[Video] Salman Khurshid In A Hilarious ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ Remake That You Just CAN’T Miss!

Posted on April 25, 2015

By Sanskriti Pandey:

Brace yourselves – this could possibly be the most amusing thing you watch today. In a bid to promote international diplomacy, guess what the German Ambassador to India and our former Foreign Affairs Minister decided to do? Star and act in the remake of the song Kal Ho Na Ho!

Lebe Jetzt’ has Salman Khurshid romancing the ambassador’s wife Eliese Steiner, and Michael Steiner rocking the King Khan pose, trying to lip sync and everything. This music video directed by Sumit Osmand Shaw is certain to stir something in the name of “connecting people across borders”, as their YouTube description says. Do you think that Khurshid has helped humanise politicians to the level of the common man?

Put everything aside and watch this now, because it’s too damn good!

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