A Man Drives His Little Girl To A Deserted Place, And The Plot Twist Leaves You Stunned

Posted on April 21, 2015

By Sanskriti Pandey

We seek happiness. The quest for happiness leads us through many roads, and we often find it in loving – the act of giving love. But are we always responsible enough to shoulder the responsibility that comes with it? Sometimes, doesn’t the responsibility turn us sour, and we abandon that which we can’t keep?

This short film begins with a man bringing a little curly-haired child home to his daughter and wife. The happy household pets her and feeds her, until a symbolic spilling of liquid over the linen marks the beginning of slow desertion and neglected presence. A lot of tugging shirts, messy eating and nagging attention-seeking later, she is lured out of the house with the help of her favourite toy. The man drives her to a deserted field – and with a gentle twist in the end, the film ends up educating you on an issue that needs awareness and attention.

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