[Y]ral: “Aaj Agar Gandhiji Zinda Hote, To Ye Dekh Kar Fir Se Mar Jaate!” #ShitIndianCensorsSay

Posted on May 20, 2015 in Media, Video

By Sanskriti Pandey:

When the Central Board Of Film Certification got a new Chairman by the name of Pahlaj Nihalani, I wonder if the angel-headed protectors of sacred Indian culture decided to do some real work before they paraded on a censoring spree and ticked everything off. M****rbation? Take it off. Bombay? Take that off too. ANY shade of grey? Off! Lesbians? OFF. If you had a cuss word for every time the Great Indian Censorship went on a roll, you’d be called potty-mouthed and then banned. Duh. They seem to love their job, turning from a certification body to a censor board, but let’s not be too critical. After all, by beeping out “Bombay” from a song, they were only upholding a ’96 Maharashtra Government notification changing the name of the city to Mumbai!

In a country where the word “B*tch” is meted out the same treatment as “Bombay”, one can only hope that with enough public resentment and protest, we’ll truly be able to take the ‘Un’ out of ‘Unfreedom‘. In this hilariously sarcastic video, Auteur Mark Videos launches a verbal attack on the “Shit Indian Censors Say”. Watch!

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