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Prank For A Cause – Watch How IIT Bombay Students Tricked People To #PickItUp

Posted on April 4, 2015 in Specials, Video

By Sanskriti Pandey:

A 100 rupee note casually lying on the street is an enticing sight, certain to lure a passersby into picking it up. Some people decided to test this prank to good use. When people did pick it up, a message stuck to the middle went: ‘It takes equal effort to pick-up a piece of garbage’. Simple yet effective!

Grabbing an excuse to be lighthearted and join in collective mirth, most of the world goes nuts over April Fools Day on the 1st of April every year. Old tricks are improvised upon and fresh ones are flaunted, much to the amusement of social media – it was no different this year. The good old money-on-the-ground prank was taken a notch up by Mood Indigo IIT Bombay, and their short video has gone viral owing to its simple message and perky treatment. The waste management crisis in India has been reaching new highs over the past years. While #PickItup makes complete sense, and the simple act of picking up visible garbage on the streets will go a long way in accelerating the ‘Clean India Mission’ our government has embarked upon, there’s only a slight hitch. The absence of public dustbins even in the metro cities, or a consistent and effective waste disposal system in the country may prove to be a bottleneck in the grassroots social change such a video is ambitious towards. Do you agree?

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