A Boy And Girl Switch Gender Roles, Show How Society Expects Us To ‘Fit In’

Posted on September 26, 2014 in Agenda 1, Body Image, Society, Taboos, Video

An interesting observation recorded through a survey conducted by Agenda1 with 290 children so far, in the NCR, shows that 16% of students answered that it annoys them when boys act in a girlish manner, while 51% answered that it annoys them when a girl acts in a boyish manner. These answers beg the question of whether it is socially unacceptable for girls to adopt boy-associated male roles, but the reverse (boys adopting a girls role) appears acceptable.

We live in a culture that enforces strict codes of behaviour and standards for physical appearance. In the last week, there has been a raging national debate on ‘body shaming’ raised by the Times of India’s comments about actress Deepika Padukone (followed by another explanation where they circle and point to Deepika’s “famous cleavage”). The same newspaper also recently published, “Hot babes with ugly legs”, that solicited more national and international outrage and angry responses.

“I was infuriated by it — but women struggling with their body image are made even more vulnerable. This article is just mean and pointless. We should be focusing on the talent of the women on that list – not what they look like. Angelina Jolie is an Oscar winner and global humanitarian. Sarah Jessica Parker is an Emmy award winning actress and producer and fashion designer. Do you want me to go on? The conversation should be about their achievements”, said Louise Court, Editor-in-Chief of British women’s magazine Cosmopolitan, in an article on September 24th 2014 by The Independent.

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