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18 Situations In Life When You Are Asked To Just Shut Up And Not Speak Out!

Posted on October 27, 2014 in Lists, Specials

By Kanika Katyal:

There are numerous instances in life, almost every day, when you know that you are right, and you are asked to just remain silent. Those very instances make us realise how easy it is for people to subdue our voices. And at the same time, how terribly easy we make it for ourselves to ignore the ‘correct’ voice in our heads and simply “shut up”. If you have been in any of these 18 situations, or any other drastic one of your own, you know what you should be doing next:

1. Parents: Of course you can be anything you wanna be.

Son: Mom, I want to be a fashion designer.
Mom: Shut Up! Tujhe darjii banna hai? Pick Science.


Because they are “kudiyon wale kaam” and none of the kitty aunties would get their suits stitched by you.

2. But Dad, Divya’s parents have also agreed to the outstation trip.

Dad: Shut Up! If Divya’a parents tell her to jump in a well, would you jump too?
Because good girls don’t go on night-outs.

3. After getting nearly molested in a public transport, when I request a friend to accompany me to the nearest Police Station.

Friend: Shut Up! Don’t even think about lodging a complaint. Kitni badnami hogi.

4. Student: But Sir, if we try solving the equation by this method…
Teacher: Shut Up! Who’s the teacher?

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5. Younger brother: Bhaiya, shouldn’t you be wearing a helmet.
Elder Brother: Shut Up! Bada kaun hai?

6. But shouldn’t you wait for your turn, there’s a queue …

Shut Up! Tujhe pata nahin mera Baap kaun hai?

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Because the ratio of you getting served sooner is directly proportional to the loudness and clumsiness of your behaviour.

7. Hey, would you mind not smoking in a public place?
Shut up! Road tere baap ki hai kya?

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8. Hey wait, the signal hasn’t cleared yet.
Shut Up! Ki farak paenda hai?

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9. Excuse me, you can’t be taking pictures of that woman behind her back.
Shut Up and mind your own business. Because, she isn’t your sister or wife.

10. Excuse me, your kid is littering the road.
Shut Up! Mujhe mat sikhayiye ki bacche kaise paalte hain!

11. Being in an abusive relationship.

Boyfriend: Shut up! Don’t you see that I love you?
Why would you make me hurt you?

12. But what’s wrong with these clothes?
Shut up! That’s asking to be raped.


13. Hey! Let’s not drink and drive.
Shut Up!

14. Shut Up! Ye India hai India. Kuch nahin badlega.
So? Aren’t you supposed to be the change you want to see?

15. Excuse me, would you mind not cursing in public, there are children around here?
Shut Up! f%^*&%!# You. Teri @3#$%%&!


16. Reacting to someone getting bullied at school.
Shut Up! What are you gonna do about it, princess?

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17. In a Government office.
Because he’s the chache ke mama ke padosi ki bua ka beta, so he will be attended first. Are you?

Indian elections

18. Excuse me, would you mind not talking while the movie is going on?
Shup Up and aagey dekhna!

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We can’t spend our entire life just being polite. But raising a voice doesn’t make us mannerless or aggressive! So keep calm and speak up.

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