I Did Not Vote For Modi, But Here Are 5 Reasons Why I Am Modi-fied Now!

Posted on October 8, 2014 in Politics

By Mriganka Dadwal:

Let’s get the basics right. I did not vote for Modi but 171,637,684 fellow countrymen and women did. What followed has been and still is history in the making. The world has warmed up to the Indian Prime Minister and many Modi sceptics around the globe have become his ardent fans. Here are 5 reasons why I choose to be Modi-fied:

Narendra Modi UN Address

1. He is talking the talk: Love him, hate him, you have to credit him. He is a phenomenal orator. Since ten years, every Indian’s ears had been longing to hear the leadership talk. For a country plagued with scams, crimes against women and corruption, the silence from the top quarters was heart-breaking. Enters Modi, and we have a leader who is not just talking the talk, he is saying all the right things. Things every Indian has wanted to hear.

2. He is walking the walk: Inviting SAARC country’s including Pakistan to his swearing-in ceremony was a master-stroke in diplomacy as well as establishing India’ leadership role in the region. Inviting FDI over brunches with top CEOs in US to initiating Adarsh Gram Yojana (Model Villages) for the poor, Modi has shown that he believes in action. Finally, we have a leadership that is giving out a road-map for a better India and its focus is on solutions, not promises.

3. He is motivating the youth to take ownership: Instead of showing people rose-colored dreams, and offering them freebies, he is asking them to be a partner in the nation’s development. No government can usher a revolution until its people take ownership and responsibility. Modi is doing exactly what Mahatma Gandhi demonstrated 65 years ago — harnessing people power!

4. He is accessible to the common citizens: The social media savvy PM is accessible to anyone who wishes to write to him on pmindia.gov.in. Through the website mygov.in, for the first time ever, it seems that someone up there is interested in knowing what ‘We, The People’ think about policies and each one of us has a chance to not just voice our opinion but also contribute towards nation-building by taking on small tasks.

5. Modi has grabbed the world by the eye-balls and no one is complaining: (Well, except certain sceptics) When was the last time an Indian leader left an impact on a global platform? Even his distracters and those who are making spoofs — fact is you have had to acknowledge him. The world is looking towards India with renewed interest and as filmy as it sounds, for me and many others like me, 19,000 people yelling Bharat Mata ki jai on a foreign land (in Madison Square) was nothing less than a Chak De moment!

So to answer why I choose to be Modi-fied, I’ll borrow a phrase from the movie Chak De India:

‘Pehli baar kuch acha ho raha hai, let’s be a part of it’ (For the first time something nice is happening, let’s be a part of it).