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“Main Obama Se Milna Chahti Hoon”

Posted on December 10, 2014 in Specials

By Gauravi Saini:

I am a very regular girl who always wanted to meet Mr. Barack Obama and the recent Rohtak Sisters incident just made my dream of meeting him become all the more possible.

Now all I need is the cooperation of two brilliantly besharam actors (who will of course be paid by me). I will be honest and not hide that this article is nothing but an effort to make this dream of mine into a reality with the help of those two actors I am desperately searching for. So all you guys who want to eke immense public attention, get super famous, and of course earn a hefty amount of money, this is an offer of a lifetime. Those interested, I suggest that you read till the end.

Oh by the way the reason for me penning down this plan is a video (embedded below). I started off writing this as a post with 4-5 lines on Facebook but then decided to reach out to the best of the talent, and that too through a better platform.

Just to make it a little clear, I never saw the first Rohtak Sisters’ video in the first place because I could imagine the sisters doing their act of bravery in the moving bus with on-lookers seated on shredded seats of the Haryana Roadways bus just inches and feet away with the sisters’ relentlessly performing their drill. I could also see myself saying “I swear had I been in their place I would have done the same, may be worse- my friends and family know I would have; I may doubt myself for once, but I vouch that they won’t”. Anyways, this is just not the reason why I am writing all this here.

But I did see this second video (provided above – you may see it, well please do, I insist). Now after I saw this video, I was compelled to see the first video, just to verify a few facts listed in the second video, particularly one about the girl having a men’s belt with her and the second claim that she had been looking again and again at the camera just to check whether the video is being recorded or not.

Now after having seen both the videos, of course with utmost honest intentions, I was again compelled to think of the following:

This video of the Rohtak Sisters episode has definitely taken the internet by frenzy. People have gone crazy at the guts showcased by these two sisters, who upon being eve-teased decided not to let go of the three men in a bus and thrashed them straight away with belts, kicks, slaps, punches and what not.

Whoa! Great guts. These two sisters are definitely the modern Indian girls who are not scared of men who harass them and decided to take a stand and have them punished, then and there, that too face-to-face. Yes. The Indian woman, let’s call her “Shakti” and bestow some more respect towards her, has finally arrived. I am calling her “Shakti” because long back in a school assembly speech I started a speech on female empowerment with the lines “I call her Shakti” and just to brag a little, I did receive accolades later. Thank you, Thank you.

Anyway, coming back to the Rohtak Sisters again, since I saw the second video before the first, my mind was again and again coming back to the point that what if it’s true? What if that bus ticket the lady shows in the beginning of the video is true? What if? What if?

I know 8 out of 10 times the guys are to blame, but this still could be true. After all this is what I see in Delhi Metro. Girls sometimes unreasonably complain in the metro. I thought about all the possible incidents/arguments I have witnessed between men and women in the Delhi Metro. I could recall a man saying – “Men today have made their plight so much worse that even if someday some guy really would be innocent then too no one would ever believe him and it will only be the woman who will be supported and believed”.

So what if the act of bravery of the Rohtak Steel Sisters (as Barkha Datt addressed them in her interview) was a mere stint for publicity? But at the same time I thought what if this second video is some sort of paid news too? It’s not that I am saying it is, but it could be, right? There is no denying the fact this too holds a strong possibility, unless anyone comes out with another sting operation video claiming it to be the truth. You must be thinking Oh god! Give me a break. Too many videos to deal with. Right?

Well just like you, my brain too was struggling with the possibilities that if the first video is a publicity stunt as claimed by the second video (link above) then we should not reason out the possibility of this video itself being paid news coverage. Oh! Now please don’t you dare blame me for over-thinking because with all the paid news propaganda doing the rounds these days, being a very mango person, I am bound to get confused between the two versions of the incident.

In fact, a gentleman’s comment on the video link too says that this is a paid video by the Khap to save their ‘boys’. Yes it could have been recorded purposely by the Khaps to save their ‘boys’ from the shame that they have been openly bestowing upon girls by saying things like mobiles and denims are making the girls crazy and uncultured. Well, if this is true then only Lord help western garment conglomerates like Levis and Lee.

And it was from here that I stumbled upon the idea that why in the world should one worry about Levis & Lee? Saving them was never on my agenda. In fact all that we are always taught is to think about our own benefit. “Bas apni socho. Apna fayda dekho, doosron ka kya hai,” bas phir kya tha, I got such a rapchik plan for making my dream of meeting Mr. Obama come true.

So, now I am on a lookout for two-three guys and a camera-person so that we could do a similar stunt, get a bravery award by Modi government (since they do not believe in thinking) and then receive it on 26th January in the august presence of Mr. Obama. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Well honestly, I am open to brain storming and innovating about the whereabouts of the location, like to do it in a bus or a train, or Delhi metro would be even better, right? So the eligibility requirements for the boys will be decent actors in order to enact an eve -teasing/molestation/harassment scene, and we will definitely capture the teasing part too, unlike the Rohtak sister’s video where only the poor guys are shown being beaten up. So my dear boys, you will have to be brave enough to tackle the public shame which will be coming your way after we upload the video on YouTube. But don’t you worry; you will be rightfully paid for the same.

Also be assured that I am one hundred percent going to be a public hero after the upload, and I am really anticipating Barkha Dutt interviewing me for the same, like she did with the Rohtak Sisters. Barkha Mam, we could even do a studio interview because I am located in Delhi, if you are reading this, you are most welcome to thank me later when we finally meet, for being so considerate and thinking of you in the best possible means. I may then give credits to my parents and teachers, who have always taught me to be considerate enough and think of helping anyone and everyone possible. After all, I am very proud of my Bhartiya Sanskriti and sanskars. And, we have to make this interview a success. After all the only thing I am eyeing from this entire stint is that bravery award in the grand presence of Mr. Obama. Did I tell you that I always wanted to meet him? Since he will be here next month in my own Dilli, at humare apne President’s House, why should I go through the tedious task of obtaining the US ka visa shisa and travel miles to meet him at his White House? OMG I just cannot stop congratulating myself on concocting such a great plan, which has the least chance of going unsuccessful.

After all who would ever doubt a woman’s plea for justice when she has, with so much of effort, publicly fought two-three men and even has made the proof available electronically. I am even dead sure no onlookers would ever come forward and take the boys’ side, which again makes my plan foolproof. Yayyiiee. Awesome plan it is. So all you boys who need to get famous and do not mind getting it through public shame may get in touch with me. Wondering why such rounds of interviews, well it is a big task after all, and I only want the best two-three of you out there.