3 Shocking Statements That Show How The Police Trivialises Sexual Violence!

Posted on November 25, 2014 in Gender-Based Violence, Lists, Society, Specials, Taboos

Curated by Dhruv Arora for Amnesty International India:


Can women expect the criminal justice system to support them through the process of registering reports of sexual violence? Join the conversation at #readytoreport


How can the attitude of ‘it’s her fault’ be overcome to ensure safer and more dignified reporting? Join the conversation at #readytoreport


What are the reasons why women choose not to report sexual violence to the police? Join the conversation at #readytoreport

But, there is still hope!


How can the police provide for a safer and more comfortable environment for reporting sexual violence? Join the conversation at #readytoreport

Amnesty International India has launched ReadyToReport.in, an effort to ensure that women who choose to report sexual violence can do so safely, with dignity and without facing prejudice.