aise hi himmat banaye rakhein aur doosron mein bhi ummeed jagate rahein..

  35. sanket

    I salute to the braveness you have…
    Thanks for sharing this post..
    Hope ds wl change the girls’s mind who just avoid such kind of molestation they going thru in trains/buses. Jago bharat jago…

  36. Sanjay

    Hats off Mam. Every individual reading this article should ask only one question to themselves, am i voicing against injustice. Studying B.E is not a big thing, BE a HUMAN that is more needed. Remember if you watch today, if this happens to your family in other day, you will see many more people now around you smirking at you.
    Stand up..Speak Up

  37. Aditi

    Oh! Sad and well done!
    I have done the chasing and trashing numerous times. Did face mute spectators… But I went ahead and shamed everyone mute!

    ‘Aap log saare kya tamasha dekh rahe hain? Jo Mard hain, aa kar maaro Saale ko!!’

    The ‘mard’ thing always worked 😉 and I quietly used to slip away.

    1. PU

      “The ‘mard’ thing always worked 😉 and I quietly used to slip away.”

      And that is one of the many reasons for all those mute spectators.
      It has happened with me not once but twice. In both cases tried to help someone being molested. Once on a Metro Station and once on road. Stood up. Stopped. Tried to intervene. And surprisingly, in between all this, the victim vanished.

      For whom should we stand up, come forward, and do whatever is required and expected from us when the victim herself is not sure / not gutsy enough/ does not want to get into all the trouble that would arise and the scene created. Why should the good Samaritan waste his valuable time and deal with the authorities when you yourself aren’t ready for that.
      A lot needs to be changed. Lets start with You and I.
      All said, I truly support and applaud the way this situation was handled. I wish every female learns from this. Not only in case of molestation/sexual harrasment but any type of harrasment that specially the Indian girls are subjected to. Stand up for yourself. Let others help.

      Hats off to the Author

  38. malQ

    Sorry to hear about your experience, Megha, and please get in touch with us if you need any back-up. Taking this further, I observe on public transport that this is not restricted only to males on females but also males on young boys, and that one solution is to carry a small umbrella with a sharpish end projecting with which you make your own space.

    Good show on taking this further.

  39. Rajinder

    Hats off to you lady.
    I am amazed by the fact that nobody from public spoke up and came forward to help. I have no sympathy to these people. And I pray that when anything happens to these people, nobody comes forward to help them…

  40. Arjun Reddy

    Somehow this story seems to be very far from reality. Whatever Megha has written is very self-contradicting.

    She says, the coach is so jam-packed and she could hardly fit and hardly breath. How can a person remove his private part in such a jam-packed coach, the fear of others seeing him and getting himself exposed runs in anyone’s mind.

    The intensity in which you describe the first half of the story, it is like – Case 1- his erected dick touched you directly ( you were drawing something parallel to the hand), this doesnt seem to be plausible. Case 2 – His dick just touched you and it was in his pants- this seems to be possible case and maybe you are the one you stood against him in that Jam packed train?

    Secondly, you say – Lift up the kurta and see, so you mean to say that, you took him out of the metro and make him chase , guards caught his color and amidst all this action scene, which last for 15 minutes, he was still having an erection? IMPOSSIBLE.

    I am not sure if he did it or not, because your article puts me in a dilemma, but what I’m very sure about is, the man is put behind bars( Tihar Jail), by denying the right to defend himself, you’re fine today, you got some publicity and you are braved by all, what about him, the social stigma, the public humiliation, his employment opportunity, everything else will haunt for the rest of his life ( I am not supporting him, but I feel he should have been put under a fair trial to defend and let the law take his own course).

    1. Naman

      @Arjun Reddy: Who the hell are you kidding? Do you anything at all about the legal process? Or is it just mental incapacity? It is because of people like you and this sick thought process that we have had cases like the Mathura rape case.

      If the fear of others’ was sufficient to deter criminals, we would have a society free of crime. Moreover, as has been clearly mentioned, the bystanders chose to remain passive and this is what provides encouragement to such elements. Why doesn’t the fact that his penis was not in his pants seem plausible? What you are indulging in is classic victim blaming.

      Secondly, nowhere has it been mentioned in the article that he had an erection after 15 minutes of being chased by the guards. What is being said is that his pants were unzipped. Kindly read before you comment. Moreover, once his kurta was lifted, he allegedly admitted to the crime.

      Coming to the legal process, do you know that even though he is behind bars, he is merely an accused and an undertrial and not a convict? He hasn’t been denied the right to defend himself. He has complete freedom to apply for bail as well as defend himself in the trial that shall now commence/has commenced.

      “You are fine today?”- Seriously? Do you realise that the survivor here has gone through a traumatic experience that is going to stay with her for the rest of her life? And to compound it all, she will have to face people like you at every juncture who will blame her for no fault of hers.

    2. NC

      Naman – I agree with you on the point of erection not being there, but just imagine yourself being accused in a case like this, spending a day or two in lock up and then spending all the money and time to get out of the indian legal system. I agree, you will be called accused and perhaps six months later, you will be freed – but your six months or whatever time it took, the money and most importantly the reputation will lie in ruins.

  41. Nitin Kanhekar

    Well done girl!! You’ve set the right example!! Other girls please keep in mind “Your silence would be such shit’s encouragement”

    Speak out and ensure no such retard dares to do this to anyone!

  42. Ashish

    You should have hold that and chopped it off if you had any sharp object.

  43. tushar wadhwa

    Hats off to you for speaking up. Such incidents need to be dealt with severely since we all need change in this country. Admire your courage Ma’am.

  44. mayank bisht

    First hats off to a brave girl.
    Delhi metro has gone beyond a lifeline. Boys find it an option to gaze at girls all their way.
    Firstly, train shouldn’t be over crowded, when will the authority learn how worse it can be if anything goes wrong. Overcrowded compartments give rise to excuses.
    There should be an application which pings now this metro is over loaded. Cmon guys are we running out of jaliyawala bagh or is India getting dicided?,,!!
    Secondly, we are taking steps to safeguard women but not any to punish malefactors. They should not be allowed to travel in metro as a penalty looking over the seriouness of crime. They should be given a red card.
    Delhi has already been poluted out of these degraded chaps who come from outskirts considering it to be their playground.
    A women should roam out and literally wear anything anytime just like in Dubai, london, vegas and no body can touch her without her consent. Men not following should immediately be put behind the bars discussions happening there after.
    I am a supporter of Narendra Modi and I urge BJP to take strong action againt this. Almost negligible rape, molestation counts in Gujarat should reflect in delhi and all over India.
    Every cab, auto, bus driver should be awarded to drop a girl safely to her home.

  45. Lokesh Sharma

    I salute your courage and really appreciate that you took the step which is very much required , but i am amazed to read that no one came to help you out . guys don’t let this happened again in front of you ,,, what is the benefit to spend time in gym and you cannot use the built up power when it is required the most.

    i have always seen people stand on the gate it self and obstruct other to either come in or go out …i urge all metro user to speak up and tell those person not to stand at the gate, when the station come they have enough time to let off from the metro.

  46. Shiraz

    Babar’s comment below is striking for its veiled chauvinism. All the public had to do to make sure was to lift that guy’s kurta, yet no one cared enough to establish the truth. In fact, the telltale smirks tell a story of perverse voyeuristic gratification.

    However, it has been my experience in this same apathetic city that every once in a while, genuine representatives of the public step forward to take up cudgels on behalf of the shocked victim of abuse. Just not often enough.

  47. yatharth

    Well, done Megha! I hope you will inspire other women to stand up.

  48. JAde

    This is such an inspiration – you did exactly what he deserved. If more women were like you, then we would never have to limit our lives for the fear of our safety! Salute to you Megha!

  49. Jitu

    Thanks for the post Megha. I admire your courage and persistence. I wish our society would wake up to these horrifying everyday nightmares that the young women and girls of our country encounter.
    Stay strong.

  50. Tejasvi

    Well, at least the police helped you. In my case, the police slapped that man twice and let him go.

  51. Priya

    Megha you have stood up as an example for every other girl of this country.No matter what some perverted minds comment (shows their upbringing), you have done a commendable job.

    To all those perverted minds, please its high time you start respecting a women,you were born from one.

  52. Rajneet Mathur

    I think either this story is untrue OR here is the correct version – She enjoyed it till someone other than the so called “culprit” & “victim” noticed. Now she had two option – 1. Keep the pleasure going till orgasm, fuck the world even if it branded her as a whore. OR 2. Pretend a sati- savitri and a victim and put the whole blame on the seducer. She chose the 2nd alternative for obvious reasons.

    Not on this earth I believe that a man has the balls to open his cock in public until provoked and encouraged to the point of no return. Men, you see are very much vulnerable, when it comes to these things.

    Acting whore first and then a victim and spoil a mans life. Honey Trap. Men beware!!!!

    1. malvika jain

      sick guy.. she enjoyed it.. yeh woh.. kahaan se? weirdo

    2. malvika jain

      if this is his basic logic.. maybe his mom would stand in a metro.. and enjoy guy’s dick against her… as he thinks this is naturally the way any woman would feel..

    3. angryIndian

      …here’s a secret for you. There’s something called Self Control.
      Heres another secret for you. There’s something called Self Help. Google it.

    4. Girl who lives in Delhi

      Go to a psychiatrist… You are abnormal..

    5. Saurabh Chawla

      does your mom/sister told this logic to you……???

    6. Ram

      Omg! You need help. Have you been living under a rock? Sadistic and perverted is an understatement.

    7. Moscow

      You’re delusional to say the least. You need to get help

    8. Shantanu Srivastava are the limit..try putting that silly argument of yours to your mom. n a suggestion, go see a shrink..ur a nuisance, utter trashcan.

    9. abhi

      So you’re the kind of guy who thinks every woman is a slut.
      Cant blame you, probably ur mom wanted to kill you in the womb, or maybe this story is untrue, you must be a bastard.

    10. Ace

      A) You’re either doing this for attention and that’s pathetic
      B) You actually are a disgusting, putrid piece of sh*t

      Either way the world is better off without creeps like you spewing your garbage all over the internet. Go back to the faeces covered drain you crawled out of.

    11. Shocked

      The fuck?! If you’d have said that in front of me I would happily have bashed your head in. Hope you’re locked up in some dark place so you can’t voice your horribly messed up thoughts to other people. Asshole.

    12. richa

      Sir, please never say this to your sister or morther what you have said to this girl here, I am not even angry at you I just feel sorry for your sick mentality and for myself that we are born on the same planet.
      By the way what are you doing on a website like this? I really hope you are the Awaaz for anyone.

    13. Aparajita

      You need to get yourself checked!!
      I have seen men unzipping themselves in broad daylight for no reason at all!!They were neither provoked nor seduced.Men,like you,have a pea-sized brain and therefore do not have the ability to think before uttering such rubbish,molesting a girl or unzipping
      in public!!

  53. aarti

    great work… even I always prefer NOT to travel in women coach but in general one’s… because I have the courage to fight back ….. we are equal to men interms of strength and intelligence.. and we are not born to suffer but to live life happily & freely…….wish every girl understand this … this episode is not shame for self but shame for society.. for all those ppl who were just watching the drama and not have the courage to speak up……

  54. Deep

    “Why would this girl lie? After all she is taking the blame on herself”.
    This is the most disturbing line in the article….

  55. PP

    I admire you for your courage. But in India every day can turn out to be a struggle for women against these kind of people. How can a woman be expected to struggle so much and continue living in the society. In our male dominated society, nothing will change. Whether it is Eve teasing, molesting or people trying to control women. And no one will stop blaming women for crimes committed on them!! It’s been 2 years since I left India and it’s been the best time for me ever since. I think I will never come back.

  56. niharika

    Very well done deary. reminds me of my college days in sonepat. We stayed in hostel and took the bus to go to our homes in delhi. Seeing 15+ girls in the bus, the men from other buses also entered our bus and started touching the girls in all the wrong places. Some of them started crying, I took charge and one- by one made them stand in front of sitting place instead of common corridor. I then screamed at top of my voice and told the driver to stop the bus and demanded him to reduce the bus population.” In aadmiyon koo bus sey utarro nahin tou maain bus nahin chalney doongi aur police koo bulaungi” Hearing my scream about 5 or 6 men got down and we felt safe. most of the remaining men got down at the nearing village. I still remember the conductor’s line -” Tumhari jaisi aur kuch Indira gandhi aa jaayen tou ye say sahi hoo jaye”.

  57. Priya Kamra

    Megha I feel pathetic reading with what happened with you . But , one thing i want to say to you is that Kudos to you . You didnt suffered in silence and did what was right . You shouted , ran after that terrible person without caring for the people.. It takes a lot of courage to do what you did . I really appreciate your efforts 🙂

  58. malvika jain

    very good. well done.. so proud of you. THIS IS WHAT IS NEEDED. Being a silent victim all the time just strengthens the criminals. you gotta react. AWESOME. I felt every line you said – Within that fraction of a second, every single eve teasing incident and every darn face of those guys who had the guts to molest someone I knew, flashed in my mind.

    Really really GOOD!

  59. malvika jain

    i can totally believe no one came to your defense. indian public is just silent and gapes. once i saw a girl being punched by a man repeatedly in broad daylight and people watching on… no one stepped in. I did .. with lots of fear that the man will turn on me. I just kept my cycle between us and said Main Police ko bula doongi.. (didn’t have no. though.. And no time is such a fast situation to have a ph conversation…)

  60. angryIndian

    Thank you Megha for inspiring us to not stay Silent. WHATSOEVER. I have been molested in a bus and when I made a scene, I was just asked to describe the place I was groped while the driver and conductor laughed at my stammering, teary spiel.
    Yes it was humiliating. What was worse, the lady next to me telling me…”Why you want to complain, go to sleep na yaar..this happens all the time”… What was worse was seeing a bunch of dead faces staring at me like I was a standup comedian.

    But I couldnt stay quiet. I knew I’d fall in front of my own eyes if I took I trudged up and asked them to stop the bus…it was not a successful attempt at maybe punishing the bloke…but I fought. And I am never ever going to take this quietly.

    Its disgusting guys. Its intolerable. And yes there maybe false accusations, but you know what the stats are? That in India ..a woman is raped every 22 minutes…and molested..god only knows. So yes I am sorry there are false accusations, but for the sake of outliers, do you want to give up a chance to be a good human being or do you want to pretend you are dead? Don’t even talk about the amazing sanskriti that this country has if you can go on with life without batting an eyelid when such atrocities happen. Wake up guys. And girls, SPEAK UP. coz when you do, so will a thousand others.

    Even if you are unsuccessful today, you are successful because you are brave and that you wont stop your life because of fear ….and you will stop being the victim.

    Thanks Megha! You Rock.

  61. satyendra Tiwari

    Well Done. We need more women / girls like you.
    I respect your courage.

  62. Smelter

    He should be released if there is no cctv evidence supporting the claim. Statement like “pierced their gaze on me” shows that you are feminist and men hater. If somebody pierce their gaze on you, you pierce your gaze back at them, as long as what piercing is not a knife.

    1. Joyonti

      Actually, that’s called intimidation and it’s not harmless. Also feminism and ‘men-hating’ are not the same thing.

    2. Shantanu Srivastava

      you suck as much as ur illiterate comment man..go see a doc for God sake!

  63. Girl who lives in Delhi

    I am so proud of you sister. I read the whole article and almost all the comments. I have travelled in metro, bus and rickshaws in Delhi. Every time I step out of my house I walk alarmed every second. Every girl in India who use public transport, at some point in her life has gone through this. This happened to me when I just passed out school and went in a public bus first time in my life. That creepy guy was standing behind me and staring right at me when I looked up and I didn’t realize what was happening but I knew something was wrong and I felt disgusted and cried on my way back home. Now, after 6 years I know what happened that day and I wish I was as strong as you are. You are an inspiration. You just didn’t speak for yourself. You stood up for all the girls who suffer in silence. No matter how many words of appreciation I put here, they will never be enough to applaud what you’ve done. This world needs more of you. I hope this story reaches as many girls as it can and they get courage to raise their voice against this heinous acts.

    As for the comments, I am in a shock how people can be so inhuman about this incident. “Dressing provocatively” what the hell does it mean ? What is the definition of ‘dressing provocatively’ ? Who decides the limit ? We are all equal souls and children of this universe! Everyone has the same right. Provocation is not due to clothes, it’s in your mind. I won’t extend this. Just want to say “GET WELL SOON” to all hate comments and even to those who are analysing the validity of this. May you all heal soon.

    To all supporters and enlightened souls, you are exactly the kind of souls this world exists. You are the people because of which earth exists. Thank you!

  64. Ram

    Respect! You are a fine example to many women out there.

    Get up stand up! Stand up for you right! Don’t give up the fight.

  65. Nivvi

    Proud of you.

  66. Abhishek

    Thank you for being a role model Megha.

  67. AJit

    Hi, I really feel bed whatever happened with you but at the same time i really proud of you that you took this step, everyone has to take the step to stop it even the boys also,

  68. Mahesh Khurana

    Before anyone paints a gender specific color to it, let me just remind you of a similar incident.
    I am a male and this happened with me in Mumbai local train, I have shared this incident with few of my friends too and with them also at one point or other either this has happened or atleast they know of a person with whom this has happened.

    Mumbai local trains are generally very crowded during peak hours and ladies do not enter the general compartments. But this guy who was standing next to me in first class compartment was standing right next to me and was trying to touch me and later put his hand on top of my trousers right over my crotch. I ignored thinking that it could be a mistake and due to less space. Later he started groping, I pushed him aside and pulled him out of the train at the Andheri station and punched him hard after which he ran away. By the time my friends could find out he ran away passing through the railway tracks.

    There are idiots like rajneet mathur commenting that it is girl’s fault in this case. I am a heterosexual male and there is no way I would have seduced this jerk but still I was groped in the broad daylight. No wonder, it would be happening with ladies very often and I cannot understand the reasoning of still blaming women. At the same time not all men are same. These type of crimes could happen with anyone irrespective of their gender.

    1. Nutan

      Hope all the jerks who are doubting Megha’s account and siding with the pervert are reading this and are ashamed of their attitude. I wish your molester had been caught and shamed publicly too.

    2. Concetto

      That Tihar jail line was too much! But rest of the incident is believable. This country is not a good place for single girls to live.

    3. mike

      yes, Tihar could be written in sentiments like Tarun Chedpal.

      However, such DOGMEN exist and will do similar things,
      until they come across any such Megha etc.

      It must be Maa Durga entered in Megha to give the courage for chasing a RAT-MEN, (himmat itni badi aur shakti itni choti).

      Being a man, a can comment on lighter note, that d* is second brain, which can overpower the original brain. Such culprits dont have education, culture and some constructive job/income to divert their mind in enjoying life in a legal way. So, such Keede will exist in every country. USE HIT !

  69. Prakhar Srivastava

    Thank you megha
    And you deserve a salute for speaking out.
    Whatever you did should inspire others not only in delhi but anywhere in world.
    And for the people who asked you as to why you weren’t traveling in a women only coach are the reason people like him dare to do it.
    Why girls need to be questioned why are they asked to come home early why they don’t have the freedom they deserve.
    They can travel wherever they want.
    The only thing that needs to change is the people like that guy.
    I literally feel so proud that there are people like you who dare ajd speak up for themselves and for others as well.
    You keep up the good work.
    I’ve always respected women and will stand up whenever needed.
    You inspired me even more.
    Kudos megha

    1. Nutan

      Ah, one gentleman finally. Thank you. I was beginning to think all men are idiots.

    2. Abhishek

      “I was beginning to think all men are idiots.”

      Not a nice thing to do…and there is a possibility that this can be a fabricated story because people now a days give so much attention to the injustice against a women. Lot of women are taking advantage of it. I wonder how much seriously police would have taken the complaint of a young boy being molested by a woman.

  70. Babar

    In crowded places such as markets, buses, trains, etc, physical contant can also be unintended.

    1. just a girl

      Totally agreed. Physical contact may be unintended. unzipping one’s trouser and pulling out your penis may also be unintended. In fact everything ever done or born is unintended . I’m sorry ,totally unintended comment.I’m just in a crowded room .

    2. Babar

      Should I take the author’s word for it? Who is she, God? The entire narrative is filled with self-praise, talking about a man takes out his penis and runs around with it all day long and then ends up in a jail like Tihar.

      Very believable.

    3. Shailesh Prasad

      Arrey, just forget it, they are men. Only few of them can control but majority of them often break the limits like this guy did when he saw the beautiful girl (if the story is true). The solution for this should be that prostitution should be legalized so that if any such perversion needs to be satisfied they can do it by going to the market.

      Moreover, legalizing it makes prostitution cheaper than illegal prostitution where they need to bribe officials too for it to continue.

    4. Nutan

      You men are unbelievable! You’re making excuses for that pervert? Different story someone accidentally bumps into you in a crowded bus or train. His pants were unzipped, his penis was out & aroused and he was against this girl- clearly not an “accident” unless he was wearing magic pants that unzipped on arousal. Such idiots commenting on this post and no surprise all are men!

  71. shanti

    hey thank you…you are really a brave girl…Yeah i too have done same in my country…We need to wake up from the concept that we cannot fight against such harassment..We can have much more than patience..Keep it on

    1. Shailesh Prasad

      Arrey, just forget it, they are men. Only few of them can control but majority of them often break the limits like this guy did when he saw the beautiful girl (if the story is true). The solution for this should be that prostitution should be legalized so that if any such perversion needs to be satisfied they can do it by going to the market.

      Moreover, legalizing it makes prostitution cheaper than illegal prostitution where they need to bribe officials too for it to continue.

    2. Nutan

      The trophy for the stupidest man on this thread goes to you, sir. You’ve made your mom and dad very proud indeed. What an amazing son they’ve raised.

  72. GP

    This story is a bullshit , just like the existence of anatomist (Fictitious man) is a hazard. Similarly the protagonist of of the story is also a hazard to the society.
    the story is nothing but fictitious.
    1.The metros now have a CCTV, the footage of the so called pervert would have been released if something like that happened.
    2.The man didn’t zipped back his unzipped trousers while running,even when get caught even while going to the police station. You think he is stupid enough to hide the evidence and even in front of the police he had his thing erected.
    3. No police keep the person in jail (specially a jail like tihar) without evidence that too in the single day of the complaint. Thats what local lock ups in the district courts are used. No one is immediately jailed to a jail like Tihar. You forgot to mention the word like police custody in a local police station.

    Its a stupid and a vague attempt to generate a publicity to this blog, but when your lie is exposed it really will hamper the trust in females. So next time when a female is really molested a true victim will be doubted.
    Fake complainants like you have made the dowry act disillusioned. Govt is now planning to make amendments in the act because most of the time complaints are fake.
    please refrain from being Rakhi sawant or KRK of the blog world.

    1. Sonu Sekharan

      I was going to applaud the girl’s status to my FB page…. I have already liked the person who has shared this….but after reading your comment , I can’t but think that your logic has some truth too.

    2. GP

      indeed dude. the kind of blabber mouth and Rani Jhansi she had pretended to be. Had it been an actual case she would have posted at least a dozen pics of the morons.
      Opposing this lady doesn’t means that i am supporting any pervert or a molester . I am totally against any on them but at the same time against this lady who by posting such fake stories is bringing the credibility of women in downfall.
      We indeed need Kalpana chawalas and kiran bedis but of course we dont need any rakhi sawants either.
      Kudos she has succeeded into bringing her blog into limelight. Thanks to idiots like below.

    3. Nutan

      You should be thrown in tihar jail for doubting this story and coming up with stupid reasons – you must be very proud of your low IQ.
      Try zipping your pants when you’re running to get away from someone and are caught soon after. He was wearing a long kurta and his unzipped pants were covered by it. Think of that one, mr bright guy? Probably never even thought this brave girl would go after him. I hope he learned his lesson but jerks & perverts rarely do. He’ll try this stunt on another woman. I hope she has the guts to do exactly what Megha did. You in the meantime ought to be ashamed of yourself. It’s men like you with this sick mentality that are the root cause of women not being safe in India. Change your attitude- see how much of a better human being you’ll become. Good luck to whoever marries you ( if you’re not already) and I hope your female family members never have to experience this- if they do, and tell you, I hope you’ll believe them.

    4. GP

      Fake Female chauvinism will lead you to nowhere. My prayers for your low mentality and of course lowest IQ that you cant even spot a single thing.
      Try yourself at roadies u might just win. Loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    5. sam

      well said sir, i mean nobody is defending molesters here, but this story is a tad too much. just like the girl roaming around in cp in short shorts and recording the reaction of people. well i tried doing that once in boxers shorts and viola!! if only there was a male molestation helpline. if this story happened. its really very concerning matter. but looking back at sheer number of news and posts and reaction videos of girls wearing short dresses and public reaction over girl being molested has raised the awareness at first, but when i observe the pattern it has put me in state of fear rather than having courage to stop it from happening. every time the is one big dark sleazy looking guy, and to be honest i fall in that category of looks, so travelling in metro, or roaming around in cp or malls or hauzkhas has become a nightmare to me. my eyes are glued constantly to ground, looking just enough so i dont bump in some stranger while walking, and sometime glance where am i going. in metro avoiding cars with even a single female passenger in it. and no matter how much rush it is.. hands in pockets, elbows tucked in, eyes on the floor. even if the car is empty, cant let my eyes roam around so i choose to just take out my phone and type useless things on it.
      now i stutter when a stranger girl comes up to me even asking to which metro to board.
      so in the end raising awareness is other thing, and having too much power to ruin ones life is another thing. we should be careful what we are aiming for.
      sorry for long post

    6. Nutan

      Such morons!
      Poor you, Sam. No wonder our country’s in such a state with idiots like GP and you.

    7. NC

      Another thing that surprises is how sure the lady was of an unzipped pant beneath the kurta (which I am assuming was not transparent) inside the metro and yet had to make the ‘molester’ lift the same to prove the same point in front of policemen. Even for a moment if I assume that the guy really had a boner and actually did what the lady is claiming here, how the hell in the world would she know that it’s a dick directly against her body. When you consider the fact that even if he has unzipped, the layer of kurta will still be there and hence one can’t be sure about that just on the basis of contact. She wasn’t even sure that if it was hand or something else.

      It also reminds me of the day when I realized only after sitting down in the metro that my zip is undone. And unfortunately, unlike the ‘molester’ I had no kurta.

      Girls we get it. Roaming around on Indian roads and public places is tough for women. It’s obvious. But how do you draw a line between unintentional and intentional brushes, pushing and touches. Sometime back I remember a woman almost pressing her against me, and the only thing I could do and did was to move away from there. Because of course I am a guy and I can’t be molested.

    8. Nutan

      And here we have another idiot trying to make excuses for a pervert.

  73. alok

    Many a times girls boobs touching me willingly, they did so, I never reply back or smile or trying to show I’m not comfortable. Is that count on molestations lady ?

    1. Tejaswi

      If its intentional, unwanted and makes you uncomfortable, its molestation. Why is this even a question?

    2. shanaya

      it was against ur consent , wasnt it? u didnt speak up coz u were enjoying !

    3. Shailesh Prasad

      Arrey, just forget it, they are men. Only few of them can control but majority of them often break the limits like this guy did when he saw the beautiful girl (if the story is true). The solution for this should be that prostitution should be legalized so that if any such perversion needs to be satisfied they can do it by going to the market.

      Moreover, legalizing it makes prostitution cheaper than illegal prostitution where they need to bribe officials too for it to continue.

    4. Babar

      Shanaya, so all the women who do not speak up are those who enjoy themselves?

  74. Ankur

    Bravo megha! We need to lift this stigma that if someone has been harassed/molested / outraged and what not she is responsible for it. Kudos to you for getting at least one pervert behind bars. And a pledge from me to stand up next time I see someone doing it.

  75. Sameera Gawandi

    Kudos to Megha.. She did the right thing wish all who are harassed do the same .. Speak up n fight against them . Our safety lies in our own hands .. No one can helps us besides urself don’t give any one the right to abuse sexually n get away with it ., Hats off to her

  76. Moscow

    Hats off to how you handled it. I absolutely agree with what you have said there at the end about reservation not being the solution.

    We all need to speak up!

  77. Sara

    Thank you for speaking up.

  78. vasu

    hatsoff to u (y)

  79. Anjali

    Well done. This is exactly how this should be handled. If girls start speaking up, people like him would get straightened up.

  80. Shailesh Prasad

    I invite that guy to join my new nation, “Tharkistan”, where my citizens have complete sexual freedom, but they should not oppose my monarchism and me being the King of that nation. LOL!

  81. Rohan Shankar

    In all this, the question for me really arises at “Why would someone pull their wiener out in a public place?”, and that’s it.

    Yes, you did a good job and all that, but it’s a question of curiosity more than anything else – what would prompt a man to pull out his wiener in a crowded train and … what exactly the thought process behind such a thing would be.

    If there are many people who pull their stuff into the air in the public, then we’ve got a psychological problem on our hands, not a social one (on the lines of which my conclusion has been based for a long time now)

    1. Nutan

      Because he’s a jerk and a pervert who gets a kick out of molesting women. Honestly, you had to ask this question? I’ve personally witnessed many idiot sick men do unspeakable things in public- urinating for everyone to see comes to mind- I’m sure you’ve done that too- masturbating, rubbing themselves against women in busses, trains, making obscene gestures at passing women. You name it, men do it. Have you seen a woman doing any of that?

  82. Rashmi

    Salute to you lady!! That’s how each and every girl should react to any sexual offence in the world. Even I don’t stand it. I’ve thrashed guys and stood alone fighting amidst the mute crowd. And I believe that all of us should share our stories like you did. And pledge not to be a part of the passive crowd, but step ahead to join the fight and punish those sinners!! Kudos to you!!

  83. Rajneet Mathur

    So what do gropers and molesters discuss when a find a platform ? Check this link out….. women are more perverted than men–>

    1. Rajneet Mathur

      no wonder this tread reached more than 1000 pages ….

  84. Rahul

    wow! what a lie. If he had to lift his kurta to the 15 men to show that he’s unzipped then how come you otice without lifting his shirt in the first place?


    1. Dee

      Rahul, no offence but it just takes some common sense to understand how she knew and how the others dint later! please re-read the article and understand what alerted her! if you believe that a woman is lying and has whipped up this piece of writing using her sheer experience… WOW just WOW… and i have no doubt that you could just be that guy smirking at some woman when something like this happens in full public glare!! It is so sad to see that off the whole article, you just caught on one irrelevant bit and not the whole harrowing experience that Megha had to go through! God save women.. God save India!!

    2. Nutan

      Dee, all these guys who are questioning this incident and wondering about the pervert’s erection, how Megha knew etc etc have either never experienced one themselves or are just idiots who need to be educated.

    3. ananya

      Are you seriously a guy with a d*** that you need a woman to explain it to you why it was noticeable back then to the molested lady and not to the police officer later on? Seriously? Guys like you disgrace the society, pointing fingers at women. Is she getting a prize money out of this or something? You would probably be saying the same thing had this happened to your sister or mother

    4. anonymous

      Well done Megha. And i am shocked to read the comments of few men here, on your post. They seem to fall under the same category! Seems that these guys are getting insecure as women gain strength to revolt in the society to such acts. One of hem has just mentioned about how did you know without lifting his kurta, whereas you had to tell the policemen to lift up and check. Do we really need to specify? Disgusting.

    5. Nutan

      You, sir are an ass and a moron. That sick man was aroused & his penis was out of his pants when he was violating this young woman – that’s how she knew. It became flaccid – in fear once she caught him and went after him. That’s why she had to ask him lo lift his shirt to show the cops that his zip was still undone. Idiot. Guys like you should be thrashed for making statements like this.

    6. Priya

      You really don’t know the answer to your own question? Really?

    7. Dhananjay

      Rahul, have some common sense dude! Is it too hard for you to understand that his fly was out while unzipped?

    8. diya

      A guy with a dick as a replacement to his brain would say such a thing. idiot!

    9. Sagun

      Wow, such a brainless comment. She knew he was unzipped because she felt something was touching her even though he was holding the railing with both his hands. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what it was (unless you don’t have it).

      Think before you write something on public forums. Idiot.

    10. Nutan

      Now do you understand why our country’s in such a sad state of affairs? Morons like these guys live here.

  85. shradha

    well done! i m proud of you. you set a good example for those women who bear it silently just because to feel insulting themselves in the society by their actions to face all these situations.

  86. soring

    indeed it was a courageous act and inspiring!!! shame to that man!

  87. Debjit

    Well done. This is the only way the perverts will stop. You fight fire with fire. Hats off to you.

  88. Aru

    Never mind the crowd…
    This is the reason why they are called a “crowd”
    The step you have taken you have taken will know doubt would give enough courage for a girl to stand up and punch him in his guts the next it happens.
    I am proud girl (and now even the crowd would!!)

  89. Heena

    I support this completely! Well done! we really need to take a stand and make sure that all such MEN know that we will not tolerate it!!

  90. Abhigyan

    Well done Megha. We are proud of you. Yes certain apathy exists but with girls like you, it will soon change. Keep fighting.

  91. Nutan

    I hope more women do what you did. These sick men shouldn’t get away with this crap anymore. Enough already.

  92. Dinesh

    Proud of You.

  93. Sukanya

    Well done. Before handling him to the police, u must have first busted his balls so hardly that he should never be able to rub his dick over his wife even.

  94. Indiana

    Dear Megha !
    Congratulations for you told a thing which many think does not happen (as the posts suggest). Kudos ! I wish you never face such situation again but are there for others if they need you. Proud of you lady !

    To all other girls here: Proud of you too, specially shreya for giving bullets on provocative dressing comment. You were good, you explained well but not many are gonna get it, trust me. And you know that too ofc

    To Men who supported: Thanks please be there
    To Men who didn’t – wel…… Get well soon

    To defensive men – Yes there are cases of men exploitation; yes sometime false rape case. But you need to see stats. % of rape cases v/s % of false rape cases. You’ll know what we go through. We know all men are not bad. Most of us find courage because of good men in our life. Our father, brothers, colleagues and FRIENDS. But we know , and you too , that we go through a lot and trust me its sooooo tiring to constantly protect yourself, observe the men around you, etc etc etc… its tiring really. So at times, we use words like “all men”. Kindly ignore that in view of what we go through.

    I was a girl of 10, when a man tried that my hand touch his wiener. It was on road. broad daylight. I was young, i didn’t know, but i sensed and pulled my hand and shouted at him. I still remember and it disgusts me. Since i was 10, i’ve been meeting such people, some uncle trying to kiss a kid in front of everyone but posing as if its affection for a cute kid. ( You know the difference between affection and molestation, right ? ). rumors in college because that girl used to stand up to bullshit, like ppl called the lady whore here on this post….and it goes on and on…… and you’ll know some coz you must have seen it too…..

    It is anger that leads us to say such things. We respect good man. we make friends with them. We care for them and we are there for them and they for us. So don’t be defensive on such posts. please. Its time for us to become equal. Til then support !

  95. Namita

    Atta gurl! Well done!! It is our silence that shames us and you refused to be shamed. I am feeling so proud of you. God bless!

  96. Nikhil Arya

    I’m sure you must be wearing a low waist nylon slash pants sans panties with half your booty bulging out. No wonder someone with raging a libido over-reacted. You shouldn’t have involved the police though. Even if you did not like his advances, a slight shrugging off would have served the purpose.

    1. eishan ahluwalia

      What the fuck dude?..r u even educated? the fuck can u even say that asshole?..bc gawar insaan

    2. Nikhil Arya

      You can not write a one complete sentence without 10 grammatical mistakes. You know nothing better than to hurl abuses every 4 words to express what you feel about a situation.

      Who is the uneducated, gawar, asshole and bc now?

    3. Angry

      I wish the girl in picture was your sister or your mother. Your reaction would’ve been worthwhile to watch. Asshole. 🙂

    4. Nikhil Arya

      Don’t be angry. Shop for some dildos online. Beware ! They are illegal in India.

    5. Hema

      Even if she was naked that asshole had no right to touch her…. And I agree she should not have got the police involved and wasted her time. .. she could have just pushed him under the train tracks. … The world doesn’t need such morons. .. oh and it doesn’t need the likes of you too.

    6. Nikhil Arya

      If she was naked, even a dog wouldn’t defecate on her, the way she looks.

    7. Prashant

      You are a big time loser dude.

    8. Nutan

      He’s just an idiot who likes to jerk off reading insults. Must be having a field day.

    9. Nikhil Arya

      and how do you get off ? eating your own feces while the papa watches u? stupid bitch.

      P.S. Guys, there was a satire in my comment when I mentioned what she might be wearing when it happened because that is what (and even much more) it may take to entice a poor guy to unzip and poke his wiener from behind. In other words it is impossible. And the story is fake. Stupid people didn’t get the pun though.

    10. Tan

      Your comment is beyond appalling. I hope you’re only a troll — cause if you really mean even a single word of your comment, you need help. Take care.

  97. Aarti Yadav

    Hey Megha ! I agree that women should stand up for their rights but I think you story is very very hard to believe.

    Believe me I’m also a girl and I empathize with you completely. I also do face the same teasing cat-calls and molestation in n number of ways every other day.

    But there are so many glitches in your story.

    I know you wont publish my comment, but do remember that people discern between reality and figment. Just saying… no hard feelings.

    1. Sohani

      I would like to know the glitches
      What makes you think its not a true story ?

  98. pardeep

    Congrats Megha for showing such a courage. I and my family are proud of you. Zulm sehna bhi zulm karne k barabar hai. Someone not raising voice against such bad elements of the society, encourage them to repeat such crimes time and again. You are really a brave girl.

  99. bhuvna kakodia

    I am so proud to have brave girls like you in my country.. bravo!!

  100. kunal mukim

    Well done!

  101. Asha Gandhi

    Shaabash a brave girl, it seems that your pent up feelings of anger against such offenders released that day. I feel sorry for those who are questioning your act of bravery with suspicion. All the females who use public transport face such awkward situations.Apart from this, in Metros people use to stand on gates purposefully, as if they hear the announcement that “Darwajay pay dutt kay kharay ho” instead of “Darwajay say hutt key kharay ho. Dirty mind people who get them self aroused on seeing the girls should not stand at the middle of the doors otherwise—. Molestation is not a new phenomenon but frequency increases.Another incidence I
    remembered that many years ago when I asked the man to vacate the seat meant for women passenger in a bus he sheepishly replied that you women demand for equal rights with men then why can’t you stand like other men standing in a bus . I wondered that men give equal rights to women as per their own convenience and comfort.
    And at last I agree with the author that raise your voice irrespective of the fact what other think,your raised voice can act as a deterrent for him to behave properly.

  102. Rohan

    Salute mam.. Salute 100 times

  103. Akash Mehrotra

    Well done soldier :):)… Jo us metro me the or ye Padh rhe ho, saalo apne pe sharam kro.. Kal Vo tmhri bi sister,wife ho skti h.Chup mat rho JANTA.. Galat Dkho to bs maro in kamino Ko.. Plss react….

  104. Aparna

    Seriously well done!! I really admire you for what you did..

  105. Aparajita

    Megha,youinspire me and the morons commenting on this post disgust me!! The POINT and agenda of this article is not Tihar Jail!It DOES NOT fucking matter if it is a piece of fiction or a real-life incident because I assure you that such perverse acts happen every day!
    This article is about how a girl stood up and raised her voice against the molestation.This article is about how the molester was punished for what he did!And this article is about inspiring other girls all over the country NOT not to tolerate or keep mum when it comes to this,this shitty perverse crime that is not born out of seduction or provocation of any kind,by any girl!

  106. Abhishek

    your efforts r lessen for all of us, girls its time to break your silence… GOD Bless you

  107. Nutan

    Its hard to believe on someone’s story when you have not been the eyewitness of it. If this story is true, kudos to Megha for being such a strong girl. But, if this story is false, this is such a shameful act. Unfortunately, there is no way to conclude if this story has any truth in it or not.

  108. sandeep

    Hatts off to u ma’am !!

  109. Girdharee

    Well done, Girl.

    So what if the story is fiction, let it be. If it inspires 10 girls to take on such bastards, its serves the purpose. The only reason behind such incidents is their firm belief that they can get away unharmed after doing such heinous acts.

  110. Sumit

    Salute to You Lady..i believe..we need to have a the mentality/psychology of these uneducated / dis-respectful men who thinks of female as just a toy wont change until they are punished and the law in India wont change, so better we CHANGE and raise our voice ….scream ..shout alarm ..gather the strength and ATTACK…

    ******All the females DO CARRY PEPPER SPRAY and if someone try ..finish the bottle there and then*****

  111. Rajeesh

    Megha! I don’t know if we ever get the opportunity to bump into each other, if we do, I will give you the most epic salute..for the moment , i am just going to get up from my chair and do that 🙂 …… KUDOS!

    1. Muneesh

      Thank you.Please Sit Down.

    2. P

      — ditto —

    3. Nikhil Arya

      dude stop making an ass of youself

  112. Vishu Vishwanath

    Megha is my Daughter and I am aware of the entire incident as she called me over phone and narrated. I was with her at Police Station and court to support her decision. Many girls don’t even share such incident with their parents out of shyness, I appreciate Megha for informing me the truth and calling me. I am also proud of Megha for her second step to spread a positive energy amount other girls in this world to speak up and not to ignore or shy away if they undergo such nuisance.
    Anyone having a doubt about the incident, before writing negative remarks, please move forward and check FIR at Police Station, CC TV Footage of inside the train, CC TV Footage captured at the platform where Megha is chasing the culprit and police catching him and finally her recorded statement in front of Magistrate.

    1. ashish

      i salute Megha and you,as well. No words are enough to appreciate her action and courage and the support that you gave her by being there by her side all through out. Kudos to both of you.

    2. Babar

      Mr. Vishwanath, let me assume that your comment is not a result of an identity theft, and let me also trust the details in this narrative. Would you be kind enough to let me know how a man runs around all day with an erect penis and then lands in a dreaded jail like Tihar and that too with an unbailable warrant.

      Also, looking at Aparajita’s comment below, it is clear that for girls, it does not even matter if women’s stories about rape and molestation are true or not, which goes on to show the increase in false cases of rape and sexual harassment.

    3. gp

      Bang on target…….. even with a bottle of voiagra one cant run with an erect penis, and tihar jail….. are you kidding.

    4. Aparajita

      Of course it matters if the stories are real or not.Let me tell you what doesn’t matter-obnoxious people like you who stereotype girls and everyone else

    5. Babar

      Ms. Aparajita, I have not stereotyped anyone, only highlighted the truth. Please avoid slandering to hide your lie.

      Here is your statement from your previous comment: “It DOES NOT fucking matter if it is a piece of fiction or a real-life incident because I assure you that such perverse acts happen every day!”

      While I would ask you to look at the kind of language you are using, I would also like to ask if it is okay to make up stories and have innocent men rot in jails over false claims of rape, molestation, and assault, as according to your comment, it is ‘okay’ since such acts take place everyday.

    6. Nutan

      Here’s another idiot. Shut up and get lost now because if I ever find you, I’ll smack the shit out of you.

    7. Nikhil Arya

      Accept this that your daughter is lying. Even if the molester was a total nut-case, the first thing he would have done was to zip it back in on the slightest hint of any trouble.

      I accept the even if he used his hands to grope without her permission, he deserves punishment because that’s how molestation is defined. But, exactly the fabricated story like this make people believe that girls lie all the time to get men punished for sheer sadistic gratification. Google “section 498” and the statistics will amaze you.

      hairat ki baat nahi ki jab sach me sher aataa hai to koi madad ke liye aage nahi aataa.

      You know who are jeopardizing the lives of women of this country ? The “feminists”!

      P.S.: Since the story is BS, hence the nature of my earlier comments

    8. Nutan

      Go and hide back in a gutter, moron. You’re a sick guy, you need help. Your parents have my sympathy. Poor people had no clue they were bringing an idiot into this world.

    9. Nikhil Arya

      Ms./Mrs./Eunuch Nutan, You can not get more retarded than this. Get some perspective (or may be some sex toys and get busy). It will keep you away from showcasing your incredible stupidity for a while.

    10. Nutan

      Look who’s calling who retarded and stupid! Hilarious. Bet you keep quite busy using your hands, you jerk. Or maybe you get pleasure rubbing yourself against women in buses and trains too.

    11. Nikhil Arya

      LOL! I bet you are very ugly. Most of pseudo feminists are. Angry and Ugly. I reiterate – get yourself a dildo. No other way to release your sexual frustrations. Angry posts like these on public forum is not a permanent solution. When men dont give you a second look, dildo me prove to your friend for life.

    12. nutan

      Oh yeah, dude, I’m ugly and fat and no one looks at me. Boohoo.

    13. Nutan

      Ignore all the idiots on this thread, Mr Vishwanath. Your daughter did the right thing. I wish more women would follow her example and shame these perverts that are on our streets, buses, trains, college campuses. All these stupid morons who are doubting her story are either just like this man on the train- probably did the same so they feel the need to stand by another pervert and make excuses for his sick behaviour or they are just looking for attention since they have nothing better to do in their everyday lives. Plus of course, all of them have no brains so excuse their stupidity.

    14. Nikhil Arya

      Go Gal!! u’r a ho Gal!!

    15. nutan

      Ooh, the idiot knows a few english words.

    16. Shailesh Prasad

      It is your daughter (if what you are saying is true) who has claimed that this happened. Therefore, it is your duty to investigate and submit evidence to us, not ours. A Judge’s duty is to listen and examine evidence, it is the police which files chargesheet so it is they who investigate, not the Judge going to the crime scene and like Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass searches the place.

      If your party has alleged that this has happened, then uploading the pictures and the video of the footage on the net was your duty. Do not tell us that where we have to go to establish that your statements are true. Even if it is not possible to upload the footage etc. atleast you could have uploaded a scanned copy of the FIR or even given the link of the FIR as nowadays FIR is available online too.

  113. Narender

    Isle hath per todne chahiye dhang se. Taki agali baar ye bolne ke layak na rahe ki galti se hath laga tha. This is a big thing again shame on Delhi that none came forward , huh if I would have been there to shayad us bande ko Apni shakal pehchan ne mein bahut dikat aati. Once I made a Delhi police man realised his mistake sitting in ladies coach and arguing with me and Apni wardi ki dhoons dikha raha tha. Now I believe he will never dare to sit in ladies compartment. I wish I could have been there with u miss megha to improve this guy. Hatsoff to u for raising your voice.
    Narender Godara

  114. Molina

    Megha, I’m sure I’m saying this on behalf of the whole women community of India as a whole, that I’m proud of you. There is nothing as courageous and inspiring as what you did there. These bastards need to be taught the meaning of respect and acknowledgement and not only taught, they have to be taught to utilise it in their values and manners which they seem to be void of. This is touching, for a 15 year old like me. It has made me realize that I need to voice up and I need to face all this in my life to come with courage and maintaining my dignity to the most absolute level. And I will. I promise. Thanks a lot. Will never forget this.

  115. Neetika

    I have also faced same incidence as described above. I and my sister was travelling from Janak puri metro station to New Delhi at around 9:30 at night. We were sitting in women coach and it was almost empty only one middle aged women was sitting. One man was sitting in exactly opposite seat. He was middle aged man and was sitting quietly so we ignored. After kirti nagar station where metro was almost empty he started making annoying noise like kissing n singing cheap songs. All my blood was rushing however as i was talking to my sister, we ignored and my sister also insisted me to ignore that bastard. N few minutes when i saw him, i was so hell annoyed to see him unzip his pants n take out his stuff to show off. That bastard had that much guts. Then i just could nt control n shouted at top of my voice with all gaali ma***behen*** n all. I also took off slippers in my hand to hit him. I shoted u bastard move to general coach or else i ll push emergency button n all police at this very moment. He replied aap kyu shut kar rahi hai kya hua. Then i shouted again harami aapni zip khol kai kya dekha raha hai…ja yaha joh dikha raha hai waha dikha. He was shoked what i said n moved quitely in general compartment. But it was really sad that not a single man came from general to ladies compartment to drag him out every one was staring from there seats. When i could hear echo of what all i said. Due to lack of time and i had to catch train..i dint whent to police. But on that day if i wouldnt have to catch train i would have filed FIR against that bastard. N its really sad that no one speak up , that single women in women coach also just smiled after that but dint reacted when i was screaming.

    It very sad ppl dont come forward for help they are active in lighting candles n commenting on such post. But r mum in real life situations. But we all should speak up at least for your own self.

  116. shantanu

    Hi Megha,

    Salute to your courage. I feel so disgusted that fellow so-called men committ such brazen acts in public. Ironically I think that is the most cowardly thing that a man can do. I agree with you that making them pay very seriously is the only way to keep this society decent and civil. Cheers!

  117. Ajay

    Salute to u young lady….salute to ur spirit and courage……such perverts should not be spared….also i am ashamed to call myself a man if we cannot help girls in situations like this and just keep witnessing such episodes as they are some sitcom episodes…..shame on everyone who just watched….shame…..

  118. Sandeep

    Well done girl. Salute and Respect.

  119. Viji Ganesh

    Sure , Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned .

  120. shweta

    Well done Megha….hats off to you. This kind of attitude every girl need. After your incident my belief got stronger that people come only for candle march after a gruesome incident, but they will not help at the spot. So this kind of bravery every girl need now.

  121. Janavi

    I feel your anger! You are a strong lady in a tough country and I hope many women take your example and lash out. We don’t have to be scared – the opposite person should be. You go, girl!

  122. Raj

    If this article is really true, Hats off to you Girl. Irrespective of Gender, a CRIME is A CRIME. You make us all brothers proud of having such a brave Lady amongst us as I too am a brother of my little Dare Devil 🙂
    Punishments in India has to be “CRUEL” for people who are Genuinely Guilty.
    Here I would like to make a statement, Read and understand as I was a witness to a Gruesome incident myself. This was before Organizing Queue system at every station in Delhi Metro stations started. Once I was in Metro, I was on the Opposite side of the Opening Door in a Metro from CP to Dwarka Mor. Those days due to unorganized inflow of crowd, it used to be PACKED (Literally). I got it, and moved to the other side faster and turned back, to see a lady (must be around 21 or so) in jeans and white top ran into the crowd before doors closed. Her jump into the crowd made her fall into the arms of two men. We (our friends) smiled, lucky Guys. No offense. It was casual as we all saw the lady could have waited but jumped in pushing herself (literally, could not write proper words here it was more like she molested those two guys a lot with her body) in here. We thought luckily she entered the train without getting caught between doors. Till the next station it was like she was brushing against those guys, people were looking suspiciously few times at the lady’s moves towards people around her. And she was loud over phone with some guy (must be her boyfriend) flirting/joking letting everyone know hher personal life.
    Then came the incident which shocked me. She was at the door, one 40 yr old man, looked decent to us, made way through a long queue to the door to get out in Karol Bagh Station. He had an office Suitcase in one hand and other trying to move through the crowd and when the Train came to a halt, the lady behind him fell on him (with her back) and this guy fell on this girl (I am explaining exactly how it happened). Bas, what happened after that opened my eyes to understand the picture behind. She ferociously abused him, dragged him out by hair (he was partially bald), few women joined her, few idiot guys joined her to kick the man on to the platform. Me and my friend tried to get out to save him, but by the time we could get out, Doors closed, Train moved, and we could see the metro guards started beating him already infront of everyone. His fate that where the metro stopped, 4 guards (those dressed in military uniforms) stood right there.
    I felt disgusted at the lady trying to just take advantage of situation and everyone joined to kick the guy. I felt Guilty that I could not tell people the truth that it was not his fault, but I could not even do that.
    Only thing I did was that when I went home, I told my sister the whole incident and requested her not to take “Advantage” of situations but be “Gender” biased on Crimes as this was a perfect example.

    I am sure every woman would start venting out anger, I have a sister, I do understand the safety of Women in this society, but doesnot mean People (of any gender) be wrongly Harassed. I could not sleep that night thinking what if I was in his place and my family comes to police Station to rescue me and how I can see into confused eyes of my Dear sister who is confused about how I helped all her friends in need and that I could never do such a thing but exposed to such a false Allegation.

    I thought one thing “What could you do if it happens to you?” NOTHING. This is other side of the Truth. Sadly it gets hidden behind……

  123. poonam

    Megha Vishwanath Applaude to you, I am also a woman from delhi, and I want to tell everyone my story, although not every women are like us, few are genuinely good and seriously innocent but i am talking on behalf of skanks like us, I dress in mini skirt and glossy tops and sometimes tight jeans, accompanied by lots of make up kajal, nail polish look sexy and then I go to delhi market, clubs, college, cinemas etc. with my regular two faggot boyfriends and one bitchy girlfriend for hangouts, study, enjoyment etc. then as a result of my activities as well as natural response most of the guys who are innocent and dont know how to deal with situation like these and see first time a skank like me fall into obvious trap and just gaze at me, some even try to talk to me but then we try to humiliate and shame those guys with our gestures, swearing and sometime beating and police complaining and post our suceess stories on facebook to get public appreciation and LIKES(He He..). WOMENS LIKE US ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF FREEDOM AND STILL ACTING LIKE A VICTIM. The great things is that we dont even care to give a sngle thought about how these things affect the perception and life of the men around the world coz we are simply self centred in attaing our ego desires and pleasure no matter how unsatisfied we are from our real life, I want to thank all foolish people for idiotically holding women’s forum discussion for spreading and helping us to misuse our freedom to the fullest.(YES YES ..) WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO NOTHING!! thanks priya for doin this and now your parents are proud of you….. DISCLAIMER:- I am a guy and i used this platform and a sarcastic approach just to reveal that people are not looking to the other side of the coin, I am sorry if i sound harsh but thats the reality of todays modern world. I am not saying that women do it intentionally but truth is that they are committing sexual violence more than men by acting stupid like this. The real solution is that men need to be given love, affection and respect along with proper education to see through the bullshit then only this problem of sexual violence can be solved from both sides. I am saying this seriously to all the folks and NOT as a joke. SORRY IF IT HURT ANYBODY BUT I DIDN’T INTENDED TO HURT ANYONE. thanks for reading !!!! 🙂 🙂

    1. vs

      hey that was tooooo good… luvd it..

  124. deepika

    m proud of u…

  125. Praveen

    Wow… respects…

  126. sam

    You are a lucky person.

  127. Jan

    All you people doubting this story are fucking unbelievable. And NO I WILL NOT MODERATE MY LANGUAGE according to your delicate sensibilities. This is the truth of what women in this country go through EVERYDAY! Why would your mind immediately jump to the idea that this is false? It’s because you have the traditional mindset that women are LIARS by default and not to believed. Would you question someone who claimed that they were mugged or beaten up? No, right?

    She does not claim anywhere he was running with an erection. She only says he had his FLY OPEN. When exactly are you suggesting he would have closed his zip? After she started yelling and everyone was looking at them? While running like crazy through a crowded station? Or in the police station in front of all the cops? You morons and your logic are clearly always on the side of the perpetrator of a crime, if the crime is against a woman.

    I can blindly believe this story. You know why? Because EVEN IF there are a hundred of false molestation charges there are THOUSANDS of unreported molestation/harrassment/rape cases every weak. So go cry to someone who cares.

    Good going, Megha! Keep kicking ass. Every woman who has stood up for herself knows it’s not easy, ESPECIALLY because of idiots like the ones in this comments section who are clearly unashamed about siding with a pervert and a criminal.

    1. Babar

      Yet another comment using really appalling logic to justify false rape, molestation, and assault charges against men. There are countless unreported cases of violence against men that are perpetrated by women. Does that mean it is okay to file false cases against women? And what exactly is the point of mentioning that he was unzipped if his penis was inside his pants.

    2. Babar

      There are tens of thousands of cases every year where boys and girls have pre-marital sex, and when the girls parents find out, girls accused boys of rape and ruin them entirely to save themselves from a minor error, without a care in the world about the boys life, reputation, career, family, and future. This does not even include the false cases to gain attention and to settle personal agenda, not to mention the countless cases where women blackmail men with threats of false cases of rape, molestation, and assault. And just look at the comments in this thread. For women, it is absolutely no big deal to accuse a man of allegations that are fake.

    3. Nikhil Arya

      You must be thinking with your big vagina while giving that logic.

      You know why so many girls choose suffer silently rather than raising their voice. Because hags like you have started to represent them and have spoiled their case.

      Who will believe women when there are like of you and the blogger scribbling garbage.

  128. NC

    It is indeed sad to see the comments posted here. And surprisingly comments by few douche-bags have got so much attention from others who used a similar language but perhaps felt good as they think they are on good side of things.

    In my experience, events such as the one described here do happen regularly around the country. But just because it is likely doesn’t mean that everyone has to believe it. I’m sorry ladies but the first among you who filed a false molestation case ruined it for all of you. I am proud to be part of the silent majority who believes in keeping it to himself because truth is no longer so easily discernible.

    And I know many of you would come with what-if cases of this happening with my sister and mother. And I would readily admit that in such cases emotions, primarily anger, would be ruling me rather than cold logic.

    1. Nikhil Arya

      Yeah I am a douche bag for reasoning with empty heads like you.

      and what you are “sacchai ki devi” ?

      You know what people from other countries (which are epitome of men and women equality) think about majority of Indian women –

      What else you need to know is this –

      While I truly believe that 99% of the girls are great, it the balance 1% who unnecessarily represent them, make the world believe that all of them are like that.

    2. zook

      and how did you come to a conclusion that the lady in question deserves to be in the 1 percent bracket… ?

    3. Pankit Chopra

      NC, sorry to say but you are doing a great favour to molester and encouraging them to repeat same act with other girls. Just think what you felt at that moment, you want that to be repeated with others. I m a boy and I know once such lenient act will motivate boys to take it to next level and ultimately rape. Just thinking, this girl will also be lenient and will let me go.

  129. Radhika Naidu

    A 1000 hats off to you, Megha. Your courage and attitude are truly an inspiration. My blood boils just reading this, and you did everyone a favour by not just speaking up, but seeing that whole process through, right to the court. I feel your sense of betrayal and anger when the cop said made that statement (even though he was on your side). You did everything right, and I hope you are ok. It is disgusting how women have to struggle to just survive in India on a daily basis.

  130. majhi satakli

    I think law and punishment should be changed for molestation against women in DELHI ,UP and HARIYANA . It should be like islamic countries ..cut the body part as per offence.

  131. Arunda Seth

    Hats off to you.

  132. paro

    jus a big salute to u lady…. feeling proud …. a commnedable n ofcourse daring deed…

  133. Gouranga Neog

    Write in short. No one has patience to read this long. “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

  134. Gouranga Neog

    “Your comment is waiting moderation.” What the fuck is this! That means only the comments in your favor without any criticism or those you like will be posted. Clap, clap, clap.

  135. nitin

    Hats off to you brave lady. You have taught the scumbag a lesson he will never forget.

  136. Nikhil Arya

    Why can you funny people wont believe when she says it was an erect penis which poked her behind. She has taken….. errr….. SEEN enough erect penises in her life to be so sure.

    After-all all the guys are total nut-jobs who roam around poking their naked erections in public places especially in high security places like Rajeev Chowk Metro Station where , Metro Security, CRPF, Delhi Police, CCTVs etc. are all over the place.

    1. Nutan

      Moron ( you should seriously think of taking this name from now on- suits you)

    2. Nikhil Arya

      Dear Mam, we all sprang from apes, but looks like you didn’t spring far enough. Do you have a point of view or you are as much retarded as the rest of your family?

    3. Nutan

      Insult me all you can, fuckhead. Doesn’t change the fact that you are a retard and a sick one at that.

    4. Nikhil Arya

      You were released or you ran away? Jail or Mental Asylum? who gave u a internet enabled gadget? Syphilis or Herpes?

      Do a favour to the mankind. Do not marry and procreate and make more like you. Your off-springs will considerably lower the average IQ of the whole humanity.

      Kill yourself.

    5. nutan

      Haha, you go take some grammar lessons first, then we’ll talk, idiot. Ever tested your IQ because everyone by now knows you must’ve fallen on the ground and hit your head when mommy was pushing you out. Thus this dumbfuck moron- that’s you- the poor woman has to admit is her son. Go jump in front of a train or something and do her a favor.

    6. Rajneet Mathur

      He is right girl. You are of no use to humanity.

      Go kill yourself.

    7. Nikhil Arya

      Koi faida nahi Rajneet. Had she understood her condition fully, she would have done that long back.

    8. GP

      arguing with the lady is like wrestling a pig in the mud. After few minutes u realized u getting dirty but the pig is enjoying.

    9. Smita

      Dear Nikhil,

      I also have seen such incidents on a crowded platform in Mumbai. One of my friends was molested by a person rubbing himself on her.
      To answer your rhetorical question, yes, there are nut jobs who do this in the city, in broad daylight. If I may, ask any of your female friends, colleagues, relatives about the degree of harassment on the streets and you will be shocked. Please do not underestimate the level of harassment we have to face everyday.

    10. Niraj Pal

      They will not understand, I am tired of scrolling down now but one thing that I came to understand that this is not the illiterate or uneducated who make this country vulnerable but people like these guys who wanted to see everything with a power glass. Hat’s off to you Megha… keep it up Girl!!

  137. Pankit Chopra

    All this problem lies with our society. People are afraid to intervene because of our obsolete law which require complete overhaul change. Subsequently, people must raise their voice and help a girl in need. I might be uttering all this on post however I m not coward and I mean what I said. This girl should feel proud of her to stand against these molester and treat them a lesson. I must encourage other girls & boys to stand & fight against such people and treat them a lesson.

  138. ADITYA


  139. Keshor Talwar

    Hats off to you Megha. I wish everyone was like you then these Rowdy Romeos will not dare. Guys who doubt can go to hell.

  140. John

    OK, agreed, the man was trying to touch her….the way she shouted back, fair enough….the way she raked up the entire issue afterwards – chasing, calling friends, filing FIR, getting him in jail & finally trying to gain publicity via social media is a little overboard…this man had apologized immediately…to all the feminist, sexist, men-bashers – respect men too…

    1. Rajneet Mathur

      Touching a girl in any manner without her consent is not OK and the culprit deserves punishment.

      Also not OK is sharing fake stories on social media for cheap publicity. Here also the culprit deserves punishment.

  141. isabel

    Awesome… Hats off my friend… Proud to be an Indian woman…

  142. Aarti Yadav

    18k shares!! Megha, you have succeeded in gaining cheap publicity out of a fake story. Girls like you are the reason why rest of us suffer. If molestation is a heinous crime, then making up stories like these out of thin air is equally criminal.

    That is why men don’t believe us when we are actually victimized.

    1. Shailesh Prasad

      You are absolutely right, just that making such baseless stories are not equally but more heinous act of criminality. It is because of such women only that even some section of men society have also learnt how to misuse laws using such women as tools.

      I remember that a about a year ago a school van splashed swamp on me and tried to flee, which I pursued on my bike. It stopped after going to a few distance to offload a student and then I overtook it and parked my motorcycle infront of the van and co-incidentally there was another vehicle infront of us where few ladies were there and acted like ‘abla naris’ saying they are so delicate that just because I parked my bike they cannot leave when they could have reversed or just turned right and moved.

      However, I asked the driver to give his owner’s name and mobile number to report his rash driving. He just gave his name and said that name will suffice as to who he was. Altercation started between us and I kicked him. He went to nearby tricycle and stole few rods from a poor worker to hit me, but I caught hold of those rods to save myself.

      Later, when the cops came he very cunningly, since like a eunuch he could not physically beat me, started making false and airy allegations like this Megha above, that I had blocked the lady’s way (since he thought that the lady would give statement against me as she was acting like a helpless person just to seek attention). So, he also joined the 498-A misusers group.

      (My story is true, if you want then I can show you the records, complaint etc.).

      However, little did they realize that even if they file a case of 341 of wrongful restraint, it applies only when the passage is COMPLETELY blocked and I did not completely block the road, as a 3-4 feet bike is not big enough to block a 30 feet road, and rest of the road was empty by which the lady could have gone. (They do not even know the law completely and start its misuse) LOL!.

      And as previous judgements of the court also upheld that unless there is complete blockage an accused cannot be held guilty, like in 1981 a tenant was partially obstructed from entering the premises by the closure of one of the doors, it did not amount to wrongful restraint of IPC 341 as he was still free to enter the premises [Sankar Chandra Ghose v. State (1981) Cr.LJ 1002 (Cal.)]


      In 1899, somebody prevented the passage of animals of another person by putting certain obstruction on a road over which that guy had a right of passage for men and cattle leaving a narrow portion of the way for men only to pass, the accused was still held not-guilty of wrongful restraint of IPC 341. [(1899) 8 Weir 340].

      LOL!!!…. They try there best to push water up a hill, and for teeny weeny offences, they try to make a ‘flame’ look like an ‘explosion’, Just to gain attention and/or excitement. LOL!!! But even that they do it baselessly.

    2. Shailesh Prasad

      **They try their best to push water up a hill, and for teeny weeny offences, they try to make a ‘flame’ look like an ‘explosion’, just to gain attention and/or excitement.

    3. nutan

      It’s true when they say women are their own worst enemy. Why do we need moron men on this thread when here is an equally idiotic woman refusing to believe this incident. It’s women like you, Ms Yadav that are encouraging men like that pervert on the train and many on this thread to go on violating women whenever they get a chance. Thank you. Now hope and pray that this never happens to you and if you one day fall victim to a man with an aroused penis rubbing against you, that when you tell someone your “fake” story, someone is kind enough to believe you.

    4. Rajneet Mathur

      @Nutan After reading through all your comments here, I’m 100% sure now that you are the original blogger – Megha Vishwanath.

      Congrats you’ve succeeded in your scam. You are famous now.

    5. Rajneet Mathur

      That’s 1.8k and not 18k. But even 1.8k is a high number, which I agree with you, is very disappointing.

      Wish there were more sensible girls like you who could tell reality from imagination.

    6. Nutan

      Whoops, Rajneet Mathur. You caught me.
      If Megha wanted to be famous, she’d have posted this elsewhere, you jerk.
      Just because I’m supporting her and berating all you non believers, I’m “her” and this is a scam. Mera bharat mahaan.

    7. Smriti Kaur

      Why in god’s name you call this story fake… do you have any facts supporting your statement. And you know something even if its fake I will still believe in it because if I ever get molested I’m gonna be like the protagonist and then you say if its fake or true… !!!SHAME!!!

    8. Sumeet

      But Aarti , how do you know that this is a fake story ??

    9. Nutan

      “Aarti” is Rajneet Mathur, and all the other morons who think this never happened. These “men” and a few women should be honored in a public ceremony for unveiling such an outstanding scam by Megha. Imagine, she put herself out there in public to get famous! Wow, hats off, girl. You did it!! ( I hope the imbeciles know sarcasm when they see it)

    10. zook

      and who are you miss to make a claim of the legitimacy of her story ? And how in the heavens would a story escalate molestation cases. sad that you being a woman and bringing another down.

  143. Rhea

    Bravo Megha! We need more women like you in every city of our country. Only then will our cities be safe for women. One request to all those people who are doubting this incident-pl ask your own women friends, cousins and sisters who travel by public transport. You will be shocked by the stories you hear. Such incidents happen almost everyday but we have been conditioned by society to keep quiet and suffer; and sometimes when we can’t take it any longer and create a scene, all the men snigger and laugh at us women. I’ve seen only women come forward to help women in such cases, no man ever comes forward.

  144. Arpit

    Unfortunate situation for the country to have sleeping shits all around. It is because of cowardness and selfishness of the people here on this burdened land that GOONS like them dare to do such acts.

    Hats off to you girl. I support your stand and wished to be there during the time you faced it. I would have shown that bastard his real face then and there

  145. Shailesh Prasad

    There are equal number of allegations that is a fake story. Why don’t you upload some FIR copies, pic of that so called pervert, etc. to add some proof to your statement? And nowadays FIRs can be read online too if I am not mistaken. Therefore, can you give us the link?

    If the story is true then I believe that such perverted acts can be stopped only by legalizing prostitution. Legalizing prostitution will make prostitution cheaper as making it illegal makes it costlier as they bribe officials to allow them to continue.

    If however, the story is fake then pls delete this blog immediately. We have enough movies which can give us such fake entertainment. Moreover, I don’t like saying it but pls read Information Technology Act, section , subsection A, clause (b). You will understand what you are doing if you made up this story.

    1. Shailesh Prasad

      **Information Technology Act, 2008, section 66, subsection A, clause (b)

  146. Babar

    98% of dowry cases and 75% of rape cases are fake.

  147. Babar

    There are tens of thousands of cases every year where boys and girls have pre-marital sex, and when the girls parents find out, girls accused boys of rape and ruin them entirely to save themselves from a minor error, without a care in the world about the boys life, reputation, career, family, and future. This does not even include the false cases to gain attention and to settle personal agenda, not to mention the countless cases where women blackmail men with threats of false cases of rape, molestation, and assault. And just look at the comments in this thread. For women, it is absolutely no big deal to accuse a man of allegations that are fake.

  148. Babar

    2nd Paragraph: “There, beneath that long shirt I could clearly see that this man was unzipped.”

    The girl who came up with this fictional story has been watching too many movies. First, she obtained an x-ray vision to be able to see that the perpetrator was unzipped even under the long kurta. Moving on, she mentions details that are just as dubious.

    Unless the perpetrator has an explosive tied around his penis, he could not have been arrested immediately, cannot be given an unbailable warrant, will not be locked up in Tihar, and unless he tied an explosive around his penis again, would not need to be shifted from one jail cell to another.

    1. Anannya Chakraborty

      Babar, about the second paragraph….

      Just like guys dont need x-ray vision to oogle at girls, girls have the instinct to understand when a guy is thinking wrong about them.

      And if the legalities of this story worry you, do overlook them. If this narrative seems fictional, it can prove to be of help to many girls who keep worrying about speaking up!!

    2. Babar

      Ms. Chakraborty, you are justifying a narrative about rape being fictional with a lot of ease. What about the hundreds of thousands of false cases of rape, dowry, molestation, and assault across the country which have devastated the lives of innocent Indian men. What is your justification for those heinous crimes by women?

    3. zook

      So what proof do you have of the guy was not guilty. It’s a pain for women to be in a society full of perverts and then when they raise their voice, morons like you shame them and question them. Instead of Using your wise ass brain to seek whether the woman could not see his cock unzipped under his shirt why don’t you ask the guy why would a stranger just go about accusing a man for sexual molestation ? and A hard on can be seen from a loose jean and wearing undies too.. so go take your sherlock ass half brain somehwere else and do your private eye practice.

    4. Babar

      Zook, what proof do you have that the guy is guilty and that this story is not cooked up for attention?

    5. sashank

      I agree with you man ! What losers….I won’t be surprised if this Babar guy is a molestor himself

    6. Anonymous

      Well well
      Mr Babar here has all the time in the world it seems
      Scrolling down the comment section all I see are his dumb-as-fuck comments
      Babar,why won’t it just register in your pea-sized brain that stories as these might be true,might not be true,but is an inspiration nevertheless.
      Not many have the guts to talk about being molested,and this girl just did.
      I agree that there have been many cases of false accusations,but that does not render every story false,does it? People may have been accused wrongly,but does that give them or us the right to point fingers at every girl?!

  149. Shaurya Talwar

    Yes I too agree to Mr. Shailesh Prasad. Ms. Megha stop doing the ‘Poonam Pandey’ and show us some proofs to believe you.

    1. Shailesh Prasad

      Exactly. I am waiting to see some proof.

    2. Lizzy

      It not about how authentic her story is. It is how you take the message in it. What is with people? They would rather live life according to an Aesop’s fable than to an anecdote? You would rather post-mortem the authenticity of the anecdote than blindly follow an ancient children’s story?

    3. Babar

      Lizzy, you are justifying a narrative about molestation being fictional with a lot of ease. What about the hundreds of thousands of false cases of rape, dowry, molestation, and assault across the country which have devastated the lives of innocent Indian men. What is your justification for those heinous crimes by women?

    4. Shailesh Prasad

      You mean to say that we should enjoy it like a movie and learn a moral story from that?

  150. Lizzy

    Good job!! I appreciate wht u did… I too react harshly every time … As they say…a single star fish back may not make much of a ddifference against the tide,…but it sure makes hell of a difference to that one star fish…in this case tht molester. It makes one short of a headache in the society. When will the society….no WOMEN change???

  151. Anonymous

    Though the message this story conveys is great but I still think this story is false and here is why:

    First Scenario
    Firstly if someone touches you from behind, your instinct reaction time to look back will be roughly 1~2 secs. I think if I were to poke someone with my penis and pull it back in my pants and than grab the railings, it would easy take me more than 6 secs or so.

    Second Scenario
    Metro was very crowded, molestors was already unzipped and he just bruised his penis over lady’s ass intentionally blaming the rush for the incident However author clamins that she clearly saw that he was unzipped despite low kurta meaning she and the molestors has some space between them contradicting that the metro was crowded

    Third Scenario
    Kurta was not that low and was morelike a shirt. Still he being unzipped has nothing to do with anything, he cudn’t have taken his thing out and poked you without anyone noticing in such a crowded metro.

    Only cases I see fit in your story is that he pissed on the last station and forgot to zip it and happens to stand behind you, pokes you with his thing taking advantage of rush OR he got actually pushed by crowd OR he molested you with hands definately not dick 😛

    So I think a lot of parts in this story are scripted to make it more interesting perhaps for publicity.

    But surely it sends a positive message to all those girls who restrain from speaking up.

    1. Rajneet Mathur

      dost zada analyse mat karo nahi to Nutan aunty tumhe ‘ANAL’yse kar degi (means tumhari G**nd maar legi)

    2. Abhishek


  152. Nikhil Arya

    Sara youth yahan hai, Nutan didi kahan hai?

    1. Shaurya Talwar

      Nutan tum sangharsh karo, sari murkh ladkiyan tumhare sath hai.

    2. Rajneet Mathur

      Nutan se jo takrayega wo molester kehlayega.

    3. Annonymous

      Nutan didi amar rahe

  153. Ashish

    I agree that cases of molestation happen in Delhi and so as the other crimes as Delhi is a crime infested city now-a-days, but this story will be hard to believe for anyone who travel in metro. In fact some of the portions of this narrative gives an impression that the guy was the actual victim of molestation and harassment. A person at the exit gate in such situation will land up his body part exposed on a crowded platform as the crowd in and out gives you a very little time to get out of metro and if he was not a superhuman or a robot he can’t control some body parts in that time even when his hands are on railing. Apart from that, cameras are installed at the metro gates which would have captured it for sure. Still if we believe it, it is difficult to understand that guy spent time in running from here and there but didn’t pulled up the zipper, it just indicates that either he was very scared of the situation or someone who was mentally impaired. I don’t think the courage to look at someone’s pant under a long kurta to see his zip is open can be admired, think about a guy looking up or down a girl to see what is open there, indeed this act is condemnable and this is just the impaired laws that someone can walk free even after peeking like this. Strangely metro security people were raising the question “Why would this girl lie? After all she is taking the blame on herself”, doesn’t seems good, there are tons of such examples it happens, recently there was a news from Rajasthan where a girl alleged gang rape and while enquiring it police came to know that the girl has a history of more than half a dozen such cases within the city which she retracted later and do so to extort money and harass people, since there is no record keeping and sharing of false complainant (forget the punishment as there is nothing exist in current laws) they will never be able to know the total amount of cases and she is again free to continue this further. Instead of mounting the pressure on someone metro security staff would have referred the camera recording and other evidences but I am not sure they will not be doing that, in fact most of the law and security person don’t do that since even if the guy will be prove innocent (though it will be a very long trouble for him which includes unreasonable long imprisonment and chances are very thin) they will not be harmed as current law set no liability and compensation to keep an innocent guy behind the bars but there will be so many NGOs and commission will make noise if they even not entertain a false complaint. I am so sorry if it hurt someone but there was time then we used to believe and support every such allegation but over the period of time we had to change looking at the magnitude of misuse and no support for innocents and a forced forging of tilted laws by the people who do it for political and financial reasons. Core of the justice should be culprit must be punished and innocents should be protected no matter what is their gender or caste.

  154. Surinder

    Good for you Megha! It takes courage to speak up when you are harassed. This man may now think twice before trying to molest another girl.

  155. Swaroop

    Brave girl! We need more people to speak up like you and even MORE people to support, and not just be silent spectators.

    I really can’t believe some of the people here. It’s because of the people like those, we still have so many crimes on women. Stop victim blaming. I don’t see a reason for her to lie.

    1. Shailesh Prasad

      You are blind if you cannot see the reason. If it is because of people like us that such crimes happen, then it is more because of people like you that innocent people, who maybe even women, are imprisoned or even get convicted for false and baseless charges.

      Also, it is because of you people that women who are really aggrieved do not get justice when such baseless charges are cited. I am saying baseless, maybe not false!

      What do you want us to do? Blindly believe every charge and in future let most of the guys imprisoned or convicted for false and baseless charges?

      Instead of blaming us for crimes against women, it is better that you blame yourself that you did not think of alternative solutions to prevent it, like legalizing prostitution.

  156. Chinni

    Hats off to your courage Meghal. I am from Hyderabad, I saw several such things in public transports happening right in front of my eyes where the bus conductor used to pave his way through the ladies by touching them inappropriately, a senior citizen who may be the age of a grand father of little college and school going girls tries to grope them.
    I got a feeling of frustration at that fine day though i was to get off 3 stops ahead, I decided to move forward and stood right beside him and stamped his foot really hard to vent out my anger. I never said him sorry, I just said to look at the crowd behind. Though not of much help I tried to stop and distract him.

    Such morons are seen everywhere and I am still scared, I get nightmares of my children being abused by some uncivilized bastards. I want to come out of this feeling. How long can I safeguard them, I cant keep saying to myself every single day, thank GOD for this day was fortunate.

    WE HAVE TO pluck these weeds before they destroy the rest. No more suffering in silence…

  157. Diksha

    Hats off to you girl…. you did a great job. but my head has started paining by reading the comments. Guys please for god’s sake, stop this bullshit and stop accusing her of making a fake story. How many of you guys were on metro when she was molested??……. What? I didn’t hear you!!!!!! Oh….. None…. Then how can you assume. Many of you guys said that he wouldn’t have done it in crowded train, probably because he knew people would notice. How can you tell what guts that man has? Does anybody of you know him personally??? Again the Answer is NO!!!! Isn’t it? Okay, now you say that the people must have seen. But the author has clearly mentioned that no one did support her when she screamed on that man, No one bothered to even ask about the matter or support the girl. All they knew was that “it_is_none_of_our_business”. Now answer my question that if they had even seen him unzipping his pants, would they even say a word???? I don’t think so. And the answer is NO again. Some people among you mentioned the point about false rape cases. Yes, to a point, I agree but my logic says, maximum cases are true. Everybody knows that a girl looses her respect (which society gives) once she reports a rape case. How can a girl report a rape case if she knows that she will be seen like a rape victim for her entire life. Yes, some dumb headed girls do that for extortion or some other reason but that doesn’t mean that you start judging each girl and each molestation case. You just can’t do that. It’s just not done. That’s all I wanted to stay!

    1. Diksha


    2. Shailesh Prasad

      Why don’t you first ask the same question to yourself before asking us the same? Where you in the metro train when this incident happened? What? I didn’t hear you? Be clear and loud…. ohhh… No from your side too…. Then how could you also assume otherwise that this incident really happened? HAHAHAHAHA!!! LOL!! 😀 😀

      We are talking about probabilities. Judgements of the court are given on that side which has a higher probability, not because both sides have possibilities. So, judgements are based on probabilities, not possibilities. Therefore, since 9 out of 10 guys would not do it in a crowded area, we have to go by the psychology.
      Again, I ask the same question to you. If we do not know the guy personally, do you know him personally? Again, ‘no’ from your side too. HAHAHA!! LOL!

      People do not do anything? Why? Does people in English oxford dictionary ONLY means guys? Or does it include women too? And it is unbelievable that in that coach not a single women other than the author was there. Whenever any women is treated negatively, even though they might deserve it & maybe justified, many women come automatically to support her, if not men. What happened to women like you now, even though she did not deserve this humiliation? Did you all not come and support that women? Again, the answer is ‘no’ from your side. LOL!

      The Justice demands that whether 99 real offenders are let off, but not one innocent be convicted. Just because maximum cases are true, then that does not mean that we believe every charges without sufficient investigation and evidence. If that happens, then today there are only few false charges, tomorrow the number of false charges would increase exponentially. Finally, a day will come when maximum number of such cases will be false. The live example and evidence are false dowry charges which has increase to a great extent and proportion since 1983 when the law was passed that only on the bases of the complaint of the wife and no other evidence, her husband and her in-laws can be arrested or even convicted. Many such charges have been disproved by audio and video recordings. It has increased to such an extent since 1983 that even my brother has experienced it with his wife.

      Do you know every girl personally? We know that such girls, especially who are ugly, loved to get noticed and appraised that they are beautiful which they are not. That is why they make up such stories, else the biggest defence as an evidence is that which guy would even look at such ugly girls.

      The Judiciary has protected the victim from all grounds from revealing her identity. In every sex-related crime, the woman is referred as prosecutrix and not by her real name. So, now they do not even have to worry that they might loose their self-respect and be defamed in the society. Therefore, they can more willingly make false charges against guys.

      Also, I do not know about others but I have neither accepted this story nor rejected it. I never said that the story is surely a made up one. I neither believe nor disbelieve the story. I have just asked for evidence which I have still not got, and with this attitude, the needle points more towards the possibility and suspicion that the story might be false.

      Moreover, I have one more point of debate other than all those who have their own points. If she was travelling alone, then she should have used the first coach of the train reserved for ladies. Still, she decided to travel in that common coach so that a guy becomes pervert and she gains publicity. Do you have any answer to this? I guess not! HAHAHAHAHA!!! ROFL-LOL!!!

    3. avinash

      Shailesh: are you working in avista tech?

    4. Shailesh Prasad


  158. Urmi

    wow!! well done girl!! cheers. n shame on the dumb society. I promise whenever I see something wrong going on, I will raise my voice against all odds.

    1. Shailesh Prasad

      Are you saying something to me?

    2. Urmi

      No. How did u think so. I just was appreciating the girl for a brave deed.

  159. CF34

    Some people do anything fot publicity, don’t they? And what courtesy are you talking about? Just because you are woman doesn’t mean the whole world should come and fall at your feet…women have become too damn demanding of late..

    1. Anuja

      CF34, mate, your comment and your mentality deserves a standing ovation. A HUGE round of applause for this lovely human here. Do you know how people like you are nothing but a mere source of entertainment for most of us?
      Anyways, coming to your comment, tell me, where exactly did you read the author asking anyone to fall in her feet? Has she mentioned that respecting her stand against injustice should be taken as a means of dominance over men? Dude, respecting women DOES NOT mean falling in their feet! Understand the difference and then open your mouth!
      It’s a pity how suckers like you consider a story of inspiration as a means of publicity. That merely shows the percentage of disrespect YOU have against women! It’s because of people like YOU who discourage the filthy bastards to go out there and shamelessly molest girls. If you haven’t learned how to respect girls and their strengths, shut your fucking mouth! Whatever you think, the author has done the right job of reaching out to all those women out there, and encouraging them to fight for their own safety. Because, hey, cowards like you are obviously not going to come in the form in knights in shining armor and save them.
      Lastly, reality check, mate! We are women, and we DO NOT ask for courtesy, definitely not from people like you! We will fight for our rights, and we DO NOT need encouragement or help. And just so you should know, we are proud of what we have. If you think all this is a publicity stunt, may God help you and give you a broader mentality, because Heaven knows you need it! May the odds be in your favor, mate.
      Feel free to bash me or the author. Trust me, I’d LOVE to answer you back! 🙂

    2. Urmi

      well replied Anuja. (y). perfect answer

    3. k

      Publicity stunt

    4. anuj

      Kudos !

  160. Dr Gaurav Sharma

    i was watching the tv at my clinic when i happened to see citizen journalist and i saw this. its very brave of u to have acted like this. however u should have made a fist of ur hand and swung it back into his groin to first hurt him and then handle him the way u did. this is what is taught to us in Krav Maga

  161. Sourabh

    Honestly I am not a regular in Delhi metro but a Delhi citizen since birth. Knowing how Delhi is and has been, I completely understand that Delhi is full of these Bustards. Kudos to you for showing strength. Thank you so much for writing this. May this give strength to other women travelling in the metros and in general. Will sincerely ask the men to come out in support for women on these unfortunate moments. Next time it can be your wife, spouse, daughter, sister or mother.

    Once again thank you for writing about the incident. I will do my bit to raise voice.

  162. Walter Gokhan

    I cannot understand how can one run with his pant’s zip open. I smell a fake story here.

  163. lucy

    We girls have power…we put any1 in jail by charging such type of cases coz supreme court recently pass the order”only girl saying is enough in sex molesting case no further eveidence needed,And we get appriciation also on it…so girls charge any one from the croud its your world enjoy…if you like any boy face charged him just start screaming on him,boy would b in jail and you will get the appriciation also…till the order pass me and my frnzz putted many boys behind the bars in delhi ncr..and once my frinz Anita chauhan foto also came in the bravery section of times of girls charged any one you want and get the attentionnnnn

  164. Anonymous

    While I do realise that this is a very serious problem but that also makes me fear that if someday, per chance, I forget to zip my pants up and somehow touched any girl in the metro, even by mistake, that’ll be the end of me.

  165. Vikramaditya

    Hats off to you and I am proud of you. I am also sorry no one came to help. I know this is not the law but more effective would have been if the cops had locked him in a cage in the metro station for 8 h and put a sign that this man behaved indecently on the metro–don’t do it or you could end up in here.

  166. katnaganti asha reddy

    Wah what a country rather than applauding her courage few are pulling her saying whore…. is the same you will behave if that happened to your mother or sister or wife ?? before speaking think..

  167. Harish

    This case doesn’t look like a violent one.After the woman resisted he didn’t continue his act.I’m not justifying his act.legally it was wrong.His mistake was touching without consent of the woman.I can’t understand touching without consent gives serious traumatic experience. I’m not talking about violent one like rape.It is a greater degree of comparing to that here just consent missing.If the man realized his mistake and begged for an apology she might have forgive him.I think she overeacted in this case.Sorry if anyone got hurt.

  168. ANITA

    Ladies and my fellow Indian women don’t ignore the act of eve teasing and obscene gestures as just the harsh reality of India. The law of the land (Indian penal code) empowers you with sections to fight this social immorality. Be aware of it.
    You can evoke Section 298(A) and (B) of the Indian Penal Code. This law states that a man guilty of making obscene gestures, remarks, songs or recitation towards a woman can be jailed for up to 3 months. Other laws include, Section 192 of the IPC where showing a woman pornographic or obscene pictures, books or slips can lead to a fine of Rs 2000 along with two years in jail for first time offenders or five years in jail if the offense is a repeated one. And under Section 509, any obscene gestures or comments or indecent language aimed at a woman can result in a year of rigorous imprisonment or a fine or both.
    Knowledge of law is power.
    Please for the sake of womanhood — speak up and wake up!

  169. hitayshi

    THANK YOU for posting this…i travel by train everyday
    you have given me the courage to fight for myself and not keep quiet. This country need more women like you

  170. Aalok

    While I understand that you most likely sensed some kind of unwanted sexual approach from this guy, and, yes, it was unwarranted … I fail to understand how you can blame this guy for touching you with his ‘you know what,’ you looked at him immediately and though his zip was open you did not notice his ‘dk’.
    Also, I see nothing wrong with men and women travelling in separate coaches. You know, women too cause inconvenience to men in crowded spaces, just like men in women’s spaces do.

  171. Anonymous

    I am not against you. I fully agree with you and Support punishment to auch guys. But again my question is , Why girls need Women only coaches? While they still board General coaches and expect guys to vacate seat for them. Thats Bullshit

  172. Arjun Singh bisht

    I appreciate your brave guts, but in this 21st century, whatever a man can do and did, a woman can also do and did same whether it wrong or right that’s why today many people not want to help women…. That guys not a bad guy from his birth so a question is always raise that what things make men like this(emotionless, feel less, isolate toward women, heartless and disrespectful)? Is anyone have answer of this question?
    I have no intention to hurt anyone’s feeling but it is true that what wrong is happening in the earth women are equally responsible for that as men, men are hurting/harassing women and women are also hurting men by their obscenity.

  173. Prajay V

    I did stuff like this and some women like it and cooperate. How is a man even supposed to know even before he makes an attempt how the woman will take it? Why don’t women understand that the man is first entitled to a ‘NO’. And do you even know that it could be psychological illness? Do you know there are compulsive addictive behaviors? Why do some women behave as if this is the only chance they got to screw a man’s life and they vent out all the anger that got accumulated through out their life on one Man. True, no one’s rights should be violated. A woman has the right to be not touched. Likewise every man has a right to make an attempt. Making an attempt is not same a using force. Using force, is going against someone’s wish, which is wrong. Please be little compassionate. Your own friends, brothers, cousins would have done something like this if not to this extent. Please don’t try to make society unfriendly. Fear of punishment wont stop people from committing crimes anyway, if that’s what you think. You think you have the right to Man handle him? (“held his collar and dragged him out of train”). This man might have done many good things in his life. Many others might have seen the good side of him. May be he has a wife and kids. Did you think of them before you sent him to Prison? Now that you successfully sent him behind the bars, are you satisfied? Get sound sleep? No memories of that incident? Shame on you.

    1. Abhinav Alok

      @Prajay V Are you kidding ? Your idea of courtship is molesting random strangers? “How is a man supposed to know before he makes an attempt”? He’s NOT supposed to make an attempt of this kind at all! I really wonder where you come from, where going around exposed is an acceptable behaviour. I am not sure of the person mentioned in the article, but you sir are definitely sick. “Every man has a *right* to make an attempt”? Attempt to molest? You do understand you are talking absolute rubbish? It’s not the behaviour of people like Megha which is making “society unfriendly”, it’s people like you, who go to any extent to justify and condone such despicable, immoral and illegal behaviour. It sickens me to think that someone like can be a part of human species. The man “might have done many good things in life” and that allows him to occasionally take liberties? The balance sheet needs to be matched, is it? “Maybe he has a wife and kids”, then he should have thought about them before doing what he did. Shame on Megha? I am ashamed that you seem to be from the same gender and species that I belong to.

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