#AAPSweep On Twitter Through 9 Of The Best Satirical Cartoons

Posted on February 16, 2015 in Politics

By Gayaz Ahmed:

History was redefined in Delhi with Aam Aadmi Party becoming the single largest party, thanks to their historic 67-03 win against BJP. Following this humungous victory, AAP then displayed its dominance on Twitter with hashtags such as #AAPSweep, #AAPStorm, and #MufflerMan setting exponential trends for the following couple of days. In this generation, where micro blogging has become the most powerful tool to express one’s views, these tweets exhibit the trending throb of the largest democracy.

There were many hilarious and satirical cartoons that were posted as well, reflecting the uncharacteristic dominance of Kejriwal in the Delhi elections. Here are some of the popular ones: