[Video] Rock Band Goes ‘Desi’ To #SaveTheInternet, Listen Up!

Posted on April 24, 2015

By Sanskriti Pandey:

Jebein hamari jaise unke paise waale ped hain. Humein kyun woh samjhe jaise hum bakri aur bhed hai? …Save the internet!

This is it, folks. Today is your last chance at changing the fate of the #NetNeutrality movement in India for the better. Over 1 million response emails have been sent to TRAI so far, and the deadline to do so expires today. To not let big telecom companies take over your right to a free internet, diverse forms of appeals have been doing the rounds on social media. From extensive explanations about how Airtel Zero, internet.org etc. would potentially hamper the internet, to informative videos and graphics that rapidly spread awareness – we watched change happen when big companies began to withdraw from both platforms.

An experimental Rock band from Ahmedabad decided to create a #SaveTheInternet jingle. Watch this video as ‘Meghdhanush’ show their support the desi way! All it takes is two clicks. Visit www.savetheinternet.in to shoot an email NOW.

To know more about what I think of this video, follow me on Twitter at @im_sanskriti.

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