Terence Lewis Tells You Why Not To Dance At These Weddings

Posted on March 24, 2015 in Human Rights, Society, Taboos, Video

By Akhil Kumar:

Did you know that 720 million women alive today were married before the age of 18?! Is it any wonder then, that India has the 2nd highest number of child marriages in the world?

In this very brief video, Terence Lewis highlights a practice, which in spite of being illegal, is still going on with impunity in India. You’ve known him as one of the judges in the reality dance series Dance India Dance, here he talks about an important issue that needs urgent attention. As a brand ambassador of Dance4Life, he is calling out and seeking support for this very crucial issue because ‘remaining silent is as bad as being a part of it’.

Watch the video, and sign the pledge to help end this injustice:

Watch the video in Hindi here.

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