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6 Instagram Profiles You Should Follow If You Love Travelling

Posted on October 2, 2014 in Lists, PhotoNama, Travel

By Nihal Parashar:

Many people have been writing regularly about what to do (and what not to do) on social media. Let me give you some more reasons to enhance your social media life. Let us talk about Instagram this time. Also, let us try to bring out the love for travelling that we all cherish!

It is not required to travel 25 days a month to become a certified traveller. It is important to keep the zeal for travelling alive; no matter if you are sitting in your office cubical or preparing for the upcoming semester exam.

Based on my Instagram experience, I have sorted out 6 Instagram profiles which have helped me keep my love for travelling alive. There is no compulsion of following these profiles, but it will definitely be a great experience to explore them.

Steve McCurry: Yes! Steve McCurry is on Instagram. Though I am not really sure whether he uploads the photos himself, or its his team uploading the amazing photos taken by Steve, but it is his official profile. From amazing portraits to exploring stories from various parts of the world- this insta profile will be a delightful experience for you.

The Hindu: It is the official Instagram profile of The Hindu. Known for serious journalism, The Hindu does serious Instagraming as well! Photos shared by The Hindu are taken by various photographers who try to capture the real essence of India.

Jonathan Irish: A Nat Geo photographer, Jonathan Irish is known for his amazing photo stories. From wildlife to landscapes Jonathan has everything to offer. Without doubt, a true travel guru!

National Geographic Travel: Apart from following various Nat Geo photographers, it is great to follow Nat Geo Travel on Instagram. It shares amazing photos by various Nat Geo photographers. And when I say amazing, I mean it!

Robert Clark: An innovative photographer, Robert Clark takes most of the photos from his iPhone 5s (as told on his Instagram profile). Robert Clark shares some of the most intriguing photos I have come across on Instagram. Follow Robert to believe me!

Instagram: I hope you are following Instagram on Instagram! It is my ultimate encyclopaedia when it comes to exploring. There are moments I am awestruck by the kind of photos Instagram shares on its official profile. If you are not following them already, we need to talk!