[Video] ‘Why Do Indian Men Rape?’

Posted on March 18, 2015 in Gender-Based Violence, Masculinity, Society, Specials, Taboos, Video

By Akhil Kumar:

Delhi Slam poetry, a performance platform that brings together slam artists from South Asia and the world, recently released this satirical piece on the bizarre explanations we hear from politicians and other public figures on rape and sexual violence. ‘Why Indian Men Rape?’ is a scathing take on the rape apologists and the misogynist public influencers. “Let rape culture not define Indian culture”, they say. This comes just in time to add momentum to a renewed public shaming campaign by various individuals and organisations making rounds on social media, targeting these very public figures that Prerna addresses in this video. Check this photo album we uploaded on our Facebook page – Shit Victim-Blamers Say.

Here’s Prerna Manian’s satirical guide to the theory of rape and how Indian girls should prevent it. Watch and tell us what you think!

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