[Y]ral: From ‘Shaktimaan’ To ‘Game Of Thrones’ – The Evolution Of Indian Children

Posted on May 29, 2015 in Society

By Arati Nair:

Having simultaneously straddled the ‘Shaktimaan‘ and ‘Game Of Thrones‘ age, the 90s kids among us are only too eager to draw comparisons between then and now.

Remember the 90s? The age when twiddling was the only exercise for your thumbs? Well, that was my favourite pastime too, besides reading ‘Champak‘, proudly flaunting the ‘Complan Girl‘ title and running around playing ‘pakadam pakdai’, ‘chhupan chhupai’ etc. School life was bearable, with the occasional tales of Rip Van Winkle and Angulimal. And I wish could have discovered bunking sooner, for that much needed respite from all that underlining in History class and the BODMAS Math horror!

This video by East India Comedy, with its tongue-in-cheek references, gives a taste of the transformation of education in India, through the 90s till today. Despite the quota raj, pricey education packages and the advent of IIN notwithstanding, the mutual camaraderie between friends remains unchanged. Cheers!