[Video] What It’s Like To Live In The Place With The ‘Dirtiest Air In The World’!

Posted on April 26, 2015 in Environment, Video

By Anugraha Hadke:

The fact that Delhi is highly polluted is clear as day. By the time I complete the 10 minute walk between the metro station and my office, I feel like I can peel off an entire layer of dust from my skin.

With particulate levels in the capital at 20 times more than the WHO safety limits, Delhi has surpassed Beijing to become the city with the dirtiest air in the world. Which basically means that we’re breathing poison on a daily basis. There is a consistent rise in respiratory diseases, and if something isn’t done about this soon enough, Delhiites would soon be seen adorning astronaut-like suits before stepping out of their homes.

Watch this CNN report of how a group of students from various colleges of Delhi University have come together to raise awareness around this issue that is going almost unnoticed. This is because we are so focused on other visible problems like food, electricity, fuel prices etc., and the quality of the air we are breathing becomes secondary.

A must watch not just for Delhiites but for everyone, because “Clean air cannot be bought.