[Video] “If You Think Only Women Are Shackled And Men Are Free, You Are Wrong”

Posted on April 29, 2015

By Sanskriti Pandey:

The fight for gender equality involves a fight against deeply ingrained stereotypes that haunt every person who does not fit the role assigned to their gender. While on one hand many wrongly believe that feminism is anti-men, on the other hand the truth is, men are equal victims of a social construct that thrives off expectations. Like when one is born a woman, every act is ticked off a check-list for proper ‘feminine’ behaviour, with men too, ‘hypermasculinity’ and associated roles are assumed to be a pre-requisite to ‘manly’ behaviour.

Some men decided to get together and shatter these assumptions about being a man. Their message hits home when they ask: “What if I want to be a home-maker? What if I don’t have interest in sports? What if I want to choose what I really like, without being judged? If you think only women are shackled and men are free, then you’re wrong. A lot of us completely overlook the fact that sexism affects men just as badly as it hits women in society. We both are trapped!”.

Watch this video and comment below with your experiences.

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