These 5 Crazy People Are Unreasonably Excited About CONVERGE!

Posted on November 26, 2014 in Youth Ki Awaaz news

By Artika Raj:

As CONVERGE, the first in a series of talks by YKA gets underway; the team at Youth Ki Awaaz is but obviously very excited. We’re an excitable people you know. Many things get us going, jumping on our feet, occasionally practising skidding on our office floor (maybe a little more than occasionally, say at 30 minute intervals?! everyone’s got their own pace) and in those rare moments, breaking into Royals in harmony. But that this Saturday, Barsoom will have us hosting our very own event, with our friends in tow, the mood is downright Pharrell Williams drugged-up Happy!

Wondering at what all this happiness is really about? I mean the talk is going to be spectacular of course, we’ve made sure of that. But here’s a little more, straight from the horse’s mouth. From Us. The Team. On what’s really going to make CONVERGE kicka**!

Anshul Tewari (Founder, Editor-In-Chief)
For the longest time, most of the ‘inspiring’ youth talks have not been delivered by young people. A severe lack of events and summits that make young people’s participation inclusive leaves most of us on the sidelines of these conversations. CONVERGE creates a power shift! It is a platform that turns the top down approach into a peer-to-peer one, and reshapes the narrative around social change and culture.

Woah. So Anshul may have skipped my brief. Can’t really blame him guys, it’s way too close to the event. And his funny bone is buried in his kitchen garden safely till the whole thing is over. But here is the real dig from the rest of the team:

Artika  (Managing Editor)
Because we’re going to get to go completely Hannibal on our speakers’ brains, picking at them till we’ve drained them of all their knowledge (True Blood style) and emptied our question bank. And also because our Editor-in-Chief is offering all team members multiple rounds of JD on the rocks at the after-party. All for if we just show up sober. He doesn’t know this yet of course.

Akhil (Senior Editor)
I haven’t done anything about it, will just be there for the free food.

Tanaya (Executive Editor)
There are enchanting stories, awesome storytellers, engrossing conversations, the coolest group of people gathered at one place. And then there is me – enviously waiting for a bullet train to connect my city with Delhi so I can be at that one event called CONVERGE.

Dhruv (Head of Engagement)
Picture this: Two velociraptors engaged in a battle to death with one Tyrannosaurus Rex on an island surrounded by flesh eating pirhanas and prehistoric predator birds. Now imagine our speakers. If you still need to ask me why Converge will be awesome, you need to re-evaluate your life or something.

Kirrat (Digitial Campaigner)
I’m travelling right now but in one glimpse, how I feel:


In case you’re wondering what CONVERGE is all about, click here.