[VIDEO] That Awkward Moment When Narendra Modi Made A Star Wars Reference, To Wolverine!

Posted on September 29, 2014 in Media, Politics

“God bless. May the force be with you,” and thus the blaring voice of India’s PM Modi sharing the stage with Hugh Jackman reverberated all around the globe. His oratory skills have already won hearts both in United States and India as his supporters are glued to their TV screens, hooked to the coverage of Modi’s tour of the USA.

The visit has proved to be as controversial (or even more) as everything that this Prime Minister does. While some are rebuking and condemning him for giving up on Climate Change Summit for these tours, others are too overjoyed at India’s arrival on the ‘global stage’.

Modi’s visit to USA conveniently became the topic of discussion (read: satire) on the increasingly popular John Oliver’s show called Last Week Tonight as he showed no resistance with his words in describing the trip. He shot arrows at the whole Madison Square extravaganza and also took to demanding that more celebrities and head of states come in the country with Hollywood stars.

However, he seemed to be displeased with the fact that Modi was standing beside Wolverine and gave a Star Wars reference. Check out the video: