Why The ‘Big Brand’ Schools Can Be A Cause Of Serious Concern

Posted on April 2, 2015 in Education

By Suraiya Tabassum:

“Why is it important to fully implement the Right to Education Act?” – They ask.

I will not mince my words here. Each child has a right to learn and access quality education, period. What makes me nervous though, is the mushrooming of private schools with air-conditioned buildings claiming to be the best for my child. What worries me is the exorbitant tuition fees and a hike in education expenditure at the drop of a hat.

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Parents are queuing up to get their children admitted into ‘big brand’ schools all around. I am not sure what’s on their mind though; is it the assurance for quality education, or the aspiration for maintaining their status. Sadly, a quick chat with the neighbour convinced me of the latter. This mindset is unfolding a scary future for all those who believe in an equal society, and that includes me.

I have fond memories of my childhood where all children, in the large joint family that I belonged to, were sent to the same school irrespective of the financial status of our parents. We never felt unequal or inferior to each other. We didn’t have ‘brand names’ to throw at our cousins and the only competition between us was to excel in our studies. We studied in a private primary school for the simple reason that there were no government aided schools close by. From class sixth onwards, however, not only were there government aided schools but also schools exclusively for boys and girls. And these schools had some of the best teachers who were both qualified and committed to their profession.

Like many of us, I still cherish the memories of my school, classmates and classroom. It did not matter whether any one was rich or poor. Our religion and social background were not the prerequisites for forging a bond. We sat through our moral science classes together, played in the recess together, sang together and of course, got punished together. That was the beginning of great friendships.

But the ‘big brand schools’ are a serious concern. Parents are wary of sending their children to government schools where there could be a mix of students from different strata of the society. For instance, a school where children from a low income housing society go is a big no-no for many who reside in posh gated societies. They believe that the quality of teachers and students will not be good or up to the mark of private schools (which must be good because they charge a bomb). In some cases, it doesn’t matter what the child learns; it is important that the parents are able to say the name of the school with a sense of pride, a pride purely backed by wealth.

These conservative thoughts and actions will lead to a whole new generation that is ideologically divided between the haves and have-nots, self cantered and with zero appreciation or patience for diversity. It is for this very reason that the government needs to take serious action to implement the Right to Education Act in its totality. The right to access of quality education is necessary not only for saving the future of children but also the country.

Your support is vital. You can join us in this campaign and help foster an atmosphere where every child can have his or her ‘Haq’ (right) of education. Do sign the petition here or give a missed call to 09266605000 to share your support.