Dear Clueless Preachers Of “Organic Living”, Here”s Bursting the Bubble of Your Hypocrisy

Posted on October 2, 2014 in Environment

By Shivansh Chaudhary:

For all clueless preachers of ‘Organic Living’, the much hyped phenomenon can be defined as a spiritually misleading extravagant lifestyle, often sustained through forceful dependence on products that have been made through, apparently, natural processes; thereby, thinking of this practice as a major contribution in maintaining the ecological and bio diversity balance in the world.

organic living

The question is not being raised on the effectiveness/ethnicity of organic farming at all. It is a scientifically proven approach that relies on sustainable agricultural practices like crop rotation, compost, etc. and avoids synthetic fertilizer, petrochemicals and other unhealthy activities. However, the commercialization of the whole idea is unsavoury.

It began on the note of providing a healthier living for the farmers, a greater annual crop yield with a promise of sustainability, strict avoidance of synthetic and artificial techniques of farming and an organic lifestyle for the consumers of household products. But then, the marketing demons glamorized the intent by manifold and created a fashion statement of “Being Organic”.

Brands like People Tree and Fab India have been successful in touching the sentimental chords of the general public in convincing them about the need of going the organic way for a healthier tomorrow. Very soon, this became a status symbol for the rich who could afford to choose their lifestyle any-which-way. Once a trend becomes a status symbol, it become obligatory to follow for those who are making efforts to get classified as rich! For the middle class, it became a luxury and more of a teaser.

Ethics are often sidelined in a flourishing business and very soon the organic products started being replaced with semi hybrid products that do use non organic techniques but target the customers with the same emotional sentiments. It was good till we were restricted to organic medicines, cosmetic products and herbs. But then it spread to organic clothes, utensils and what-not. The same lady, who flaunts a leather purse around her shoulder, makes all the fuss in the world about having only organic clothing in her wardrobe. This further spread to the concept of organic tea that apparently simulates pure feelings in your soul. Most of the people I know, gulp this tea down their throat, constantly bickering and cursing the bad taste, yet hoping that pure feelings are being simulated. In the middle of this vicious circle, the intent of a healthier living has been diminished.

Let us ask a few questions to ourselves. Are we choosing brand over lifestyle, glamour over intent and profit over sustainability? In the growing industry of organic living, are our farmers getting any richer? Maybe a day or two with the farmers practicing organic farming will burst the bubble of hypocrisy.