[Y]ral: A Camera Was Strapped To This Stray Dog For A Day, What It Shows Is Gut Wrenching

Posted on May 8, 2015

By Sanskriti Pandey:

2,50,00 stray dogs on the streets of Mumbai, and there’s no dearth of inhumanity. If stray dog adoption didn’t seem an urgent enough need to you, watching this will change that. In a video filmed by World For All, a Mumbai-based animal adoption and care organisation, a camera is strapped to a dog before it runs around in the bustling city, yelping away from people that treat it with severe harshness – throwing stones, shooing it away, yelling, and bursting fireworks near it. Other times, the camera captures terrible scenes while it looks for scraps of food among piles of garbage, licks at dirty puddles of water and waits at the water tap in vain.

This one day in the life of a street dog has managed to depict terrible scenes of negligence and cruelty towards animals.

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