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An Open Letter To The Indian ‘Pseudo-Intellectuals’: Your Hypocrisy Disgusts Me!

By Ankur Bhatia:

Dearest “Intellectuals” of India,

To start with, I have nothing personal against you. I’ve supported you through all your struggles for LGBTQI community, gender-equality (I find equality a better notion than calling for a particular sex over the other, howsoever bad the situations become), the people displaced for the modern human-encroachments like SEZ and dams, or for the victims of abuse. I’ve supported your activism religiously, but I can’t follow you “brainy” people any more. I’m fed-up of the sheer hypocrisy you exhibit, that overlooks many other aspects of the situations you opine about. I’ll begin with my rant now. The post that shook my wits is as follows and compelled me to frame this piece. Yes, this was the final nail in the coffin.

fb post

Yes, it is the Mars Orbiter Mission or the ‘Mangalyaan’ being talked about above. The morning of 24th of September, 2014, was not a usual one. As I switched to the news on the TV Screen, my eyes shone bright. Our MOM was a success with a minimal cost, and we had become the first nation to have done that in the first attempt. I can’t even comprehend the Facebook status update of the ‘Intellectual’ posted above. Seems like, God hasn’t blessed me with such wisdom. I tried hard and even harder to brainstorm and link the society-part with the satellite-part but failed every single time. Even I get crazy over some aspects of our society, but this piece of news did fill me with a lot of pride. Does he want to mean that our society is not apt, so we should shut down our research-labs and let the ‘First-world’ nations continue with it, so that our scientists go and work for organisations like NASA, and encourage brain-drain (like we’ve been boasting all these years about the percentage of Indians working there)? Or does he want to say that India, as a nation, should not be entitled to ‘produce’ scientists and researchers in the first place, and as a ‘poor’ nation, we should continue with just the primary sector (where economic activity is centred on the extraction of raw materials from the earth, be it agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining or quarrying)? My brain cells are almost dead fathoming. Please let me know if you have any idea about the same. I would like to quote an instance here.

On the 21st November, 1783, in Paris, Benjamin Franklin was among the hundreds of people who gathered in the gardens of the Rue de Montreuil to attend a wonderful spectacle: the first manned flight in history.

The courageous followers of Icare were Francois Pilâtre de Rozier and the Marquis d’Arlandes, using a device invented by the Montgolfier brothers: the hot-air balloon (“Montgolfière” still means “balloon” in modern French).

Of course, people who watched the sight were amazed beyond description; however, as often happens with great discoveries, some sceptics loudly expressed their contempt for the invention. One of them clutched Franklin’s arm and asked him scornfully:

“Monsieur, franchement, à quoi peut bien servir de s’envoler dans les airs?” (Sir, frankly, what’s the use of flying in the air ?)

To which Franklin replied:

“Monsieur, à quoi peut bien servir l’enfant qui vient de naître ?” (Sir, what’s the use of a newborn baby?)

Hey Left extremists! As an eager follower, I’ve followed your posts on social-media for a long time, and have observed a unique pattern in them. You criticise things, and criticise hard, like ripping them apart, but selectively. I’ll elaborate. Some days back, the heir of Pakistan Peoples Party, His Highness, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s ‘inch-by-inch’ euphemisms over Kashmir rocked the social media. He has gained so much recognition all over India that he is termed as Pakistan’s Rahul Gandhi now. Scaling such an amazing feat in such a short span of time is not less than an achievement in itself. Now, when you people shout out from the rooftops for even an ant being run over by some egotist, this is a piece of news that deserves special mention from your side, but you choose not to. I’m very disappointed. I had very high hopes riding on you. You didn’t utter a word when the ceasefire was violated n number of times from the other side of the border, but as long as I remember, you did with “War is not the only solution” when our defence forces retaliated. You chose to ignore the praise-worthy efforts of the Indian Army in Kashmir during the recent floods in the state, because of the shameful Kunan Poshpora incident, but have chosen to highlight the plight of Yasin Malik in the past, even though he was caught sabotaging the relief operations recently, by stopping a boat rescuing the people and asking the patients to get off (which was strongly protested by some local women in the vicinity. So, Nawaz Sharif proclaiming in UN General Assembly that “women in Kashmir are suffering” does make sense). Let’s not call it a sin and forgive him as “to err is human”. I’ve seen you lampooning Kapil Sharma for his sexist jokes, but you’ve rightly let Russell Peters (of an Indian origin) pass off easily with his racist jokes, because he has a global presence now. Kapil is still wow-ing the desi audience. Good job!

Sometime back, an activist friend of mine who’s bashed Yo! Yo! Honey Singh on numerous occasions for his misogynistic lyrics was listening to Eminem, the Rap-Legend of our times. I asked him if he had listened to “Ass like that”, among others. He knew where it was going. As I was about to include Snoop Dogg and Jay Z in the conversation, he interrupted me by saying “Bhai ! Some-things are bound to be and should remain different between them and us.” I nodded my head with amazement. Now, when the topic concerned is misogyny, I should elaborate a bit more. As far as I can recall, you people did compare Diljit Dosanjh, a Punjabi Singer-Actor with Yo! Yo! Honey Singh, for lyrics of a song, but you didn’t when the same word was used by Meet Bros and Anjjan in the year’s top chartbuster, and hummed by Kanika Kapoor, a female. Do you have any damn idea how insulted she felt not getting your attention, and was depressed by not getting ridiculed by you?

I’ve heard Modi and Feminism a lot from your side. It’s not true that I haven’t supported you for all the Human-Rights violated in these contexts. I have, and always will. Trust me. Now that you have my word on that, can I have your two cents on Economy, GDP, Science and Technology and Defence as well? You’ve been very less vocal as far as these topics are concerned. I don’t think that you’re going to talk about even the little improvement in the credit ratings of our economy by Standard and Poor’s. I don’t even think you’re going to talk about RJ Naved’s fitting response to Bilawal Bhutto, taking in consideration your old habit of ‘selective response’. I might sound rude but I don’t think that you understand even the “E” of Economy, or the repercussions of a developing country’s continuous fall in GDP and credit ratings. I would like to share here some Hindi lines composed by Bhak Sala, a popular blog on Facebook, which seem to be very apt.

“Mere dard ke bare me
Split AC kamre me baithne wala
Woh aadmi likhta hai
Jise Tees degree se zyada garmi par
Heat Stroke ho jaata hai
Meri bhookh ke bare me
Leather Sofa par baithne wala
Woh aadmi likhta hai
Jisne bas isliye khaana nahi khaaya
Kyoki calories zyada na ho jaae
Meri jhopdi ki badhaali par
Pachheesvi manzil par baitha hua vo aadmi likhta hai
Jisne laakh rupay ki painting khareedi hai
Kyoki usme ek badhaal jhopdi thi
Mere bhukhe nange bachhe
Dhoop, thand aur baarish me
Footpath par khush hain
Unhe bas eente uthane do
Tumhari Intellectual bakwaas se
Farebi ki boo aati hai.”

Now, some would call me a loser-living-far-from-reality, some an attention-seeker, while many would call me an AAP-tard. I’m ready to face the consequences for the sake of venting out my pent-up frustration. If to one, it is intellect, it is nothing more than ‘glorified hypocrisy’ to me. Well, to conclude and sum it up, I just have a simple message to you all. You people are as dangerous as the Right-Extremists, the only difference is that that they usually don’t talk logic, but you people at-least claim that you base your arguments on rationale. So, till the time you don’t get a holistic (as Mr. Manish Tiwari puts it) know-how about the affairs other than those you’re a champion at, it would be really better if you kept your mouth shut as grapevine, speculations and rumours have been eating up our nation.

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  1. Aditya Malpani

    God level bhai…

  2. Pranjal

    Nice post. Welcome to the class of intellectuals, yourself. One can become intellectual in two ways, i.e following the main strands of cultural criticism, or providing a strong cultural criticism yourself. Now watch as you become the new orthodoxy! haha!

  3. Karishma

    I love this ….

  4. Sahil Singh Chaudhary

    Brilliant! This article seems as if you somehow took my messed-up, chaotic thoughts and arranged them into something coherent. Down with the farebis!

  5. Nikhil


  6. Shabeeb

    Couldn’t have put this together any better! a calm collected rant.

  7. Swati

    This reminds me of this idea that I came across somewhere and it has stayed with me.
    It goes on something like… Say if a person is working to make their street cleaner… you shouldn’t belittle their cause and say but why do you care about this when world hunger is still an issue.

    We all basically fight for causes that are most important to us or we can relate to and all causes are important to humanity as a whole…I guess the guy whose status you shared failed to understand that. And I observe that, because of social media, we ALL have voices and this sort of half-thought criticism is becoming so common everywhere from comments to statuses to tweets. Pretty sad.

  8. vanya

    Thank you so much for sharing this view. Because these narcissists were getting all jumpy about coming up with another so called ” caring for the poors of the country ” quote, when they themselves turn a blind eye towards the poor on the street.

  9. jyotsna

    Well said.
    Most easiest thing – criticism without solutions. They would argue with anyone on the basis of their borrowed knowledge which is far from reality

  10. Gaurav Kamal

    Ankur Bhatia has called stupids as intellectuals. . Probabaly he has been trying to b intellectual y copying cat psuedo intellectuals.. Hope he wil follow real intellectuals .. .. Intellectuals … Though thy r rare .. They r there. Stupid piece of writing!!! Will be liked y stupids. Well Mars s not an indigenous product that s one n thus needs ol criticism from around d world!! India s claiming too much. To b an intellectual shud be d aim of everyone’s life. The writer’s argument s like a growing up kid who thinks that parents dont want him go out bcoz o obsitinacy only… An acts stubborn goes on breaking things to b allowed to step out. He doesn’t want to read Karl Marx but s ready to criticize those who do n who give their support to those who hv read in newys. He wants to say that to b a leftist one must live like a beggar o there s no way out!!! To protest against environment one must walk naked n hungry on d road!!! Well d writer’s notion o an activist s NT even close to activist but a complete misunderstanding. If he has learnt wrong things n wrong definitions .. At max d one who taught him d wrong lessons shud b blamed at d best he shud correct himself. To go on n question d intellectuals who are like guides lights enlightening d ignorants n giving d reasons to learned to b alert n use their intelligence n NT prostitute it .. s a big cause. To question them and criticize them s to take up prostitution y choice in prsence of all necessities one has for living n its shameful!! N to advertise it n attempt to popularise such writings is like pimping!!

  11. Prashant Kaushik

    Why this happens and they still never realize ? Explained-

    There are 2 ways for a person to grow up the ladder..

    1) First observer and then derive.
    2) First derive and then observe.

    Indian intellectuals belong to the 2nd category. They first do the derivation even though they don’t realize they are doing so. They arrive at some conclusion unconsciously soon after they have started reading the western sociological, philosophical or political thinkers. This is natural. You read 100 stories, or see 100 photographs or hear 100 songs, is it possible you still retain a blank slate in your mind at the close of last item ?
    Now they return to Indian societies, and start observing with some already existing inherent conclusion in their minds.
    Thus they are highly opinionated even before they start observing. And after few years they produce enough xeroxed study material which would be passed on to future generations. The cycle continues.

    So, mostly, Indian intellectuals are vastly disconnected from Indian realities. They just borrow their ideas from the western Literature and writers even when they think they are creating something new. They are a burden because everything they spit out is a Photostat copy of some ideas generated and some conclusions arrived long ago somewhere outside this country.

  12. anisha gupta

    One of the most intellectual article about the so called social intellectual people and the most hypocrite people.

  13. :)

    You proved that you are an engineer and thus as most of them are a pseudo-intellectual as well. Try and take up a masters in social sciences (you are sensitive enough, you will do well in it) and my advice to you would be read more! The critique of Mangalyan, is not to push India into a primary sector economy, No left thinker will vouch for that, it’s the selective up gradation of technology that left has problems with. Why not develop technology to clean sewers without humans getting inside them, why not develop technology to store your grains better, make roads safer, Clean Ganga first, its people friendly technology that left wants not a man eater one. I am posting a translation of Nazim Hikmet’s Poem in Hindi for you.
    वे चाँद पर जाएंगे
    और उससे भी आगे उन ऊँचाइयों तक
    जिन्हे दूरबीनें भी नहीं पकड़ सकती,
    लेकिन ज़मीन पर
    आख़िरकार कब कोई भी भूखा नहीं होगा
    या किसी से खौफ़ नहीं खायेगा
    या कब लोग यहाँ वहां धक्के नहीं खायेंगे
    दुतकरे नहीं जाएंगे
    उनका हक़ मारे नहीं जाएंगे?
    चूँकि में ये सवाल उठता हूँ,
    कम्युनिस्ट कहा जाता हूँ!

    Regarding the point you raised about the silence of left of on border strives, My friend let your patriotism not blind you to the fact that when a war happens people from both sides of the border die. People who Say एक देश नहीं , एक खेत नहीं, हम सारी दुनिया मांगेगे! they can’t just talk in a blind patriotic way. War is an essential feature of Capitalism, and this is not just a Marxist idea, your Capitalistic Keynes ( I doubt if you have heard of him) also supports that. The arm lobbies of the advanced capitalist countries do play a major role in continuous wars be in Middle east, India, Pakistan etc etc…. Don’t listen to those pseudo-Lefties that you have started following on facebook and twitter, the real ones are never found there. The real ones are working hard at the ground level, in the thick forests of Dantewada, away from the public eye to make this world a better place, to give this world an alternative.
    You are very right in pointing out the fact that most of left speakers don’t live the life they advocate, there is a huge gulf. Let me say this, they are pseudo as well, unless you live the life, you preach you can’t be an intellectual. Writing papers, reading numerous books, giving seminars etc are not the criteria to judge.

  14. Srishti

    I don’t think a facebook post should bend or change your opinions either way. And what made them pseudo you don’t say.I personally think name calling and their over use of the word as an ill thought-out insult has rendered it meaningless beyond an insult thrown around by people incapable of having a nuanced conversation. Was it that you didn’t agree with their views on the subjects you mentioned or that you didn’t ask them about it. Because if their opinions in the opening para are what they say they are a simple google search to alternatives to the neo-liberal economy appear.Also economy goes beyond the stock market and ratings in which at most 1% of the population is invested and interested. A country in which a majority of the workers are informal and informalisation of labour has increased at a rapid pace. The financial economy despite the hype affects a miniscule number of people.(

    But then again I’m not really on facebook or listen to any of the people you mention. I’ve heard of them through the news though I wish I hadn’t, paid-PR seems to want to force us to become aware of entities who aren’t worth being made aware of.

    My issue with Mangalayan was (Again) the way it was covered, not the mission itself.Also people go to NASA to become astronauts, not merely for research purposes which most of their home countries offer. And I have yet to meet anyone who was anti-science unless they were critical of the way resource allocations were done. I would probably to the right of your friends on social issues(based on the limited info) as I don’t overnight ‘revolutions’ change anything or that they historically have but simply asking the people you’re pissed with about their economic views would maybe give you closure instead of providing fresh bait to the ever-pervasive right wing troll.

  15. Kapil

    Gr8 stuff Brother but pseudo-intellectualism is a symptom only; the real problem is the shell we’ve confined ourselves from law of nature or realism. I believe that Intellect can’t be raised by knowing or manipulating facts to ridicule anyone but to understand about various faiths, beliefs & circumstances which requires patience and sometimes skills too. Our education system makes us so dumb & lame that we lost basic human ability to question/investigate on the basis of logic. Also, Digital age becoming a curse rather than boon for us as it’s reducing the human interaction as it supposed to be; a fake sense of connectivity and liberalism and idealism is being pushed in our minds.

    Media also acting as a catalyst(but’s it not their fault) to ignite youth and to waste precious time in discussing non-issues preventing us from earning ‘demographic dividend’ which India as a whole can offer. Negative propaganda like “Delhi isn’t safe for women” not only tarnished the image of city but cover-up all other positives also; therefore explore the nation/state/city for various ethenticities & places and try to make your own opinion, not a borrowed one. it’s interesting to know that most of foreigners tend to visit unheard parts of India then why can’t us, when we are so much resourceful these days.

    Perception can be changed but require cool-headedness and logic, you can’t force anyone. Your article provides an instant relief for idiocy going on but it says only about symptoms not the disease.

    Such topix also provides spiritual angle to heal the issues but should be taken is right manner rather than a platform to serve ego’s. Anyways ridiculing is easy!

  16. Indu

    atlast someone said it

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