Murder, They Wrote: An Open Letter To The ‘Monstrous Parents’ Who Killed For ‘Honour’

Posted on November 24, 2014

By Arunima Gururani:

To the monstrous parents,

In times like these, I feel ashamed to be part of a society in which there are monsters like you. I’d like to say that you don’t deserve the right to be alive right now. You thought marrying in a different caste was a crime? You thought she’s brought your name down by doing so? And what did you do? You killed her. Because your pride was more important than her life, because you didn’t have the guts to support her and because, it seems, that you never truly loved your child.


Yes. You never loved her. If you did, she’d be alive. You are the reason for our society’s downfall. What have we come to? Finding honor in killing? Killing our family? Do you even have a heart?

For all those who think that this happens in the rural realm of India, the ‘Bharat’ part of the country, you’re wrong. This is New Delhi. The capital of our country. The place where the ‘educated’ people reside. And her- she was like us. A student of the University of Delhi, just like a lot of us. So, did her parents think she wasn’t to be educated? Not so. She was a student at one of the nation’s best known institutions. And, when she got educated, you didn’t like it. You didn’t like the way she questioned the orthodox ideals you carried. So you killed her. A girl of my own age, apparently from a background that we term as good, was killed by you. Her parents. I want to ask you people a lot of things. Did you not shiver? Did you not cry? Did your heart not break as you strangled the life out of your own daughter? Your pride took over you like a hurricane. Shame on you. You’re disgusting. Also, you monstrous ‘parents’, there is never honor in killing, there is only sin.

I apologise for being a part of a society which has people like you and I am ashamed.


Yours Truly,

A student of DU

A citizen of the country

A daughter

A girl

And most importantly,

A human being

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