[Y]ral: Africans Talk About Their Experiences In India, What They Reveal Is Shameful

Posted on May 13, 2015 in Society, Staff Picks, Video

By Sanskriti Pandey:

A woman trying to pacify her cranky child points to the African ‘monster’ walking behind them, warning that he’ll take her away. In the metro, someone turns and moves away not-so-subtly when they realise they’re standing too close to a Black person. In September 2014, a mob lynched 3 Nigerians for allegedly misbehaving with an Indian woman. Spitting, being laughed at, being asked for drugs, and women being harassed – this is what some African nationals said they experience everyday in India.

Racism is practised openly in a country that has herself been a victim to it. We are quick to cry ‘discrimination’ in countries like the UK, Australia and the US, but our own brown skins are subjects of self-loathing. We leave no stones unturned in displaying our preferences of colour, intolerance of an “alien” culture, and absence of a social conscience. In this confessional video, African nationals in India offer first hand accounts of the rude alienation they experience in India.

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