Why The World Needs To Sit-Up And Notice: Because No, We Are Not ‘Just Young’

Posted on December 10, 2014 in Society

By Analita Seth:

I, am the youth of this country. A country that is developing each day, mechanising everything for posterity as the chant of progress and growth takes over. Slowly and steadily, numbing and loud. It is this world that questions me, my young years, that I stand up to.  Immature, young, irresponsible, ignorant – it calls me many names. But one thing it cannot do, is to silence me. It cannot lock me up within the ominous four walls, because I am the future of this country. And I’m stronger than ever before.


So what if I am young? What is it really but just a state of mind, a matter of years and definitely not a measure of what I think and what I do. With a passion that runs deep and a will that holds strong, I stand up today and call out to every person out there, who believes that this world, our home, needs us today more than ever before. What I believe today, will become your future tomorrow and I will strive to make it better for you. Yes, I’m the youth of the country that teaches me to bow in respect, but today I look up straight into the eyes of every man who underestimates my power.

I dream, like anyone else, of an idyllic world where a river flows crystal blue, with all its frothing might. Where a girl walks confidently at whatever time of the day. Where the government is for the people, of the people and by the people in all its literal sense. And where no country needs a piece of paper to end a war. Yes, I dream of an age that empowers the environment just as much as man. Where people think and care about the air they breathe, rather than the brand of air conditioner that cools it.

I get up each morning, turn the pages of the newspaper and feel the angst at the state my country is in. But then I think of the change I can bring if I just decide to join in, stand up, and make myself heard. All it needs is the fire of my raging words to translate into action, to change that is tangible, and it will be a glorious time. For me and my country.

Let’s not blame anyone this time, let’s not curse the world for what it has become, instead let’s equip ourselves and bring about the difference. Save the girl, save humanity. Save water, save the planet. Let’s not define youth by a number, let’s define it as a power. A power so strong that it can shake the world. So now it’s not just me or you, it’s every human with a will to make change happen.

The youth of a country is responsible for not only its future, but also its present. If it works today, only then will it shape what comes tomorrow. Across the globe, young and active people have come out on streets to put an end to all the things that stop a country from true development. The Arab Uprising, the American protest against the war in Iraq, the Nirbhaya candle march for justice – all these are accounts of how we the youth of a country can influence the world, forcing it to listen to what no longer can be silenced.

It’s time to come out of our houses and get ready to work for a bigger cause. It’s time to save the environment. It’s time to turn off the ignitions, put off those air conditioners, pull back the hand that was about to throw trash on the road and instead, stand up tall to save the environment.

I am responsible for today and tomorrow, yes, I’m the youth of your country, our country, but no, I’m not just young.

I strive to be the change today. I strive to work for a cause this very moment. It’s time. And I start with the Yamuna. Cleaning up the years of mess, disregard and disrespect – I will change the course of its future by working for it in the present.

Most of us don’t even know of a time that the Yamuna ran clean and blue. Everyday, 2000 million litres of sewage is discharged in the Yamuna! Delhi alone contributes to 70% of the pollution in Yamuna. The commitment to clean the river has been echoing for over 2 decades and lobbied through manifestos, policies and agendas. It is time to take charge as individuals to shape this commitment into reality. This International Volunteer Day celebrate the revival of Yamuna and make your effort count! Click here to take action.

I for change, You for change, We for change. Swechha has given us a platform to fight the odds and rise above the ignorance that the society faces.
I start on December 14th, 2014. When do you?