These Children Claim To Have Seen “A Superhero”: A Group Of Journalists Investigate The Reality

Posted on October 19, 2014 in Child Rights, Society

Save the Children and BAFTA award-winning creative agency, Don’t Panic, have unveiled a powerful short film to help raise global awareness about millions of children struggling to survive in some of the poorest and most disadvantaged communities on the planet.

A staggering 17,000 globally and nearly 4000 children under-five in India, are still dying every day from easily preventable causes such as malaria and diarrhea, suffering due to poor or non-existent access to medicines and skilled health workers, in regions and countries where extreme poverty is widespread.

The film ‘Superheroes’ follows a group of journalists investigating multiple sightings of ‘masked figures’ — real life health workers that many children regard as superheroes. The film crew has heard the stories of these mythical figures and is on their trail, determined to be the first to capture evidence of these anonymous protagonists on camera.

Travelling across the globe, from Mexico to Kenya to India, the crew documents the moving stories of young boys and girls who claim to have been saved by these elusive heroes. These are real children – not actors — but children who are supported by Save the Children’s international work and filmed in their real life settings.

Thomas Chandy, Save the Children India CEO said, “Every child should have access to a health worker who can provide the essential care they need to survive. We’re campaigning so that every child is within reach of the quality care they deserve. We want everyone to take action by sharing the film and help spread the powerful stories of children who survive against the odds”.